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  1. 1st Update your drivers for your video card. 2nd Right click the GW2 Shortcut Icon and hit Run as Administrator That's what worked for me...no issues since
  2. LoL Is this a joke? rofl Why not just make it so you get no experience at all and instantly die the moment you enter wvw? Speechless
  3. Extend it through the weekend. Seriously, It matters.
  4. Complete and total lack of support for competitive game modes is par for the course. Complete lack of balance. Total destruction of mechanics introduced years and oft times months prior. As a gw 1 Beta player whose original guild was one of the 1st sigils dropped from the Hall of Heroes on Day 1 of the pre-weekend and an FPS League Gold Medal Recipient several seasons running in TF and CS, all I could offer in my own elitist way, was suggestions that went unheeded for years. The disappointment of many of us is total. Deservedly so....
  5. LoL Im glad people with 6k-8k posts are constantly posting on topics that have no business posting on....They have such well thought out and meaningful opinions. You guys should apply to be designers for a video game company. If you don't think people switch to troll accounts to pull an EWP and have a ton of people port into a trap where they are instantly killed with 0 chance of escape, you should totally get your resume' ready. IF IT CAN BE EXPLOITED IT WILL....It's cheating and it's clear Anet is unable or unwilling to provide any alternatives or fixes. It's been thi
  6. Guy with 6k posts has an opinion about a quote not even attributed to him. Shocking LoL
  7. Not a single solution offered? LoL I suggest you read it again and reassess. As of last night when I left WvW....We had a person with my server possess the claim on Lowlands keep...fighting against us... for the Red team. It's a massive advantage to a team with no integrity fighting a team with integrity. It's been broken. It's always been broken since inception. It's a safe bet one of the reasons nothing has ever been done is because of the reason I just stated. There are are a myriad numbers of ways this is and always has been exploited by people and will continue to be exploited.
  8. Why is this allowed to continue? It's blatant cheating. If you can't control the cheating you are rewarding the team that abuses this without fail. I'll ask again....Why is this allowed to continue? Disable or remove Tactics until a solution exists to curb this childishness
  9. Pretty clear at this point they are either unwilling or unable to balance the mess (imo) that is the current wvw meta. Just another example of (again imo) the total destruction of thieves as a viable class except for very situational occasions. I think the most disturbing thing to me was just how thoroughly Malice was gutted after being marketed to customers as one thing and ultimately nerfed to smithereens while other classes have had virtually no adjustments in the name of "balance". Unfortunately we have people with 8 thousand posts that have opinions about everything and do a
  10. rofl....Ya Give everyone a skill that 1 shot's thieves from 1850+....Oh wait...That already exists....How about taking all stability from thieves...Oh wait....That's already happened. How about completely changing the functionality of how Malice works after selling PoF to people....Oh wait..They already did that... How about adding "Marked" functionality to every sentry and tower....Oh wait they already did that. How about removing traps from thieves after 5.5 years and give them a terrible substitution, call it a "Preparation"and make it something they actually have to manually trigger ins
  11. "Basically nullify ranger's range advantage" HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. He really just stated that. Give everyone a Pet. Give everyone weapons that reach the exact same distance. Give everyone a a 1200 Range Knock Back with a 12 second recharge. Give everyone joke levels of sustain. The sad reality of all this is that Ranger Long Bow does way too much damage from way too far. That's the issue and anyone that says otherwise is trying to deflect or obscure the issue. LoL a Long Bow has more range than a Rifle. So so so many builds aren't viable right now cuz Rapid Fire/ Long Range shot just e
  12. What a shame. What an absolute disaster this has become. I see these kinds of combat log numbers all the time and yet people try to justify and defend such an unfair build. Ultimately, this hurts the bottom line because it limits WvW's appeal. This should have never been allowed to occur.
  13. LoL Because the only thing that can survive the constant easy mode pew pew is dodging. You see to have no comments on Long Bow being allowed to own mounted foes for years and that's the core issue of this post and I won't be responding to a guy with 8k posts anymore. Consider this your victory.
  14. LoL Some of the most ridiculous statements I've ever seen in this forum. This is why it's impossible to have a meanigful debate on balance here. rofl. I point out obvious blatant biases and you say it doesn't matter. Spear is a hand to hand weapon....Harpoon gun is a ranged weapon. They're not even close to the same game play. lol What does spear have to do with Harpoon gun? Seriously, Pay attention to everythign this guy just said. Understand, this mount nonsense has been exploited by rangers since its inception. A long long time. Finally people start calling it out so sure Rangers
  15. LoL Again, As stated previously.....This is not about me or w/e class I play. Did none of you watch this video? This is purely about this video. Why has/is Ranger Long bow allowed to exploit this design concern with mounts? What other class can unmount you and kill you in less than a second? How is this fair? The guy dodged the lance and still is allowed to be unmounted and killed in 1 second Truly it's sad that none of you appreciate how comically unfair this has remained for so long. When I point out that Ranger....for some reason....Is allowed to have this massive Range
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