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  1. Who'd of thunk it. Adding stuff = fun Removing stuff = boring Hearing reports of bugs though. Those need to be fixed, but after maybe let the skills team keep working on PvP since they can do a lot more with it, and if it is down to 1 singular balance person again please take this positive feedback as a sign to not nerf everything and remove a good chunk of the build options for everyone. Ty. 👍
  2. This is true This is the means This is somewhat untrue. 5 man teams would fix it too, but realistically speaking not everyone is going to want to have to queue in a 5-person team all the time. Sometimes people just want to play without waiting a long time, getting a party together, and then finding another similarly ranked team to play against. Backing up to how you said people wintrade though.... In SoloQ only there's statisiticamally less chance for the alts to be on opposing teams or even in the match entirely. In Solo/Duo the peopl
  3. Just remove DuoQ and you'd be gucci. Their alts don't even matter if they lose their metagaming crutch. It will be just like it was during seasons 9-12 if you played then. Without DuoQ: ~60-70% of games won at the top, everyone is closer in ranking, and there's barely any legendary-rated players at all. With DuoQ: 80, 90, even 100% of games won at the top, a huge divide between those who DuoQ and who don't, and every top player that Duos is always in or hovering around Legendary. Them and their alts; which, sometimes aren't even their accounts.
  4. They always have been They're not all that different from us forum warriors, except that they've been handed all the tools they need to easily snipe the top leaderboard spots every season and even profit in doing so. So much for being grateful though. Cha-ching 🤑
  5. thank. I like you too 😍 Sounds like the truth to me, what he said. If they're streaming, they aren't going to stream themselves DuoQing with their other top player pals during the off-hours, and definitely not if they're doing something shady like having their buddy queue on a low-rated alt for easier matches. Or maybe something even worse like being paid to play on someone's account who would normally just barely manage top 250 occasionally and boosting them to literal rank 1 NA, via DuoQ of course. It's still scummy, and i'd still call metagaming match m
  6. No matchmaking for any game has ever been perfect. It was fun before DuoQ broke Ranked and made it pretty much pointless to play.
  7. Its been ruined for a long time. It started in Season 13, when the former top wintraders stopped having to actually wintrade to get even better winrates than they did before. 2 decent players who understand how the matchmaker works, and queuing when actual player counts are at their lowest are the worst. DuoQ metagaming is far worse than wintrading ever was.
  8. Don't worry. It's Gw2 PvP so that 100 players is probably more like 5 of the streamer's twitch mods and 95 viewbots. A lot of the top players who stream PvP in this game are only artificially good anyway, so don't let it get to you.
  9. There are some skills that 'prevent point-capture contribution' usually skills with invincibility frames like Ele Mist Form or Guardian Renewed focus. Check skill tooltips in game they will say. If you so much as step off the point, it will tick over to the other team if they are still on it. Generally if you're 1v1ing someone on a point, you don't have to be super aggressive with the node because it caps very slowly. Best time to go all out on a point only if it's a tick or 2 away from turning neutral or if you already hold it, but there's no reason to die on it if its
  10. Expanding the Duel Arena would be pretty cool I guess, and i'm all for it. Would also recommend making it an actual Arena; like, round. Removing the ledge at the back. And getting rid of the consoles in the DefinitelylegitMaTwinner's room that allow them to spawn hazards in the arena.
  11. For SoloQ's DuoQ is just another huge matchmaking dice roll, and it was infinitely better without DuoQ YoloQ and pray you don't get a Duo at all, and if you do, pray they're on your team. Then pray that its not one of those games where one team has a Duo and one team doesn't. If both of those dice rolls fail, then pray that said Duo is just 2 friends having fun and not 2 top players farming free rating, or worse, alt-smurfing to cheese the matchmaker for the same purpose. Even if you DuoQ, some of those dice rolls are still going to be a thing, and you have 3
  12. No probs You're playing a bunker build then? Bunkers usually revolve a lot around nodes, so if you've got low mobility I say go for the full-cap. It might distract a person or two from your team at other points, and if they don't challenge you it will tick points for your team until they do. If its neck and neck at another point like mid, decap(make the point white) then go help your team where needed. Watch your map too so you don't get immediately back-capped. I'm far from an expert though. The highest I ever got was plat3 and that was mostly by luck and a
  13. "Answers from non-mesmer players please" Thread almost exclusively filled with replies from mesmer players. Jokes aside, I don't play mesmer in pvp and I don't think its op. Power mesmer does like maybe 25% of my bunker's health with their combo. Maybe a solid 50% if I stand there doing absolutely nothing. Pretty sad numbers compared to the old. Condi isn't op either. It's annoying; don't get me wrong, but annoying doesn't mean op.
  14. 1. I think so. It's been forever since I got it done, but the wiki says it like tiers of the same achievement, which usually don't start all over so I think it's just 30 Ranked matches total. Not 30 more after already winning 15. 2. Yes it will speed it up but keep in mind the achievement to win a certain amount in a day. If you play 3 matches a day only then you cannot get that one at that pace( I think?) Anyway, you should be fine because normal seasons last like a 100 something-ish days I think. 3 a day is like well over 300 matches played at the end. Plus if you take a bin
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