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  1. Same here. Ultimate Edition, no Shared Slot with Boost, no Gems (but the latter are still within the 72h period, so probably not an issue). EDIT: in case this is relevant - bought via Gemstore
  2. You are very likely trying to open the wrong mouth. The mouth with the protective helmet in front of it is not the entrance (but the exit once you got the glitch). The entrance is inside the room with the ice pillars, close to the ice pillar right before the platform where the ice bridge that leads to the Yeti is located.
  3. Don't have any issues when dodge jumping manually. I'm farming Tribulation Mode a lot, so I'd notice. Even if your ping times are OK: Maybe you experience packet loss and part of your input gets dropped...?
  4. I agree that there should be a collection for the Crimson Vanquisher Weapons. I finished collecting all of them and would like to have a matching backpack - pretty please Ö.Ö I mean, how is one supposed to play Fashion Wars like that? :P
  5. Here is one reproduceable trigger - as I already said. Being hit by anything that causes knock down/back: Note the non-tilting before being hit. Same happens when being hit by a monkey, spider, etc. -> The claim that there is "no trigger" is simply not correct. It's just that there are several, some of which might not be that easy to spot.
  6. And you have the respective bauble bags unlocked on all characters you play SAB with? Just asking because the upgrades are not account wide (at least it works that way for all the other upgrades).
  7. True, the bug first appeared years ago, but was fixed for a long time until it reoccurred just recently. I also had no problems in my many Tribulation runs last year (at least not the character tilting one - the trampolines though... well...). This is not the only bug that reappeared - the Weaver skills getting messed up when using mounts also got much worse recently. Might have merged some old code into the live build or something... However, all we can do here is guesswork and provide as much information regarding which skills/actions trigger it in order to make tracking down the root cause
  8. These are all situations in which the character wasn't near an enemy, yet the tilting occured (I've made screenshots with and without weapons drawn): I noticed that even "fall dmg" is enough for it to trigger sometimes. Even though fall dmg per se does not exist in SAB, as soon as you fall far enough your character "face plants" - that might be what's triggering it - need to test this again once I'm home from work. Might be some adjustments in the game physics that brought back this old bug... Maybe even related to adjustments made to SAB, since those are usually being worked on quite some ti
  9. It seems to be triggered by skills/abilities that "displace" your character in some way or form. So it is bound to happen a lot more to people who play classes that have some kind of teleport skills, dashes, etc. or content where knock backs and the like are common. I bet those who claimed being unaffected will encounter the bug the first time they get hit by a spider in SAB. Or anything really, since in there most types of DMG seems to come with a knockback/knock down attached. Not even talking about jumping rocks in Tribulation Mode ?
  10. I had this bug happen to me in W1Z3 as well as W2Z3. In W1Z3 it did not work in Infantile or Normal mode. In Tribulation mode though, the achievement popped. Haven't tried the same for W2Z3 yet, but I'll just pick up an Ooze on each run - at some point it will hopefully work - want that achievement done at least by the end of the event ?
  11. Can confirm - no achievement progress for me either when handing in the Ooze to the farmer in W1Z3. Will report it as a bug ingame. Also experienced this bug the first time I tried it. Worked fine in a fresh instance with the first ooze I dug up (without dying or dropping it - not sure if either of those bug it).In the hopes this would work I went in once again for another try (fresh instance, never dropped the Ooze, didn't get hit by anything on the way, etc.) -> neither baubles nor achievement progress were awarded. Tried on Normal as well as Infantile. No idea what bugs it, but I will w
  12. Can confirm - no achievement progress for me either when handing in the Ooze to the farmer in W1Z3. Will report it as a bug ingame.
  13. Something that might also help you, in case you didn't know: You can port to blue camps for a small cost (one click on the camp on your map opens a dialogue, double click won't work). That cuts down on travel time to the champs.
  14. The grunting isn't new though. It is caused by the emotes the characters use during dialogue and has been there all along. It's just very noticeable now since everything else is quiet. Removing emote sounds just for this episode, for a subset of characters, and only until the voice acting is added... Seems like unnecessary effort.
  15. Sure, let's remove anything that might require/motivate people to get into WvW - I'm sure that will push those numbers! I mean, it's true - many poof in and out of WvW and will not stay. But every single player that might stumble into WvW for a daily or a Gift of Battle and goes "oh, that's acutually kinda fun" and ends up staying is a win. And if they don't stay, they do not affected the queue (if there even is one) for very long anyway. This attitude (many WvWers sadly share) that only "real WvW players" (whatever that's supposed to be) should be on those maps and everyone else should stay o
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