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  1. Please ban free accounts from pulling tactivators in wvw
  2. But, my game has been on my computer for more than a year, and it was patched days ago And its not in Program Files, its in another place that isn't protected What's changed today that makes it want to do something? And what does it want to do?
  3. Just now, I got a User Account Control pop up window saying "Do you want to allow Guild Wars 2 to make changes to your computer?" What changes is it talking about? What does it want to change?
  4. Ty, I know what they do What I'm asking is why Best Appearance was changed from Supersample to Native in the game menu Is it a bug? Or Anet changed it?
  5. The Awakened Zealot Outfit has a soft cotton layer under the metal Could that cotton top become an outfit by itself?
  6. The picture quality menu has two thingsNative and Supersample Before the Lunar New Year festival, turning on Best Appearance would change our picture quality to Supersample Now it changes it to Native Why?
  7. Please add a new wvw map that looks like Auric Basin ^^ More mailbox space and guild slots, bag slots for toons, bank slots Dye templates Dye night and day templates that change in the morning and evening Don't kill anymore Elder Dragons in the story aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand stop reward chests from flashing, they spoil screenshots
  8. If you're standing in air after a wall vanishes, what happens when you start walking? Do you fall? Or stay in the air?
  9. I've tried using in pve and wvw It doesn't work
  10. I have a Commander's Compendium https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Commander%27s_Compendium It says Double click to use, Unlock the ability to become a Commander When I double click it, nothing happensIt stays in my inventory Why isn't it working? My toon is level 80
  11. Spikes are only suppose to be in Bags of Loothttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bag_of_Loot If there had been 2 things on floor, a Wooden Chest and Bag of Loot underneath it, I would have seen both The text for the item on the floor was only Wooden Chest, there wasnt Bag of Loot written under it or to a side And if there had been a Bag of Loot in the same space as the Wooden Chest, it would be in the picture, because the Wooden Chest is open Im not pretending anything. Im not getting anything from making this bug report and I dont want anything This is a bug that needs to be fixed And btw, ther
  12. Wooden Chests have rare item dropshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wooden_Chest Steel Chests have exotic and ascended item dropshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Steel_Chest Could ascended and precursor drops please be given their own kind of chest, or better, could they be mailed to us in case we disconnect from the server before we're able to collect? It could happen if we have a full inventory and need to find a bank npc first before we can collect, but then bad internet disconnects us before we can collect it And can Spike dropshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spikewhich are everywhere in w
  13. And not just any rare like a unidentified rare, it should be a named rare My inventory was already full before the Chest appeared So if the Chest wasnt bugged, I would have seen a named rare in it
  14. Nope A Wooden Chest is suppose to only have 1 item in it It doesnt matter if my inventory is full. The item in the chest still should be a rare But it isnt, its a spike
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