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  1. Regarding alliances, here is my feedback: 1. The alliances themselves cannot be too large or too small (too large = all the best go to the best alliances, too small = cant play with enough players, especially since we do not and cannot play 24/7 so coverage is essential). 2. We need public information about ratings (players and alliances). Competitiveness is at the core of WvW, and we need to keep it that way by showing who is doing well. 3. Alliances links need to change more frequently than the current links, but not too often. Suggest 3 weeks. 4. Alliances need some ingame swag, may
  2. Really impressive how you will have all those beta events for the specializations, a good way to keep momentum. Looks like they will be very fun, and offer new kinds of gameplay for the professions. Note that I'm worried about balance, and devs "breaking our own rules". Very worried they wont fix the current balance. Most worried about still getting pve balance decisions that decimate wvw.
  3. didnt play gw1, so more than the actual turtle (which is awesome), I am looking forward to more multi person mounts in the future (now that they have the tech for it). A full party mount would be super nice 🤪
  4. I meant that hopefully alliances brings players back to wvw and new players in so its a shame if this balance is what they will find then
  5. dont even get me started on permastealth @Fire Attunement.9835 Tbh. I'm quite worrying that they will not improve balance before alliances come, its that bad
  6. stop trolling the op with your bs agenda. I completely agree with OP. The current meta is the worst i have played since beta. Tanky boonspam without any downsides, and brainless condi spam, extremely quick application of those also. My full bers power build is useless against this garbage. I also play tanky builds but its just boring gameplay. They dont die, I dont die. I log off.
  7. Thanks for this post, I was nicely thorough and very insightful. Thanks for the excellent uptime. Probably not the right place to mention this, but it reminded me that I have long wished for an explanation with a similar level of detail related to the the pros and cons related to wvw blob v blob skill lag (with respect to server hardware and package size or amount of data to/from each client per second). I believe I've previously read about how sending data to each other player becomes the issue, when there is more and more players nearby.
  8. I once had a setup where the sun would hit my router at 5pm for 1h, causing it to overheat, giving regular problems like this. If it is so periodic it is most likely your networking. I recommend troubleshooting with ping plotter or similar products, if you want to get more details on where the latency is coming from (which part of the connection). It is most likely your ISP or those you share internet with tbh.
  9. Im also experiencing this issue. EDIT: one hour later with trying suggested workarounds and I remember why I hate paypal. Uses my old phone numbers for current emails. Seemingly no way to recover accounts when you change phone number. Major hassle. Wont bother with a new email just for this. Why won't you take the money. Let payment processors sort stuff like this, and if they can't, switch the provider. Big yikes.
  10. Best news! Especially "Our new leadership team views WvW as a cornerstone mode of Guild Wars 2, and it will be a focus of ours going forward.". I believe those general tech upgrades can be huge for the game if you can pull it off. Alliances! WvW tears of joy. So hyped, love your work on this game. Feels like your management has gotten some huge clarity here. Openness like this is really important for us players and very refreshing. Expansion delay will make the expansion better for us players in the long, so I really don't mind. It can give them more time to spread the good message to potenti
  11. I thought I'd share tonight's atrocity here as well. My ascended light armor + 3,9 coefficient skill from enemy: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Charge_(Become_the_Bear) => Me getting crit for 25 782, yes twenty five thousand seven hundred and eighty two damage https://i.imgur.com/wItble7.png Them 1 hits @Fire Attunement.9835 f this game
  12. Same problem, changing zone also boots you from the game, but the servers are up
  13. Elementalist can't have good things, guaranteed nerf inc
  14. I also want to add: -Put a 3 sec cooldown on warclaw as a whole after leaving stealth or 5sec cooldown on warclaw dismount skill after leaving stealth (#4)
  15. Your numbers look right to me, the screenshots in link below is the past few weeks. Note that not all opponents are full bers here. Didn't play much. Yet still played enough wvw power weaver.. https://i.imgur.com/QdCRIhy.png 10683 True Shot (Dragonhunter, 1500 range, 4 second cd, 0,75 sec cast) 10694 Hunter's Ward (Dragonhunter, 1200 range, 40 second cd, 1sec channel) 12267 Spinal Shivers (Core Necro, 1200 range, 20 second cd, 1 sec cast) 14777 Vault (Daredevil, 600 range - was also from stealth.. 5 / 12 (base) initiative, no cd, 0,75s cast) Note that my character has 12965 HP and
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