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  1. Idk, modern game design is about taking away basic functionality then making you pay to have it back, isn't that more fun?
  2. Lol, arguing over which meta spec should be the best while core engi rots at the bottom of the pool
  3. It would be too much to expect but I would imagine cross-class weapon or utility skill sharing like GW1.
  4. You could just not equip a second set. But moreover, elementalist's attunement arm rings bother me so much I can't play the class. I guess we all have our own issues
  5. I've been playing with Celestial since 2017 and I've never once felt OP. I definitely notice when I survive hits other people don't, sort of feels like the Elden Ring vigor check but with toughness instead. The viability varies depending on profession, for me it was ideal with core engi because of all the different kits and hybrid choices. I'm mostly playing core ranger now and I really feel the desire to switch more often given how much more binary the choices are between power and condi. Regardless, I kill things much much slower than other builds and know I would get screamed at in a raid, for example, and got chewed out by some random for wearing it to strikes.
  6. Ranger sword has been so mind bogglingly boring since it got changed. You can do two things: leap and auto attack. Before you could leap in, twirl around, attack and leap out, and do it again. I mean if they wanted you to leap twice they could add ammo to it but instead they just gutted the kitten thing. Gone, reduced to atoms
  7. Lol, they removed what made ranger sword special in order to make it a generic power weapon then buffed GS because it, as the power weapon, wasn't as good number wise. Then they are also adding the maces. I'm sure it's all very tactical; they can plan the next 4 years of balance changes just creeping things with the same purpose up to each other one at a time
  8. I have stopped playing the game because they refuse to acknowledge any of this.
  9. Turrets were my thing. I come back to check now and then, but they still don't care.
  10. Honestly, those turret engi changes still probably wouldn't make it competitive.
  11. Turrets are much worse than necro minion farming and yet that remains more viable in all game modes. They made turret farming even stronger with mechanist. They certainly have a suspicious blind spot in this regard. As for OP, I feel these changes would be homogenizing. Yes, many professions are hilariously strong and set a standard for gameplay that core engi will never live up to. But I honestly think that it remains a class that remained true to itself in core (besides turrets) and didn't go crazy like many other classes did. I made a whole QOL post that went over basically every core engi skill I thought needed a reasonable change, so I won't do it again here. Turrets as well could be pretty easily fixed, but they are working on the next unicorn focus skin or something instead.
  12. You may want to wait until shortbow is released, but I wouldn't hold much hope. It's a long wait to ~February/March anyhow.
  13. If we were allowed to mod those parts of the game it would get done in a week tops.
  14. The answer is just that it's old and held together with tape. Committing time to rework it, as brilliant as a suggestion as it is, isn't considered worth it by whomever calls the shots over there. Same story as with turrets, or the rocket toolbelt, etc.
  15. The toolbelt honestly keeps me from using it. Takes forever to cast and spreads randomly and won't recharge if just one of the mines doesn't trip. Which is all the time.
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