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  1. I prefer the old animation, but I also preferred old turrets, so we know how that one goes
  2. LOOK at it MOG the other "engineer". We WILL have our day again turretbros. https://i.imgur.com/7sF8sj0.jpg Also I think nobody at Anet has seen this: https://youtu.be/Y6BPHt_JkeI
  3. I mean, if it gets their attention, I'd actually pitch in.
  4. A core you say? Core engi? Turrets? Maybe, unironically, Anet should hire a philosophy major.
  5. I like these changes, especially to Engineer harpoon gun. I would add that the Throw Mine should be a launch of 0 range, for visual reasons, an IED doesn't make you trip. However, I think we are getting closer to pistol changes! Maybe a few years down the line you'll rework turrets?
  6. Tools is obviously about the toolbelt and gadgets and stuff, I like that thematically. However gadgets suck so bad without their trait buff that this should honestly be the default performance for them. Most of all, I think there should be an elite gadget skill. I wouldn't even care if it replaced supply crate drop, which is so stupidly uninventive.
  7. You know holoforge mode is basically just a kit, with a few extra bells and whistles, right?
  8. turrets are the real selfish spec because you are useless everywhere, die, get people to try and res you, they also die, everyone dies
  9. And then anet took away our fun
  10. I think the obvious answer is energy shields that recharge; you have an automatically refilling barrier. My first thought was armor plates that take a single hit then fall off, with some immunity in between, and regenerate, but that has more balance issues. And for those that remember the Reegar Carbine from ME3, that'd be pretty cool. Electric flamethrower. Meh. None of this will ever happen.
  11. The balance team just says: And?
  12. Jade bot skin dropped, so maybe 1% possibility, but it's really more like glider skins, so hm.
  13. Well, I'd say the vomit green jade mech is thematically appropriate enough to be called a feature
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