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  1. What team were you placed on? Phoenix Dawn What team did you expect to be placed on? Thornwatch Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? Yes, but only because I changed it by accident, so I swapped back real quick Have you shard/world transferred recently? no What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Isle of Janthir
  2. You can kill Kralk without destroying Tyria, you just need something to balance out the magic flow which is probably where Aurene comes in play. The issue isn't even destroying Tyria at this point, since Aurene absorbing Kralks energy will balance out the flow, the issue is being able to take on Kralk with the energy of a god as well as 3 elder dragons since Balthazar did absorb some of Primordius. Not to mention everything we throw at him at this point will probably just tickle him and he can turn us into branded puppets as a play thing to amuse himself later on.
  3. I messaged support and they were able to restore my character when I deleted it, they do require you to have an open slot though.
  4. All that resistance comes from core warrior not SB. The only resistance SB gives is from full counter and a clear from revenge counter, but honestly speaking it feels like revenge counter is there to make up for anet nerfing berserker's condi cleanse after they reduced berserker bar from 3 adrenaline to 1. Full counter can be interrupted, you just need to strip stab off first, or better yet corrupt it into fear. I know not every class has a boon corrupt/strip but you can still poke it and dodge away or use range to proc it. Having last stand as a trait is very unpredictable since it means you
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure the bigger shade was stacking dmg as well, it even says in the tooltip that it counts as 3 shades for related traits. I'll have to mess around with a few Scourges in pvp to be sure though. Besides Gazelle pet really needed to be fixed with how much dmg it was pumping out. Be glad it was just a single pet nerf rather than an entire class nerf.
  6. They did fix scourge, instead of all 3 shades effecting you at once it's only 1 now, which effectively reduces a Scourges dmg
  7. So in the new patch you can finally dye the wings on legendary armor which is fantastic! At the same time it kind of makes me sad since you can barely dye the energy color on the Raid Legendary armor. Yes I know the 3rd dye channel changes the energy color (barely) but the issue is it effects part of the metallic parts as well. I wonder why Anet hasn't fixed the issue yet
  8. It gives you 7 mystic clovers rather than 2 every time you complete it. Dunno if it's a bug atm or intended but I'm guessing that's why people are repeating this reward @Strider Pj.2193 said:
  9. Lyssa as a raid boss sounds fun
  10. The library was easy af, but then again I did it on my Condi Revenant
  11. Crap weapon I'm referring to is shortbow not Sohothin Ah, my mistake. ~heads off for more, much needed coffee~Nah it was a bit confusing now that I read it again. Edited it to clarify
  12. Crap weapon I'm referring to is shortbow not Sohothin
  13. So I didn't see a post complaining about this yet so I thought I'd make one instead. In the last few missions in the PoF story line Rytlock hands you Sohothin and instead of using another 1h sword he busts out a greatsword. Like wtf Anet? Why does Rytlock get to use a greatsword instead of Renegade? Why are Renegades stuck with a crap weapon (shortbow) that apparently doesn't even match Kalla's lore? Is it foreshadowing Rytlocks death in the next expansion so that Revs can get a greatsword?
  14. Can I just uninstall the game for you? It'll be faster than reading another complaint
  15. Not sure if this is only a Mac problem, but after the recent update I've been getting huge ping spikes in WvW.
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