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  1. When reading the patch notes for the upcoming May 11th patch, I noticed that you’re removing the need to “charge” the mantras. While I agree it’s a huge QoL improvement (needing to do it got old really quickly) I have to say I will miss the little animations that show up above your head when you do that (not the stone screeching noise for the Firebrand mantras though, that part can go away). I have no solid suggestion on how to address that, but I can’t help but hope you might find some way to put them in the game in some other role. Maybe they could play when a mantra charge reloads or someth
  2. Haven’t been using the forums much so no idea if this has been suggested already, but I would really love a way to store “appearance templates.” These would remember which outfit you have selected, which mount skin you have chosen for each mount, which glider skin, the dyes applied to each of the above, as well as the settings to show/hide outfit, headpiece, shoulders, gloves, and back item. It would be REALLY awesome if these could also store separate haircuts (since some haircuts clip with some outfits, etc). Ideally I would like to see it as functionality added to equipment temp
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