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  1. No, but they haven't said that it isn't a bug either. Better safe than sorry though, I say. Plus, this way I get to keep some shred of integrity too.
  2. Because it has nothing to do with the game itself. A good chunk of PvP's population doesn't even know that you can class-swap because there is no tooltip or notification of any kind that tells you that you can or how. Everyone that knows about class-swapping found out about such on their own. We're also playing a competitive arena game, and not speedrunning something. Bugs/exploits are a detriment, not a layer of added complexity. And if I have an SSD or if i'm on cloud gaming, then my load times can be almost nonexistent, giving me a technological advantage for pre-fight hot p
  3. How does a game of pre-match hot potato add to the complexity of the game overall? Especially when it exists more like a bug than an actual game feature? Nobody has to multiclass if they don't want to. That's why we have complete build freedom in this game.
  4. Viable, yes. Somehow I seriously doubt their bunker-busting capabilities though. We have a bunch of 'professional' deadeye players on NA and some of them do occasionally run S/D but I have 3.3k armor and 20k HP. Even with their one skill that avoided getting nerfed; bless it, it only have a base power coefficient of 1.3 and that's their highest damaging skill. Good luck. That's about the same damage as a fully charged dragon Dragon Slash - Force(🤡balance) and I can safely say after fighting a good Bladesworn after 30 minutes straight that Dragon Flash - Force tickles. You've to
  5. The best we can do is to carry a little bit of that magic with us as we go on. With a little luck we can make their lives slightly less miserable, much to their discontent.
  6. If it wasn't unblockable, it would have been totally fine. Especially before the deadeye rework. It was the same deal with unblockable union soulbeast for a long while. The problem wasn't the damage considering how squishy you have to build to get numbers like that. The problem was the lack of counterplay. Builds like that gave birth to the "just dodge 4head" meme and it was a good joke because there was some truth to it. The only option was dodge, invuln, or die. That isn't fun. But that's all that really needed to change. Really they should look at the functional
  7. Welcome back. But remember its not about winning, its about fun.
  8. It doesn't get more honest than that really. Everything is so much simpler when you can just kick the people who complain about your meta fox pick out of your house.
  9. This is just a glimpse into the future, i'm sure. Wouldn't be at all surprised if in 1 or 2 years we are all playing virtual checkers instead of guild wars in the righteous quest for perfect balance. Which definitely exists and Anet has definitely proved themselves to be capable of. 🤫
  10. Fun fact: The opposite of "power creep" is "power seep" Power Seep; just like Power Creep, is also a made up redditor word used to describe the decrease in overall power level of new or reworked content. It has the same exact effect as power creep in that it limits build diversity, only power seep works in the opposite way. Power creep pigeonholes players into playing the newest, strongest build as content gets updated and released stronger than the old. Power seep forces players into playing the least nerfed options if newer content doesn’t prove to be as effective
  11. True, i've never really been a fan of them either really. Too repetitive, too predictable, and too taxing on my ADD warrior brain. But that's what PvP is meant to make up for, no? I'm in the same boat, but I wouldn't really call it a straight decline. I think the core pre-HoT are highly overrated. Like I said the fights took too long back then and we didn't have a lot of basic QOL thingamajigs or even Ranked/Unranked arenas. Since then things have gotten better then worse. That's usually how profession balance goes in this game. New shiny elite specs come out with an e
  12. I forgot the word "be" 😦 I love everyone and the only type of person i'd passively aggressively insult would exclusively be those from the wintrading cartel and those that are the living embodiment of the phrase "well actually." As far as I know you belong to neither of these groups. I just don't like class-swapping. It is my least favorite bug/exploit in Gw2 with stretchy Charr being my favorite.
  13. If it was an intended feature then it wouldn't give people pre-fight anxiety by making them think their teammate immediately dc'd when in reality, they're just using that feature that the game definitely tells you about- Hey, wait a minute. 🤔It doesn't. It may not be a bug either, but actually a hidden minigame of scuffed hot potato that some people choose to play before a match starts. Here OP, I went through this comment an emboldened all the things what are true and struck through what was misinformation. Hopefully this helps all parties. It is indeeed a very
  14. 2013? That's surprisingly early to quit in all honesty. Like @greedywholesome.9081 said Gw2 came out with hella praise, good reviews, and general positivity. And most people with their rose-tinted glasses on and fedoras at full tilt will actually site that time before HoT as "the good times." Even though on the PvP side; fights took forever, and PvP lacked many of the basic functionalities it has now. Ah, hotjoins 😌 I remember when they first invented hotjoins. Sweet, scuffed hotjoins. I always hated them! 😡 Reckon that's right. For 0% of the attention, we give 0% of
  15. It would probably be the bunker builds for every class. You can play a bunker build and choose only to react to what you want to react to while straight up ignoring 1v1s. This can all be accomplished without contracting carpal tunnel, and with minimal frontal lobe development.
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