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  1. While you are doing this... can you do us all a favor and make our warriors be actual heroes rather than cowards? I simply request that you make the skills they use in wvw to run half way across the map to escape combat require a target...because unless I am mistaken the intent of the skill is to close the distance and get into combat...not to be able to flee away from your enemy like you just literally took a dump in your pants because you are scared.
  2. I love all these people that are saying to just use an invisible bag to not salvage them....it occur to any of you saying that, that this is a change they made to our loot, and that not removing the chance to accidentally salvage them is in itself a nerf to our loot? No, just me that can put two and two together? Okay, then carry on. I will have to figure out how to remove things from my protected bags to make room for all the loot bags that are dropping so I won't accidentally screw myself.
  3. Nearly all of the female medium and heavy armors are feminine. I am not saying they do not show that the character is female. But they are without a doubt masculine femininity.
  4. I gotta say this....My roommate, who is female, has the same complaint. Well in opposition to you. I mean...she loves heels and hates that there are literally like one attempt maybe two at heels in general. And she thinks they suck. I mean....I agree that as far as heavy and medium armor goes...nothing is girly really. I feel it would be great to have some options where my heavy and medium armor characters are not busy trying to be men. Last time I checked it was okay to be a girl.... but I dunno these days if you can't dress like a man then for some reason its offensive. But then... you can d
  5. They deleted it and sent me a warning stating it was off subject so I will just put it here, considering it is a valid point. Okay...so I know I complained that my Thief did not have weapon skills that gave stealth and therefor...I had to add stealth to my build to actually use my malice. Now thanks to this brilliant move you have entirely broken my build as far as malice goes... You have ruined one in the chamber as I now will be dumping my malice every time I use a mantra....seriously? Do you guys even know what your skills do or do you just choose to make the classes pointless?
  6. Here is my thought...how about instead of making us all hate the DE now you put it back and fix the fact that the damn mirage can one hit me just by looking at me in wvw.How about this maybe next time tie the use of something like cantrips instead of stealth. I mean I am just spitting out my rear here, but stealth is a theif skill. If I want to stealth I will play a thief. DE is an elite. Why does it suddenly depend on the main tactic of the original class?
  7. Thank you for now "REQUIRING" me to use stealth to use a mechanic other than stealth. I am so happy that now I have no choice but add stealth to my build.
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