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  1. I hope there is a fix with todays new patch and story content!
  2. You mean it does only work the first time on a fresh map?thanks!
  3. Today, someone on reddit told me that he had the same problem. His problem was that the humans in the north die instantly to the branded crystals when the event starts.
  4. After successfully completing the "Find the djinn vessel before the Brandstorm overwhelms the area" event, the next event wont start. It pops up for 1-2sec and then disappears again.
  5. I hope so much for a change. Since they changed this trait, the game is less fun to me.I completley agree, the sword rotation is not fun and lacks utility.Looking at the empty toolbelt skills after overheating is so frustrating. If they dont want to revert this change fully, maybe they could change the duration of the toolbelt lockout after overheating for lets say to 3-4 secondsinstead of the whole cooling down period. Would still be bad because there is still the life loss from overheating.Just spitballing here.
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