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  1. There is plenty of stuff that still releases in game and new player has plenty of old good looking stuff to collect. Not everything they need to start getting right now. You should know when joining a new game, it is going to take time to get to a stage where you will be able to collect all the cool stuff everyone else is. Streamer or not, you go through the same stages as everyone else, you aren't special because you are a streamer. The store isn't holding the game hostage, if you have enough time to play the game and get into it, you will be able to make enough gold to eventually s
  2. Because they are legendary items that people are selling. They are rare and it makes sense that they should cost that much, if not more. They are going to be valued based on how much the materials cost these days as well, the more expensive those factors are, the more it might feel worth it to someone to buy the more expensive completed version.
  3. Any AOE that is attached to a player in FFXIV has your standard circle underneath the player as a visual tell, but they also have a marker above the affected players head that appears over visual clutter and while I have seen small target markers appear over players heads, they are very subtle in my opinion and aren't that easy to see due to their style and their lack of flashiness. With all the flashy actions in this game, your attack cues need to really stand out above all of that. Yeah, GW2 uses a bunch of the techniques but they don't make them (for lack of a bette
  4. For about 2/3 months I took a small break from Guild Wars and most of the games I was playing and binged Final Fantasy XIV until I completed the story. I didn't really watch much of the story, somehow my goal just ended up being to get to the end and get my money's worth which I still don't think I have. However, I do have some things that I observed that I feel really make FFXIV stand out for someone new to their game and would do wonders to help for GW2, even for Veteran players. As we all know and reference a lot, GW2 has a bunch of visual clutter but FFXIV is no different with
  5. How is it parasitic? You literally do not have to spend any money on the Gem Store because it is possible to convert Gold to Gems. Most games wouldn't even give you that kind of option. I have played a lot of different games and a lot of them have micro-transactions and I can tell you with certainty, Guild Wars is probably the most reasonable simply because they give you an option to still never spend real money if you didn't want to. They just let people who want to choose an easier path do that which helps them keep the game running instead of using subscriptions. Look at Final F
  6. I don't think we will be forced to use it, but if they introduce an account linking thing or something, maybe people who do happen to use the launcher still might be able to. I think Anet would leave it as personal preference. Maybe it will work similar to how it might work via Steam or something?
  7. It is jarring, however I made it through just fine. I joined just before HoT dropped and I didn't care that I was lost on the characters, I still found them funny and interesting characters that made me go seek out information on them to fill in the gaps. If you enjoy something enough, you will go out of your way to seek the information you need. The WIKI and LWS1 movie on youtube filled in the gaps just fine. I would still rather have access to the content in a better way than that but whatever. Now that they are learning to put big battle content inside instances, it could be poss
  8. I presume they mean that NCSoft has come out with a new launcher system that hosts all the games that they have made or have some sort of stake in. I guess they are wondering if Guild Wars will also be able to be launched from this new NCSoft launcher, instead of the Guild Wars 2 stand alone one.
  9. I am still having trouble with the first set of appearing platforms, they stop moving halfway through and the jump into intended position, but it makes jump timing of 240 ping really difficult. I haven't made it to any other appearing platforms yet but it's frustrating. UPDATE: I have worked out the timing and I can also confirm that the other event based platforms are all a little weird. They basically spawn in halfway to a point where you still can't jump on it and then snap into the intended position, meaning you can't pre-jump by just a bit, which makes lag a little harder because the
  10. WVW takes time to be fixed and different people work on different things. Your changes don't come over night and WVW needs to be changed carefully because anything could upset the balance if not done correctly and if you guys don't like something, you are so vocal about it. When they were doing a beta for deployable siege canons, I saw some of the most toxic responses about them. Anet tried to give you something new but because they were too strong they got abused to remove them instead of just being asked to remove or adjust them.
  11. That is an issue with the armour and not the dyes. It is why leather looking armour colours differently, etc. You sometimes just have to work with what is there.
  12. We are still looking for people to join our special community 🙂
  13. This is still a pretty big issue. Only one side of the wings colour and when it does it is rather subtle, but the biggest issue is that one side is not affected by the dye channels at all, making it incredibly difficult to actually make a coordinated outfit and you end up having to just make them rainbow to colour match the undyeable side.
  14. I want to mention that this is strictly a light hearted, opinion filled guide to picking a class for the first time from the perspective of people who have done it all before. It doesn't mean any class is bad, this isn't a best and worst classes set in stone guide.
  15. Hey there! I have played for a really long time now. It took me a long time to get where I am with being comfortable enough on most of the classes. In fact, I have 27 with all different builds now! When I first started, I was like "oh I love stealth and sneaky characters" and picked up a thief and nearly quit the game because I kept getting my a** handed to me. My partner convinced me to try another one, so I picked up necromancer and suddenly I was having the time of my life. I learned my lesson at the really low level luckily. You have sunk in this time with preconceived not
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