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  1. Yup and the amount of t2 and t3 essences that you'll need will make crafting those items pretty expensive in the long run. I already see people talking about mooching off people with the items and honestly I don't blame them lol
  2. yeah as it is right now rift farming is really boring and expensive too so we'll see what happens later on
  3. Yeah and Gen 2's you can just buy the mats and I don't think you can buy the essence so that's a lot of grinding rifts
  4. Lol this is the same video that helped me clear the the course
  5. That's because Anet specifically designed WvW and sPvP Legendary sets for function. People who did WvW and sPvP just wanted a way to make legendary gear so that was the solution that Anet gave us. Anet also specified that they would never make legendary gear as complicated as raid gear so don't expect the new pve legendary to be anything on the level of raid legendary armor.
  6. Yeah honestly I wish they would have given us a more specific answer as to how much progress we'll receive for having all legendary runes unlocked. I wasn't planning on making my 7th legendary rune until they addressed legendary rebreathers or the removal of rebreathers in general since there's rarely any underwater content to gear up properly for those. They also should have just made it 6 runes instead of having all 7 to receive full progress or however much they were planning on giving us. Having said all that I would have been fine with the post if we were getting Legendary Relics on release since I can just suck it up and make one to fix my builds but the fact that we have to wait until 2024 is a bit absurd. It probably won't even be that difficult to get the relics we need and they are giving us a free core relic, but for people that have multiple characters and builds it's gonna be a bit of a pain to get those relics for each build and character again.
  7. Why not just make it so the relic is a drop down menu when you have all 6 runes equipped and it allows you to choose what effect you want for the set bonus? That way it won't invalidate legendary runes because it'll just be a menu option. They could also make it so that if you want other set bonuses that you'll have to unlock it by collecting the runes, that way if you have legendary runes you'll have all the set bonuses unlocked and it gives people a reason to make legendary runes other than a quality of life thing. People who have played for a long time can just have those effects unlocked already for them and newer players will have something to grind for once they hit endgame.
  8. Zero.1028

    Belinda Delaqua

    I'm currently redoing the story missions on my new character and I was doing it in order or so I thought since Belinda dies in the Fort Salma quest during your personal story but she's alive in Living World Season 2. So I'm wondering did Living World Season 2 come out before the Trouble in Fort Salma personal story quest? Edit: Nvm I might have gotten confused with the order of events
  9. IT'S LITERALLY THE FIRST MECHANIC YOU RUN INTO WHEN YOU ENTER WING 3. There's nothing sudden about it. God kitten I am done arguing with this moron. Someone else take over
  10. Because there's literally someone with ley line doing the ley line mechanics for you. Do you seriously not understand that you were carried past the first part?
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