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  1. I've Googled it. I know I can use third party tricks to make it work. But that doesn't change the fact that I should be able to do that directly in game in the first place. Mouse wheel and shift+mouse wheel are 4 very convenient hotkeys that I love to use in other MMOs. It's a pity that it's not an option here.
  2. Thanks, that's what I was considering. In raids, would the drop in performance really be that noticeable if I went gear zerk + marauder trinkets in your opinion? Because I'm somewhat casual and I can't really afford to have multiple sets. I'd like a one size fits all kind of gear.
  3. I know ideally you want to be a living God, dodge every single mechanic and go full Zerg to smash hard. But reality is: I'm not flawless and I'll probably get hit or fail to do a mechanic sometimes. So, the extra vitality helps I assume. Now I've seen builds that go for Berserker armor and then all the trinkets are either Marauder or Valkyrie. I feel like I can pick one of those, I just don't know which and I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding this whole situation. I'll only have one set because I'm poor so I'd really like to make the right decision and not regret it
  4. Oh God. I hope not. I mean you mention exploration in your post, in which case yeah, could be fun. But underwater combat...Please no!
  5. It's interesting how much communities can be different. WoW players have been begging for a housing system for years, yet most people on the GW2 forums don't want one at all. I side with you though, I'd be sad to learn that a lot of development time had been wasted on player housing.
  6. I want oldschool Lion's Arch to be a WvW map. Make it part of some Kralkatorik rift shenanigans.
  7. I know if you go into technicalities, there are some differences: vulnerability, reduced CD, life force... But at the end of the day, both are big fat melee sword attacks with a long cast time. When you press the buttons, they feel the same. A simple change to make them feel somewhat different could be to split the attacks on GW3 into a flurry of attacks rather than one big swing. It'd also make it more usable in PvP as a result, since GS is tough to use in PvP right now because of those long cast times on every attack. Thoughts?
  8. Those sound like masteries more than real features. The grappling hook is pretty much covered by the Maguma Mushrooms, too.
  9. Reminds me how I got the Shrine Guardian Jackal on my first F2P key. T'was a nice day.
  10. Yes, but I'm still unsatisfied with his appearance in the final fight, where we fight his chubby troll avatar. The monster that killed Eir and Faolain was more frightening than Mordremoth's actual avatar.
  11. I remember the story unfolding back then. First, Aurene had the many visions of her dying to Kralk and it was an emotional moment, with all the doubt and despair that cames with it. We thought: it's a lighthearted story overall, surely she'll find a way to escape her fate. Then the moment came, she DID die and it was really well executed with the commander slowly walking towards her not knowing what to expect, and seeing her suddenly impaled in spikes. When it all happened, I thought: "kitten, they actually committed, it takes some serious balls. Well done Anet!" But then, just
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