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  1. I've been reading by people in map chat and actually have seen a whole guild that were enemies yesterday but friends today. It seems like there is an exploit/ bug with the red bl map where you can be sent to the wrong team colors map and wind up on the enemy team.
  2. There is an exploit some guilds are doing to hop to the "enemies" server/ team so basically they can switch worlds from one day to the next. This might also be related to the reque problem some players are having. If they get instaqued because the server is not accounting for these players using the exploit??
  3. Day 2 2nd day of this beta same thing happens when i que up. this time im in blue bl trying to get to red bl @9pm est and there was no one in que but i became unlucky #1 in que and got to wait10mins for it to pop. When it does and I hit travel i get to go to the back of the line and insta reque at 14th in line. 30 more mins of waiting yipeee!
  4. so what's the best way to spam? don't click the pop up that happens and just spam f until you screen goes black?
  5. yea the lock thing happened to everyone in my guild as well and when it unlocked there was a high que number(40's -60's) but that dropped relatively quick . My problem was the insta reque i got when i clicked on travel. Went from 1 in que to travel to 43 @9:04 and still waiting now @9:26, I'm 32 in que for showing up 20 mins early. 😞 I am in LA.
  6. I got the wonderful insta reque bug tonight at reset. 😠 Got the gold locks on all maps at reset 9:03 EST then maybe a minute later it went to a high que number in my guild (40's - 60's) but that dropped relatively quick(5mins ish). Finally got to number 1 in que to Travel to 43 in que 😠 ( I was in LA btw standing at the Red BL portal) i'd rather there just be a line, 🙂 log on max 2 hours before reset and que for reset get your ticker number and wait without logging out vs showing up early, spam @ reset and don't get in immediately, get stuck in a que and wait for the number to dr
  7. I'd like that too but they went the route of selling lounge passes instead of just giving it to players in guild halls. It's like they never considered the idea of lounge passes before they added guild halls. Yet they keep making guild halls and people like to decorate. I kind of think they need to address this issue rather then ignore it. So much more content could be built around this.
  8. Most disliked: first 3 weps don't look legendary they look plain. Gen 2 mace Eureka, Gen 2 dagger Claw of the Khan-Ur, Gen 2 Torch Flames of War , Gen 2 scepter Xiuquatl , Gen 1 Trident Kraitkin Most liked : They look Legendary & have great effects Gen 1 torch Rodgort, Gen 1 Great Sword Twilight, Gen 2 Sword The Shining Blade, Gen 2 staff Nevermore, Gen 2 Focus The Binding of Ipos Honorary mentions : The Dreamer - super fun | Shooshadoo - also fun | Bolt - Great effects | Incinerator - looks evil Of course the problem with some of the le
  9. Well since we only get new guild halls with Xpac's I don't see this happening. What I do think would be interesting would be to add a portal to OLD LA in LA. 😄 If Housing really became a thing in gw2 I could see a community village like map that players can access and poke around old LA. Some of the doors in OLD LA could be instanced housing areas for players to decorate. Yes we already have private housing areas but i'm talking about a whole new system. OLD LA might work quite well with this. Having a portal in LA now makes more sense to access this special housing area. There could be other
  10. I'd really like to see the addition of Bank Tab Name plates like guild banks have. Seems like something small to add. For us hoarders or people that like to organize. It'd help me keep better track of things being able to label the bank tabs and give them names.
  11. yep, moving around using skills far as possible away from group during dialogue bit at end for some reason still works for this bug in dec 2021! First run got kicked out, googled if this was a known bug and yep it is, still hasn't been fixed. Completely shut down game and reloaded it and tried a 2nd run didn't chance it and just used old PoF player fix.
  12. still getting dc'd in 2021 but i found some solutions! edit: I was about to submit a ticket listing my problem of getting kicked after 3 attempts, finished fighting the boss, got to the dialogue and was kicked before the instance was over had been my experience. My internet is fine, not an issue. I recorded my 3rd run through for evidence to submit along with the DxDiag text file. I googled a little more and found this old reddit posting : it actually worked! Running to the start of the instance (after the fight is over and towards the waypoint) and constantly moving around, u
  13. If you could rotate these decorations vertically it would add a whole new approach to decorating. I also wish we had an undo/ redo button. It would help so much!
  14. Well, I'm rich too but it sucks to have to spend gold on something that's designed as a guild cooperative - hoard mats endeavour when clearly that seems to have broken down and isn't working as intended since people are solo decorating guild halls. I decorate 2 halls btw! My own personal one and my main guilds. It was never suppose to be that way however. I was the last scribe up and thought my guild was a decorating guild, but once the officers at the time found out how expensive it was to craft stuff and found out about the design system they disowned it, which allowed me to do pretty much
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