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  1. Have ground targeting shatters for mesmers.
  2. Be able to assign different equipment templates to different build templates so when one build template is loaded, the assigned equipment will also load. This would save on having to manually load both each time a build is changed.
  3. Highlight the players own name or icon in the squad UI so he/she can easily see where they are in the squad group interface. It makes it easier to see what subgroup you may be in. Also highlight the commander to easily where he/she is. Highlighting sub group leaders would be useful too.
  4. In each equipment template tab add two more slots of space for each armor and weapon item. This would enhance each template to give alternate weapon and armor sets to alternate from in each template.
  5. Upgrades for skills of weapons. This mastery would upgrade the skills available for weapons. Upgrades could go a few different ways. One way could be new sets of skills for each weapon. Another way would be to have multiple selectable skills for each skill slot. Another would be a skill tree for each skill slot. Or a combination of each or all ways mentioned. Availability of upgrades could be released at a small chunk at a time build upon and gradually workout as necessary. An elite weapon skill could also be an option that adds some form of eliteness to it.
  6. Underneath the skills and health bar on the main game screen, add a build and equipment template bar on the left side and a mount bar on the right side. Make this bar partially translucent (make button borders not translucent) to reduce screen obstructions. Also add a collapse button nearby to collapse or un-collapse bar easily. This bar contains buttons for each build and equipment template and mount available for quick and easy access with just a click of a mouse button.
  7. If lieutenants were more useful with tags people would care more. Both tags and sub-group color would be useful. An on/off option seems a logical inclusion.
  8. Be able to label your squad so players can know what squad they are in or the purpose of the squad (for example).Have the label of the be clearly visible next to commander icon in all parts of the the game (mini-map, squad ui, lfg, where ever).
  9. Add a scratch paper note tool that can be shared to other group members and be saved to for later usage.The note would have text, drawing, stamping, color, copy-paste, sizing, bold fonts and other tools to use.This would be a general collaboration tool for groups to use and share info to others (planning, strategies, etc).Also have a share to all or selected players would help with distribution organization.Then add more options as needed.
  10. It's not easily see-able when zoomed out and searched around for quickly.
  11. Make map text more easy to see. The gold color is not very easily ledge-able. The color blends too easily with the background. There's too much eye strain to search for map locations.
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