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  1. Oh just wait until you come up against the almost immortal Bladesworns tomorrow post patch.
  2. They will get nerfed but if sustain isint nerfed (im looking at you bunker vindicator) you all will be desperate for the damage to return in the right way. Nobody in there right mind would want a bunker pvp meta, its insanely boring and will put off what little players pvp has at the moment. Nobody wants 15 min matches in pvp.
  3. Its funny hearing how people want to nerf Harbinger and Willbender to "oblivion" thats not what its about its about balance. Saying that if they do nerf both Harbinger and Willbender heavily and leave Vindicator untouched, most of you will beg for the damage to return rather then having 15 min plus bunker meta matches.
  4. I think its safe to say that Harb is stronger then Willbender is at the moment as Harb can fulfill more roles in a pvp roster then Willbender can but that is just my personal opinion nobody has to agree with me, they both need balancing out. Anyway well see what happens in two weeks.
  5. What? Im not sure you are aware but my class is Guardian, Willbender definitely needs some nerfs/balancing out, im objective.
  6. I dont think nerfing a spec to oblivion is healthy for pvp like many people have said. Saying that though I find Harbinger to the be the biggest culprit in blocking/gatekeeping other specs coming into the meta, just from the sheer fact its broken and overtuned to extreme levels. I find Willbender is not as broken as people first feared it needs some slight nerfs but its nowhere near as overwhelming as Harbinger is atm as harb can fill multiple roles in a pvp comp, whether it be ranked or in competitive. I also
  7. Whilst I absolutely agree Harbinger needs the heaviest nerf/balance right now and Willbender to a lesser extent needs some nerfs to.... I think a lot of people underistimate how Spectre will be an immortal monster (if Spectre is untouched balance wise) once Harb and Willbender are nerfed since they somewhat keep Spectres in check at the moment. In addition to bunker Vindicator which is also very tough to down currently, probably the best side noder in pvp.
  8. Yeah its not just autoattack of course but the whole spec as a whole is so incredibly overtuned it feels like a one man nuclear bomb going off.
  9. Im not sure why some people in pvp are even kidding themselves, Harbinger has to be the most broken spec i have seen in pvp in recent memory. It needs immense tuning down in almost every way. You almost always realize a spec is broken when the spec is carrying the player rather then the other way around in addition to how many roles it can fulfill in a pvp match. I truly hope Anet does the right thing this month with the balance patch because pvp at the moment is in such a horrid state. Of course its not the only spec that needs tuning down but it should be number 1 on the list at th
  10. I couldent agree more clearly Harbinger needs more buffing...love the sarcasm from the OP hehe In all seriousness anyone who tells me willbender is the most broken spec in gw2 pvp atm needs to play the meta harbinger build. It is more bunkier/sustain then any singular heavy class in pvp whilst puking out rediculous amounts of dmg/condie. Oh lets not forget that it has every boon at its disposal with pulsing prot and practically infinite quickness. Did i forget to mention how its mobility is way over the top to:) Either way this spec needs way more nerfing then any other spec cur
  11. Now that Necro (Harbinger) has crazy mobility all semblence of logic goes out the window for me.
  12. Im sorry but when a light armor class can face tank obscene amount of damage and dish out dps+condies+mass boons party wide and CC (which has no tell) then yeah the spec is broken in my opinion. Oh did i forget to mention the practicaly infinite amount of quickness?:) I am referring to Harbinger. Yes Willy needs nerfs to.
  13. Its incredible to me people still think willbender is the most busted spec in pvp, it needs nerfs i grant you that but Harbinger is without a doubt the most busted spec in pvp at the moment no question. I am glad Anet ignores a lot of these suggestions for willbender nerfs since the majority of people want it butchered to the ground.
