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  1. why does jq keep getting dr as a link? ^^'
  2. Please make a dye that's the same as Albino skin for asura in the make a character page And a Kintsugi Jackal warclaw skin And a Tempest Outfit that's like the Tempest Cape
  3. hiyas ^^ umm... sometimes when i play wvw, all my ranged skills will suddenly be stuck and i can only put them on top of me so.. if i use a staff or bow, or im trying to throw siege or use a cannon, it can't be used properly or at all and.. it will stay like that until i leave the map
  4. Ty, I need the pvp clothes to make legendary clothes with It's faster than wvw and they look nicer I played today in the PvP monthly tournament, Kormir's Clash Same bug happened, the golden cup with the rewards in it didn't appear I didn't get anything for playing Everyone else in my party did
  5. Ty, its a nice idea but the Potions of PvP Reward aren't tradeable I was also playing in the tourneys because it was suppose to help with my PvP reward track by giving some potions each time I need the PvP clothes boxes from the reward track https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Potion_of_PvP_Reward https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Large_Potion_of_PvP_Reward
  6. CS said "Customer Support is unable to provide missed rewards from story missions, tournaments, or other in-game events." so they won't help
  7. The gold, mystic coins and dyes come in a mini chest that appears above the mini map after a tournament finishes It's the same place where reward track boxes for wvw appear And I haven't received any ever Yes I tried a different character, same thing happened, didn't get anything
  8. For the tournament yesterday, came 5th For the tournament 2 days ago, came 7th When I played in the monthly tournament in September, came 26th
  9. I had a really bad crash yesterday When I opened the Black Lion Trading Post, it crashed Windows 10 with this error CoherentUI_Host.exe Application Error The exception breakpoint A breakpoint has been reached (0x80000003) occured in the application at location 0x00000000022DCFAE My screen went black for a minute Then my screen resolution for everything in Windows was reset to smallest, and the game closed at the same time I can't play the game in Windowed mode anymore, because when I put it on Windowed now, Windows 10 changes to a really small re
  10. Yesterday I played in another tournament and ... same thing happened I didn't get anything
  11. I can't unbind I look at them lots of times every hour, especially inventory in wvw after something new comes in to it and unbind doesnt help with clicking accidentally on the picture at the top that opens it
  12. Every team in tournament pvp has at least 2 necros ^^' Mine didn't, so we came last
  13. Then how are pvp rewards given? Are they mailed to ppl? Can you please show a picture of what the rewards look like when given? I asked ppl in my party, they all say when the tourney finishes, a box appears on the right of the screen, above the mini map, with the pvp rewards in it But I never get it
  14. My dodge keys are next to the keys that open the guild and inventory windows Yes my keyboard is small Sometimes I'll clicking on the screen with my mouse, and accidentally open a window too, like Hero window or BLT
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