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  1. Some normal dungeons you can instantly queue for, that reward unique rewards such as armor sets and mount skins that can't be obtained elsewhere. (I know the original game features some of those, but we all know in which state they are, and besides that's still too few of them by this point) If every LW episode since launch had brought one dungeon each, with unique armors, weapons and glider/mounts for every one of them (as well as progression towards long term goals like legendaries), the game would be much more appealing today. I feel like it's a huge missed opportunity on a
  2. I love them too, but "more of the same" isn't exactly what I expect from a brand new expansion.
  3. Yes, it takes away from the experience. It removes any sense of goal or purpose, and it removes any value cool items may have, save for the select few you can only obtain in raids. I kind of wish each game mode came with unique looking armor sets and mount skins.
  4. Shin Jae reminds me of the Jade Forest for MoP. The overall look and feel is identical. Echovalds...just looks like a Heart of Thorn maps, with Heart of Thorns enemies. Honestly I just have "Asian Heart of Thorns" vibes from this expansion's maps so far.
  5. I don't drink. It takes an idiot to consume a substance that's both addictive and toxic to your body. In any case, individual effort has no impact on WvW. That's my point. In sPvP sure, when there are fewer players, every individual action matters. In a 50v50 battle...Whatever. As I said: it's basically PvE.
  6. I don't get the appeal of WvW. Since it's just an AOE fest, it might as well be PvE.
  7. I just want to know if they'd take fall damage from it. Imagine 187 weavers gathering at the same WvW spot to lift someone up an otherwise unreachable point in the map.
  8. He died though. Like every single dungeon boss who calls us "mortal!" and then dies immediately. WoW in particular is really guilty of this.
  9. And then those doppelgangers stab the target in the back and reveal their true appearance before becoming the usual purple butterflies. Missed opportunity, 0/10 won't play.
  10. Not necessarily. RMP has dominated WoW PvP and yet rogue/mages were the most complicated classes to play correctly back when class design was still a priority. In SC2, it's also very easy to scout and counter cannon rushes or most all-in strategies. GW2 roots are just a pain. The animation is discrete and you can't dodge in it. Unlike WoW roots, they also don't break easily on damage.
  11. I wish they overhauled Sword 3 for Guardian. I remember discovering Sword 3 when I started playing the game for the first time and thinking it looked cool. But it's just not a great spell, especially in PvP. To be fair that's not a guardian specific statement. Many weapon skills that were created 9 years ago feel seriously outdated and that's why many weapons are just completely dead. They need to delete some & replace them with innovative and well thought out alternatives.
  12. "Poisonous darts" would fit a bow more. From the video, it seems like even they have no idea what to do with the gun.
  13. I dislike your taste in music but I gave a thumbs up nonetheless because your thought process next to every action is a nice touch that's usually missing from high end play in video games.
  14. Polls tend to make people lazy. Click and go away. Without them, they'll be more inclined to argue and justify their opinion.
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