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  1. The daily system, related to achievement points, was a terrible idea since the beginning of gw2.They somehow managed to put an end on that system, but there's still seasonal stuff.So don't worry, you will be farming forever if you are an ap farmer.
  2. Toxicity apart, the reason ( and I chose to use the word reason instead of problem/issue, because it's something which is related to simple aspect of the game ) is that players take for granted that everybody knows which is the meta tier, and he has the right class for the right encounter. Given a specific challenge, the players will try anything to lower the difficulty of the encounter, which includes: Using voice chat.Using the best build ( Profession, equipment, infusions, food, etc ).Class Swap if needed ( everybody, since the game throws you equipment aoe, many players could bring support to party just by having more classes, and by knowing how they work ).Recruit for the run only experience players ( with many tokens ).Etc...If you go not following this pattern, there's a higher possibility of losing time ( because of wipes, due to low dps, low heals, etc ).And since the raid is made for up to 10 players, think what could happen if anybody try to play the way he wants. At last, this is not a criticism.I just explained what players want in order to save time and lower to increase to the top the chance of success.
  3. sec that, long overdued... the books are taking up almost 3 bags 3 useless bags ( that said, could be probably easier to buy a discounted slot and use that for holding useless stuff that upgrading your bags ). character slots are cheaper, park a level 2 with infinite gather tools at VB at flax farm, she's L21 now :lol: I wrote that instead than lol
  4. That sucks indeed.Strange they didn't find a way to fix it somehow.
  5. What about new content instead of putting resources into not so useful stuff? sec that, long overdued... the books are taking up almost 3 bags 3 useless bags ( that said, could be probably easier to buy a discounted slot and use that for holding useless stuff that upgrading your bags ).
  6. Since the game is about aesthetic, everything should be available for everybody.Which doesn't mean that it should be for free, but only available. Want a skin which is unlocked after 10 cm achievements? You can go for it.Want a skin which is worth 9999 golds? You can go for itWant a skin which is part of a bundle which cost 2k gems? You can go for itWant a skin which is randomly dropped from BLC? Then it should be to be traded through tp, because skins locked within random chests are just a scam. edit: about this specific one, isn't it sometimes for sale through streams/events/etc? A seasonal stuff i mean.
  7. The DD perk should have been the 3 endurance bars and the staff weapon.The possibility to improve steal into swipe should have been a reworked minor or medium trait. Not a base trait. I like the possibility to swap to swipe, but I don't like to be forced to it, since the class weren't meant for it.
  8. I don't know about my performance, because i mostly played spvp.I just know for sure about salvaging ( It's not an alterated perception, since I happened to do this infinite times in a row, that's why I am more used at knowing my speed while salvaging than playing ). Here's a pic after the ssd check.Could you help explaining me if those values are good/normal or not? https://imgur.com/vYIsS6G edit: all drivers are up to date. I also tried a processor check and everything seemed fine https://imgur.com/hCR5lFR
  9. Any other changes to the system other than moving from W7 to W10?No changes but the OS. Whats CPU/GPU/HDD load while salvaging?The same. Between 65% and 75% If you put the game in window mode do you still have the issue?Yes As in the game "lags", but you can still open other folders/programs/windows etc etc or has everything locked up? Everything is fine Have you installed all new fresh drivers for the HW for W10?Guess just my gtx 770 drivers. How full is the SSD?70/111 ( even more free space than before. let's say about 12/15 more gb ).
  10. There is already a vendor during the Lunar New Year. For what can be traded?Or if you know the name, i can search on wiki myself.
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