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  1. Everything about this post is delicious 😋👍
  2. A true NPC. Confused by everything around them, but with no intelligent rebuttal or willingness to question it. They didn't even take the time to read what they were reacting to. These posts aren't even all pro or anti-DuoQ. I support the current thing 🤖😕
  3. Appreciate the feedback and I like your idea. I'm all for rewards that encourage people to engage with PvP win or lose. When it comes to new players specifically I think unranked should really have pips and reward chests too, exactly as they are now so that they can be rewarded as they learn the game. When it comes to ranked, I think pip gains should be doubled there with the caveat that if you lose and fail to contribute enough to not be held responsible for that L, then you get nothing. We could see how long the bots and afks last in ranked when they get absolutely nothing out of it and I encourage everyone to point and laugh as they're bullied out of this game they helped ruin 😄
  4. All 5 of them because they LOST and LOSING is LOSING But if I had to choose anyone from this hypothetical to award pity points to(because that's what pips for losing are) it would be 2, 3, 4, and 5. Player 1 is a total moron in this incredibly unlikely scenario because they aren't even likely to get top defense because progress towards top defense is only made if a point is being contested, if you get kills inside or around a friendly or contested node, or recapping a friendly node. What player 1 is doing is essentially afking with extra steps and they should be banned from ranked for forever, put down the 🥦pipe, and clean their room. 😄 And I would rather have any one of the others on my team personally because at least they're doing something compared to the AFKs which do nothing. Like I said before, you already get extra pips per top stat. It's been that way since ranked was added. People could already try to load up on top stats if they wanted to for extra pips in the face of a loss. My issue is with the 3 you get just for being there. It's +1 pip per top stat and +3 just for being present in the match. At least the players with top stats try and contribute something even if unintentionally. The AFKs contribute nothing at all and yet they still get the equivalent of getting 3 top stats just because they showed up to the match, much to their team's chagrin. It's all petty anyways. They shouldn't be fighting over loser rewards, there should really just not be any loser rewards. That's the best motivator for concentrated effort. Try, win, or get nothing, that's competition. The loser rewards should go to and should have always been in unranked.
  5. Professions being unbalanced is one thing, but teams being unbalanced is a certified game-killer. That's exactly what duoq is.
  6. You already get extra pips for top stats and nobody does this. Like I've explained already, 4 of the 6 top stats you can get are directly tied to playing the objective. Only top kills and damage aren't, but you stand a better chance of getting them by just playing the game rather than hyperfocusing on them. And no, no reward for second place. The only reward for second place is a reminder to do better next time. And the alternative is no reward for losing at all; which I'm all for, but I understand this playerbase has grown too accustomed to getting something for doing nothing so I think this is good compromise; pips based on contribution, which are already in the game and already tied to top stats which are totally fine. It's the pips you get just for being there that are an insult to anyone that tries.
  7. Is absolutely fine to have intrateam competition because that means to get anything you're going to have to contribute something at the very least, and something is always better than nothing which is what afks contribute; absolutely nothing. Some of the top stats like offense and defense directly correlate to playing the objective too, which means for one's best chance of getting something out of a ranked match, they should play the objective and just play the game normally. Others like healing and revives tied directly to assisting your team. And even if some stubborn fool wants to rush enemy spawn and try to farm things like top damage and top kills, they'd still be contributing more than the afk sat in spawn crying about how X class is too op so they now have no desire to play or engage with the game they booted up and spent time queued for.
  8. If you're on a losing team, you have 0 top stats, and your team's score is not within 80% of the winning team's score then you probably had an afk on your team, and if you didn't and you were actually trying then I'm sorry but losing is losing People can still AFK if they really want to, but at least if people weren't given 3 pips for doing nothing, then they wouldn't be paid for wasting the time of 4 other people, and if they did AFK they'd have no incentive to do so and would be wasting their own time as well. would also recommend moving the pips and reward chests to unranked as well, because it doesn't matter if people afk there and its a better starting point for PvE players coming over to PvP. If at least 1 gamemode has to be filled with pure degeneracy and indolence then it should be unranked instead of ranked imo I think that's a good idea but not on its own. If we ever did see something like this though, and I don't think we will; I doubt it would be sophisticated enough to tell apart an afk from deliberate feeding, and if you can still get 3 pips for doing nothing, then doing nothing would remain a common strategy.
  9. Just remove the 3 pips for losing Top stat pips can stay because you need to participate to get them Near-victory pips can stay because that means everyone tried. Majority of the time game won't end with 80% of winning team's score if one team is fighting 4v5 But the 3 pips for doing absolutely nothing need to go and the feckless indolents that knowingly waste everyone else's time right along with them. The reward for doing nothing should be nothing
  10. idk really I think some of them are okay. Top stat and near-victory pips are fine cause they encourage ppl to at least try but top stats are worth 1 pip each and near-victory is only worth 2. Meanwhile you get 3 just for being there no matter what, and that does no good for getting people to try. Realistically if someone contributes nothing to a blowout loss then they deserve to get absolutely nothing and at least 72 hours of dishonour at the bare minimum if that was their intention from the get-go. I feel that, I don't know what the people in this thread are talking about. I don't doubt that there are petty people like that who pvp willing to waste everyone's time including their own just out of pure spite, but I don't think there's enough to ever consider it an issue. What will most likely happen is the people who afk pip-farm will probably leave pvp entirely if they can't get rewarded for doing nothing, which is an absolute good for the rest of us because they aren't playing the game to begin with. PvP need to be purged frfr
  11. It's common sense. Give someone something for doing nothing and they will be incentivized to keep doing nothing. There's still going to be a handful of people who afk just for the sake of wasting everyone's time, including their own, but the numbers are way exaggerated here. Best way to ensure people stop afking is to remove the freebie reward and have Anet enforce the TOS they came up with by giving dishonour to AFKs and banning the ones that do it all the time. And if you're getting confused emojis it means you're right. Keep it up 👍
  12. All true, but they won't Not going to tell you how to spend your money, but I wouldn't give them a dime personally if you PvP most the time because they don't care about you.
  13. Ofc there's unbalanced teams. DuoQ = unbalanced teams in 5v5 Always going to be at least 2 solos playing at a disadvantage if not closer to 8 solos because duoq has never been popular with anyone besides 'pro-players' Easy to see why that is
  14. I feel that, I didn't even know they were adding open world leggy armor but that will defo pull away some of the newbies from pvp. No better time for them than now then to start adding more to spvp. Doesn't even have to be brand new, but they should add to it. Unranked should get the same rewards ranked has now and ranked should have two different arenas. One ranked arena purely for solos, one purely for groups. What this will do is give casual players to earn leggies stress-free in unranked, and even with friends, which will hopefully be enough to keep their interest. Looking at the mat cost, it seems like a big grind for the new leggy armor. Might just be me, but if spvp wasn't 💩would much rather get it there than grinding repetitive pve content. And the split queues for ranked will knock the leaderboard-obsessed pseudo pro's egos down a notch because they would no longer be at an advantage over the majority of the population. And they couldn't use the "I just want to play with friends" excuse because they'd still be able to do so in ranked, just separate to soloq whenever they do. Should it happen? Absolutely. Will it happen? Probably not, but who knows, maybe there's some angel left at that demonic company willing to answer some holiday wishes going into 2024. It wouldn't take much effort at all and nobody has to worry about the population being too low because solos outnumber teams 9 to 1. Shouldn't be our problem.
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