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  1. Pls ANet fix this issue. It's very hard to keep shades up consistently with this bug in the game 😭
  2. Same here. it's annoying... Mounting/dismounting removes scourge UI, Sand Savant has no effect but changing any trait will return UI back to normal until first mounting/dismounting. @Fire Attunement.9835 please fix this guys.
  3. But you can. There are some sliders in camera settings (or something like that). I will take better look at settings then...
  4. I was searching for toggle right click because my hand would start to hurt after 45 min of gameplay due to a constant pressure on right click and then I stumbled upon action camera. I LOVE it but I have one issue with it, when I zoom out to max I sometimes miss some important skills because target gets out of focus and melee assist doesn’t work. If only I could tweak aiming dot to be little bit lower... :/
  5. Vabbi is so annoying to me that I want to unlock it with 100% and never return...There is mini tangled depths on the north, "Fury of the brand" on the east, heart events are boring and slow progressing, they manage to integrate "The Wall" from GoT in that brand area so you need to go north or south just to get on the other side. Yeah, because of this I don't care about any events in that zone...
  6. Pros:Mounts - Nice work done hereMaps - simple and easily accessibleHero Points - you don't need army of players to complete theseLike what you did with puzzles in dwarven ruinsStory and loreUnidentified item system implementedMaterial caches Cons:For content expansion there is not much real content in it, achievements are not content...Too fast mastery progression, I manage to waste experience (no boosters) because didn't unlock all mounts asapAdvertised 5 maps but we got 4.5 maps you know that "Fury of the brand" crap an locking half of map behind itBounties - low rewards, quickly became bor
  7. Those 7% condi dmg don't provide expertise because 7% is added directly to your skill base dmg and not to your condition damage stat number. You get expertise from your stats condition damage, not total condition damage. Renegade vs Trapper/Nightmare runes are about the same on static target but Trapper/Nightmare will yield more DPS on moving target because of uptime of applied conditions, same goes for mechanics in encounters. Also for shorter encounters Renegade is probably better because of higher bursting potential (QT kills fast, so for them Renegade runes are better). If you and your par
  8. Yeah... Kill warrior everywhere so that Spellbreaker get in line... facepalmThis is not how you do balance. BTW Git Gud!
  9. Fractals, dungeons, raids, HoT and SW meta, achievements, collecting skins...
  10. Depends on how you look at raiding and what do you want from it.I joined this raiding group because I wanted to unlock HoT masteries but didn't want to change my main power PS to condi PS to become meta. In groups like this, all builds and all classes can raid in casual friendly environment. Main purpose here is having fun... If you want to be hardcore Raid player then use right tool for the job! META is a list of tools appropriate for that job. Unfortunately, Renegade currently is not one of them.As much as I hate meta, meta really is all about effectiveness... and I'll choose fun over effec
  11. Every time you get new mount you get new entry in options under controls to asign button to it.Right clicking on mount slot and change mount... I personaly have raptor equiped in slot and fast mount rest of mounts with keys F1-F4....
  12. Is the game utilizing 16 threads by default or do I need to add some sort of command in the launcher properties to make it actually do that? Sometimes games need manually enable directx11 and such. All I did was unparking cores. You can find utility here
  13. I'm happy you solved the issue.The thing is that GW2 engine is very heavy on CPU. CPU is responsble for around 85% of your FPS the rest is GPU an since it is a 5 year old game you don't need strong GPU for FPS gain but CPU. GW2 engine can use all 16 threads of your CPU, so 16 x 200MHz(around 500Mhz with boost) plus when you take in consideration that Ryzen benefits big time from faster RAM you can clearly see it is a big diference for such CPU hungry game =)Problem with boosting RAM is probably memory BUS speeds and maybe RAM voltage, I would bet on those two for your crashes.
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