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  1. That I understand, but since the problem is not because the files are corrupted, it likely is because the super adventure box is back. Which always breaks the game in some capacity every time it comes back, and they can't seem to keep story instances like it from being stable in the main game, but what I don't understand, IS WHY I CANT PLAY WVW! I wanna go play with my guildies or even all by myself, but NOOOOOO. There isn't even a beta up this week for WVW, so what did they break or add or mess with behind the scenes with Super Adventure Box that leads to soooo many problems? Can't you tell
  2. AS soon as that patch was downloaded, it was crash city, cant load into WVW, can only play for 20 mins if I try anything else. Just a NIGHTMARE if I try at all.
  3. hopefully with added rewards this will make the meta event worthwhile, like ALOT of rewards, as you have to be in the map for close to 2 + hours for all rewards.
  4. If such a small percentage was being earned from fractal CMS, WHY DID YOU REMOVE THEM! It only seems you removed them because it removes access to mystic coins to free/core accounts from fractals to only incentivize people to buy the expansion WHICH LOOKS BAD. No one at ArenaNet knows how to market their product worth a kitten.
  5. Since the game is so solo group content forward, meaning that people join in the open world as individuals to work towards a common goal, but rarely do you join as a group, using the turtle will be limited to using the slam function alone. Rarely would people join together and use the guns in open world content, because its slow, and moves around like a boat on water(but on land), and player 1 does not do as much as player 2 as its not as direct, nor is it as much fun. So you would get a mount that is slow, is drifty, and you would have to get someone to come by and shoot the guns (on the mo
  6. And that's where an afk timer can come in if you are idle in game for too long it kicks you, and you have to start over, it would solve alot of problems actually. It would have to be smarter than if you have moved your camera or what not to beat bots and auto clickers but it would solve some issues ingame.
  7. So the start has some good points about the mount. But what happens with this part of your post? There is alot they are working on, and they have shown alot of changes already with wvw and the changes with the upcoming class beta. What specifically do you believe is so hollow? Also they have said they are hiding stuff. So there could be more that we have not seen. I'm not saying what they make is gold. But cool your roll man.
  8. agreed, its made the mode more exclusive, less inclusive, and potentially ruins the balance of WvW. Especially if you have to own one of the expansions to play. I think people can agree that WvW needs something, but most of us would agree its not this.
  9. Did you turn off content protection? yes, turning off all add-ons in firefox after clearing my cache and cookies, its tied to something in firefox, and it works just fine in chrome and edge/explorer.
  10. All of the images on the store page are broken. Cashe clearing and cookie wipes are useless as it is tied to the Firefox browser.
  11. as a new player it is confusing what is a dungeon and what is a part of a story line of some sort.
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