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  1. If you are interested join our raid discord. No guild rep or join requirement. Weekly sign ups on discord required for spot. https://discord.gg/Nxyn3Yqd
  2. My mouse cursor. With the increase of visual effect in the game i lose my mouse cursor during every meta event with more than 10 people. before anyone says use yolomouse. No thanks. The option to change the size or color of the mouse cursor should be in game already. Please Upvote this so we can make a change. It cant be that hard right ?
  3. Listen guys, im a warrior right ?? not a warhorn blowing ele that supports my "team".i want to smash my keyboard and doink some folk ! ....... i mean at least give me back my hammer earth shaker damage.this meta is basically 3 classes.JUST MAKE ME SMASH AGAIN. PS. I MISS HAMBOW META. fromSalty Warrior boi.
  4. Yes, I can. You do a skill it has damage on it. maybe say it does 1k or 2k dps. then 2 secs later you have also taking 4k burning. I'm not talking about not being able to cleanse. Yes, you can remove the condi tick. but the fact that 1 condition does that much damage from 1 skill. is like a heartseeker.its like warrior or ranger or thief using a throwing a dagger or axe. it hits for 2k then 2 secs later bam 4k. That's why I don't like it and I have talked about reworking the way burn effects you in other ways like boon strip. MAYBE lets be crazy here you could have burning burn condis off you
  5. READ WHAT I HAVE SAID. and again the topic of the discussion is to try to give burning or bleeding ANOTHER function.ANOTHER FUNCTION. not saying they are the same. they are similar. like what said about boon burning and deep wound. that's another function.
  6. Most People think I'm talking about burn guard.I'm not talking about it as I play it as well as other classes. What I'm talking about it how burning is too strong. Check every Death log burning will be at the top with very low hits and massive DPS.and again the topic of the discussion is to try to give burning or bleeding another function.Not a moan about Anyone classes.I'm just not big-hitting someone 1 time with maybe 2 stacks of burning and it doing 4k damage. its like having a thief heartseeker attached on to most of your skills. Too passive.
  7. Primarily. the keyword there.They still have burning damage.also, the topic of the discussion is to try to give burning or bleeding another function but I've also added that i personally think that burn damage is too strong is PVP.I don't have an issue with the other condi.
  8. Condi damage is too strong, I think burning being able to stack is the reason personally.Also, other classes have healed skills handed on short cool down and others don't.
  9. This discussion is something i often find myself having with others. Most Conditions have a purpose. Bleeding Deals damage every secondBurning Deals damage every secondConfusion. Damage received on skill activationPoisoned. Deals damage every second; decreases healing effectiveness by 33%Torment. Deals damage every second. Deals additional damage to moving foesBlinded. Blinded Next outgoing attack missesChilled. Chilled Movement speed decreased by 66%; skill cooldown increased by 66%; stacks durationCrippled .Movement speed decreased by 50%; stacks duration.Fear. Involuntary retrea
  10. yeah I feel that is why the axe auto-attack works well. Personally I understand the reason why obstructed is a thing. its to start hitting things in cover and so on. the higher and low ground on a slope makes no sense,I would love to help anet.
  11. This makes sense. but more chance for it to be obstructed coz the game wasn't designed for the ranger.
  12. Look at this. Clearly should be able to hit the rat. But no. the grass is in the way.Don't get this issue with rev ren cause this shot has a mini aoe at the end. Use the rev projectile 1 for ranger 1 and just change the stats and draw time to match. easy fix.
  13. jonesy.1470


    When is it getting fixed? the fact the axe is a more reliable ranged option is mindblowing.Im sure I don't need to explain this one.also fix pet pathing. thanks.
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