  14. Yes it is broken and its probably just fractionally more broken then Willbender is at the moment. Both are in need of nerfs clearly but in truth people also need to realize how bunker Vindi is also broken and that to needs some balancing. Im sure a lot of people saw the tourney yesterday, when you have a situation when top players both afk on a node all game because there match up is a stalemate it should trigger alarm bells that is super unhealth for pvp. Nobody wants to see constant slow or 15 min matches with a bunker meta developing.
  15. The more i have played this season the more i realize that Harbinger is actually more of a broken spec then Willbender is, in fact i would go on to say its the most broken spec in PvP at the moment. Both need nerfs of course but the things Harbinger can do are pretty outrageous in comparison.
  16. The only way for pvp to have any sort of attraction to a player is to create content for it. I dont even remember the last time Anet released content specifically that has to do with PvP, its literally been years. Im not including pvp legendary armor or trinket in this because that only caused a minor interest. Here is the bottom line, no new content no incentive to play pvp, its that simple. Hell they dont even bother making new titles or even rotate the old ones in and out every other season. Something that simple and its not happening. Just something, anything to help grow the pop
  17. Anybody who thinks Harbinger is "fine" is rather deluded. No class with light armor first of all should be able to tank that much damage, regardless of the trait lines being picked. I wont even bother with what it can do offensively because its its pretty self explanatory but suffice it to say both Willbender and Harbinger need nerfs with Harbinger being just a little less broken then Willbender.
  18. Yeah hehe i mean the standard build works great but i have been doing some other build variations on it to break from the norm:)
  19. This is why I am glad Anet have a tendency to ignore any advice from players in the pvp forums because typically its extremelly biased one way or the other. Saying that i dont understand the nerfs to Core Engie and the buffs to Vindicator dmg but the good thing is they nerfed its sustain somewhat.
  20. After reading some things here about what can counter Willbender in PvP I assure you a good Bladesworn can easily outsustain and eventually kill off even the best of Willbenders. Just watch Drazeh's 1v1s on Willbender against Rom's Bladesworn in his VODs.
  21. People have really short memories when Herald was released it was far more broken the WB is at the moment and it remained that way for an extremely long time. Fast forward to WB in beta it was just god awful in pvp they buffed it and now its S+ tier, so within 6 weeks people want it nerfed. I wont argue it needs some trimming but I hope Anet ignores any forum posters advice because the vast majority of them are either biased for there own classes or they are biased for Willbender, let them wittle down WB little by little as they usually do when there is a very strong class around. I
  22. Its very likely because Drazeh was streaming the mAT and all the viewers can see was the Willbenders perspective. So they automatically think its OP people tend to forget that Drazeh is an exceptionally good player so in the hands of a good pvp player it looks great. WB is very strong but its nowhere near broken. If Boyce was the only one streaming Untamed then everyone would think Untamed has "flown under the radar" its all about perspective.
  23. Unfortunately considering how small the population is in pvp atm i can only see people manipulating a potential surrender function tool. Especially during night ques to boost rating for friends, match manipulation etc. Ranked is almost not policed by Anet so this would just create another means to circumvent the system. Would be great in theory if the population was thriving, as it is now though i just cant see it being implemented in any fashion.
  24. After reading through the latest comments a lot of people have basically echoed my thoughts about the current traits on WIllbender. Here is the bottom line with this Spec from a PvP aspect..... The more you play PvP with Willbender the more you naturally adjust your build to sustain itself with meditations then it starts to turn into basically Core Guardian....so you then ask yourself why bother playing Willbender when i can just play Core Guard and have better all round synergy with all things related to it...traits/skills etc In every scenario Willbender is in a very poor spot
  25. These are my initial impressions of Willbender after playing it for a couple of days or so from a PvP perspective. Overall the spec is slightly better then the first beta iteration but overall im still dissapointed. By far in a way the biggest problem Willbender has in PvP is sustain, its simply a headless chicken dashing around and if you are focused by even a remotely decent class/spec its over. Again the Willbender Virtues do not seem to synergize with "core" Guardian traits, they are almost non existent at this point bar one or two traits. The main Willbender heal "reversal
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