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  1. My original message says: Maybe 20 of those are warriors. MAYBE being the key word here. Don't misquote and then claim people are calling me out.
  2. You do understand that it's a rough estimate, right? I'm not sitting and counting the classes one by one. Maybe it's not 80 necros, but it's 70. Not 60 guards, but 45. You get my drift. There is always the random mesmer and thief, which are also quite unplayable at the moment and in the same sad boat as warrior, but the VAST majority of classes in every game is necros and guardians. Teams with a core necro, a scourge, one core guard and a dh is the standard in almost every match.
  3. It has nothing to do with accurate statistics and math. If EVERY class appeared at an accurate 22/200 rate, then I'd be fine. 20 warriors in 200 games against the 80 necros and 60 guards proves that people just don't want to play warrior. It's the least playable class in pvp right now.
  4. It has nothing to do with salt or gitting gud. The OP is right. I play 20 pvp games per day. That's 200 players. Maybe 20 of those are warriors. I main warrior and I'm only useful as BS in raids. I played healbreaker in pvp, but it's quite useless now. As a sidenoder dps, I can barely win again some classes because most of them, at this point, have more stab, more condi cleansing and more damage than me. There's no real variety in builds. I can only play one or two things. And it's boring. That's what it is. Warrior is boring. And it doesn't have to be with a little rework.
  5. It happens to me almost EVERY time I mount up. It's particularly annoying in wvw when I try to get away from enemies. I'll press the mount key, and then even if I press forward my mount will INSIST on turning RIGHT. Then I have to STOP pressing forward so my mount stops moving, THEN I press forward again so it goes where I want (after I've turned it to that direction). It's annoying, but after - what? - 2 years of this, I'm just used to it.
  6. RoF's only issue is the lack of quality guilds. It's a server of roamers and small guild groups that prefer to ppt and tend not to do great at fights. I've never met any true toxic player on RoF, but there are a couple of annoying ones. But those are everywhere really. Overall, a chill server.
  7. What do you think of Spectral Grasp? :)
  8. Read the following instructions by ArenaNet. If nothing helps, submit a ticket stating the account id and Anet should help you restore it in some way within a week.
  9. The 2v2 one you mean? I really dislike those seasons too. As a solo queue player, it's painful. While normally I rank at 1560+, I can't even make it into plat 1 in the 2v2. I also have no idea why people pick the Hall of the Mists map. Nowhere to kite or move. I love playing warrior and thief, but am FORCED to play necro every game. Yuck. At least it ends tomorrow.
  10. Scourge is easy to play and easy to carry others with. Blood bank trait makes you rather invincible. Even bots make it to gold 2 with scourge. Core necro is also quite strong. Then guard is another easy one. Either core healer or burn dh. Easiest way to farm is to just play games - especially now that the short 2v2 matches are available. There are also custom arenas that are called Farm but it works as unranked, so you won't get actual progress to anything other than the reward track. You'll need a lot of shards of glory, which are super cheap from the trading post. As
  11. Still no fix after 2 months. I know Anet is aware of the problem, but are we to expect a solution any time soon?
  12. I admit to my own faults, like I said in my original post. I don't enjoy 4v5s where I get farmed, what can I say. Publicly shaming players, whispering them and then blocking them so they can't respond is much worse than being afk in unranked, in a match where you can't get past spawn. Just my opinion, of course.
  13. I was not the one to afk at that score. Another player in our team was. I afk'ed much later, when it seemed clear it would be an annoying 4v5.
  14. I'm learning to play engi, so I entered an unranked match. During the match, one of the players on my team afk'ed (score was 220-180 at this point, with us losing). After I had no help during bell where I was 1v3 for a minute or so, I also stopped playing because the game was clearly lost. Two of the players on my team started calling me stupid and that I wasn't offering anything to the team anyway, and after the match one of them whispered me "100 players on my stream are laughing at you and calling you an idiot, congrats!" Then this player proceeded to blocking me before I could respond.
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