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  1. i know there is a fountain, but is there a water actually? you know you need water for fishing right..
  2. guys, i think iam still on PCIE2 😄 about 6500 XT vs 6600 XT, the better one costs 2 times more, not sure if i want to use that much money. i would also consider NVidia, but since there are always some drivers problem on Linux, i want to stick with AMD. And since i have enough of broken GPUs i want some with proper warranty, in Alza they offer +3years for 50euro. One more question, what about 6600 and 6600 XT ? Is the XT version worth? I see its slightly better, and not that much more expensive.
  3. Since begin of this year, 2 of my GPUs died, so iam looking for a new one. This time i would like to buy new one with warranty, as GPUs are expensive this days. One of the cheapest is this 6500 XT, i see it has only 64bit bus width, but the performance in other games is solid. However i cant find any test with this game. So is there someone with this GPU who played this game? What is the performance like? Iam playing on 1440p resolution. //I had R9 390x which was super fast, but it stopped working, and since then i was on HD7870 which is old, but this game was definitely pl
  4. when i use Unlseash skill (F5) , only my hammer weapon skills are changed. Why ? e.g. longbow skills are unchanged. Am i forced to use hammer to take all advantages of this Specialziation? In other classes, i can use whatever weapon i want, and it will work with the Specialization without downsides.. Animations of hammer skills are just copy pasted from other probably warrior hammer skills. Thats something i dont like..
  5. hello i have https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Anniversary_Armor_Pack and i want to see if i have unlocked Light set. The problem is when i open Bank, and then Wardrobe Storage, i can see i have unlocked Luminous medium and heavy armro set which is ok. But i cant find the Light armor set. I cant see if its unlocked or lock. Wiki says its also called "Luminous" but its just not in Wardrobe Storage at all.
  6. that wasnt the nicest thing ive read today, calm your horses next time plsif its cheap and budget, you simply cant waste lot of money on it even if it is waste (see the logic? i dont think so, but thats not important)you just picked up my words out of context, or just dont want to understand the message/meaning, because ive never wrote you should pair i5-2500 with nvidia 2070 but lets talk about it because on the other hand i know actually person who plays gw2 with intel core 2000 series (idk probably i5 or i7) and actually do have nvidia 1070 (or 2070 ? cant remember) and playing mostly just
  7. i dont really think you need cpu for 300usd to play gw2, as someone already mentioned, some older optiplex with some GTX card (e.g. 960), 8gb of ram should do the job very well. just get any intel 4core cpu at least, later then i5-2500, and it will do the job well. if you want to invest more, get card like gtx 2070, you should see FPS improvementsdont fall into the nonsense that you dont need good graphic card for this game because its cpu rendered.. its nonsne, gpu matter a lot
  8. Hellowhen i try to create new character, Norn + Male + light armor, it always crash, it doesnt happen with any other combination..anyone else have similar experience?
  9. hello guyslets have a weaver specialisationlets have a staff weapon, and lets set auto-attack function on the 4th skill on air (Windborne speed)lets then switch completely to any other attunement and now lets switch back to airyour Windborne speed (the 4th skill from air) will be casted automatically, even when it is not available because your 4th skill is one from previous attunement i think this can be done with any attunement and any weapon.
  10. i dont think anet has people/developers who can fix this, they have now developers only for game content. In other words, gw2 doesnt support desktops with more then 1 monitor.End of story.Period.
  11. it doesnt only happen when PC is heavily loaded - it actually doesnt matter, never happened to me in any other game, and turning off second monitor is not the correct solution...
  12. to me it seems its not only issue on my side, so i decided to make small video how it happens, hope it will be more clear for others and for developers to evaluate it Mouse: Logitech G600
  13. so to describe more:i am using Win8.1 64bit, with latest updates, gpu is AMD HD7870 also with latest driversyesterday i asked guys in WvW team chat, and i was surprised 2 of the guys could reproduce the issue too, one of them said he has nVidia GPU. iam using the Fullscreen mode, no windowed, guys in team chat said it was happening only in fullscreen mode, in both windows modes it was fine.game is running only in one monitor with 1440p resolution, other one is with full hd. i cannot use windowed mode because iam using amd crossfire i tried to switch one thing in setting, which made left mouse
  14. Helloi have 2 monitors, and since begin sometimes my game minimized and my mouse appeared on second monitor, i didnt know why Now i see, when i go with mouse to edge of screen near to the second monitor, and when i click fast many times right click in mouse, i can leave the game with mouse iam using classic "Full Screen" , no windowed, i can repeat this any time. can someone please confirm this behaviour ?
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