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  1. That no weaponsweap and no burst skills made sence since: 1.That gunsword is the second weapon set allready 2. Litterly everysingle skill of the gunsword is working like a burst skill
  2. Isnt he that npc where you need to wait sometime and then cc him for dealing damage? Well a gues i beat him on core warr with defence traitline good cc skills. Thats basicly the way to go.
  3. Bruh for Real gw2 don't might bringt new seen Features (mounts, fishing, hell jump shrooms etc of HoT werent New for MMO) but they get old ones and let them Look New bring amazing details and something like that. (Mounts? Nothing New but add some features to them so they are unique/ fishing? Nothing New but add a small Mini game to it so its more than afking bot feature/ slide? Nothing New but add some features with it so you could be stealthed be faster and slide slowly/ skiff? Nothing new but add that you could User them as ramp fishing on it User them as Brigde and so on) so you see what i
  4. @Aeolus.3615 lols berzerker isnt close to be strong it see like 0 play in pvp/wvw (okay maybe not 0 but only see play as full glas canon). What is true is that berserker need more defence options (since they got -300 thoughness while in zerker mode and no adrenalin heal outside of it). All it see a play is PvE and WvW Zerk (maybe WvW and PvP as glasscanon canon tho)
  5. The best thing I find out yesterday. CmC said he used to like the WvW tactics core warrior Version? Imagine ..... in WvW eviscerate deal more damage than arcing slice. It seems to be a bug but actually i enjoy it cause this is how it should be since eviscerate is a Single targed burst and arcing slice a aoe one. (On my build I pretty check it out ...... eviscerate was dealing around 2.100 damage and arcing slice was around 1.900 while in pvp it is like eviscerate dealing 1.900 damage and arcing slice is around 2.100 (it Was in wvw On marauder stats and in pvp On zerker))
  6. I would pretty mutch love to see a like 10% increased damage buff to Eviscrate. Since that skill nowdays hit less damage than gs burst skilm
  7. @anbujackson.9564 Im pretty sure he made a joke. Litterly every Single class seems stronger than engineer/warrior. (Maybe Granates are strong by engineer but well out side of them its not even close as strong as every other class)
  8. For Real if harbringer ends like in this meta..... PvP will end complete death and necro spam viesta for like 100%. But since it is only beta im not loosing hope they will just nerf the whole necro specs defence. (Imagine they should have done that before but....)
  9. just boon remove plus cc could interrupt fullcounter y
  10. @Vancho.8750 / @Leonidrex.5649 I would say both are right here. Rampage Was for sure ofertuned by numbers it does too many damage for being used for only wait for CD refresh. While as well Mirage was too good mechanic wise (and would be to good mechanic wise still if they wouldnt have nerfed the dodges).
  11. @Leonidrex.5649 you just miss the sword 2 skill Plus the dodge of mirage (technicly its also an invulnerability skill even while its a dodge) plus mirage cloak of course xd
  12. I rly hope it will be not pistol. Like come on another bruiser spec? Pls I cant see pistol as Support (especialy cause its weapon theme) If warrior get pistols and idk rev? A gs the of course ill sweap to rev. After playing warrior only since Release .....
  13. @Fueki.4753 exactly why I love warrior. It is simple and it is all about weapons strength. Warrior shouldnt have get a 33% weapon nerf. The cc no damage nerf Was enough. So i wish they would buff weapon damage from warrior back to its damage before febr Patch (of course not greatsword it is actually fine as it is )
  14. @Shao.7236 well it does mean something to have stability now? lmao you could easily remove stability . Plus all stability skills (specialy on warri) got pretty high cd ...... so it change litterly nothing (only that warrior is now more or less useless cause they nerf cc damage plus weapons damage).
  15. @Eddbopkins.2630 I would say yes but actually no. Thief got no defence weapons boons etc BUT it got insane amount of blinds stealth and dodges plus teleports. That made it extremly forgiven in the whole meta actually. So yea in theory mes ele thief are the thoughest classes but actually they arent since they got like tons of defence mechanics (not boons or blocks of course)
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