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  1. I'm guessing you will drop ONE banner at a time. So, one will be off cooldown, and one you'll pick up. I imagine teammates won't be able to pick up banners. Otherwise, I feel that a bannerslave is no longer required in raids/strikes. Many other classes can offer quickness and boons a lot better and a lot more reliably. Time to pick another main. Again.
  2. Never had this happen to me in pvp, but I've experienced it in raid instances in pve. I think this bug is SO rare, they won't bother with fixing it. Given that it's a pvp bug, then they're definitely not fixing it. Still funny though!
  3. Really! I didn't find that...Guess I have to go back and do more snooping around.
  4. Some of the achievements in that episode (like doing it fast or not getting hit) are so annoying to get solo. Still a better place than Caudecus' Manor though!
  5. Are you on an NA server? They are rarer than unicorns in EU PvP, it seems.
  6. So, we use a 10-second offensive cc-laden elite skill with a 2-minute cooldown to survive. And that somehow makes sense. 😩
  7. How am I supposed to get this achievement when no creators play PvP. 😔 Wiki says I can also get this in WvW, but I've never seen any Anet people in WvW for the past 5 years that I've played. Is their employee logo hidden in competitive modes?
  8. What I love is when my entire team chases after one player and I'm suddenly 4v1 trying to defend a node. Sigh. Or, even better, I +1 a teammate who is losing a 1v1, then the enemy runs away and my teammate chases after them. And of course, loses the 1v1... And then there's always that one guy who runs away from me while his health is low and I'm the healer chasing trying to support him. Yeah, go ahead and die then. 😛 Admittedly though, it's nice when 3 players chase me when I'm on war/thief/guard and they can't kill me. Gives my team enough time to cap everything. Edit:
  9. How do you sell a gift of exploration! 😟 And doesn't it require you to type out the name if you try to delete it? That would hardly be accidental.
  10. Ah, yes, you are correct. It's an alt account with an almost identical name. I'm now feeling honored they went through the trouble.
  11. Two players I've blocked in pvp for their toxic novel-writing in team chat were both able to mail me after the game. Why doesn't blocking prevent that?
  12. That kinda already happens to me. I could be standing right in front of an enemy, and I will either miss or there will be no line of sight even though I'm not blinded and the field is even.
  13. Only blue team can have WB/Harbi, and somehow we are always red.
  14. If relogging to another character stops being allowed. If queuing with 4 friends becomes an option in ranked. If population decreases more and you wait for 8+ minutes in queue. If Boyce decides to quit. If Spirit Watch (or whatever that map is called) makes its way to ranked. If the next "balance patch" deletes a few more amulets/sigils. If the next "balance patch" ignores issues people have raised in these forums concerning the unplayble classes and the overpowered ones (you know who you are).
  15. Patch notes mention nothing on this, so I'm guessing it's a no. Edit: Did DE meta and can confirm it's still not registering progress.
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