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  1. All three of my rangers have different naming schemes. My mushroom Sylvari uses Irish names as if his pets were other Sylvari, my Charr ranger uses descriptive names like Sootmouth and Joltwing, and my Sylvari Untamed gives his pets silly names based on noble titles like Baron von Barkbark, Sir Smokesworth, and Lord Quiverbottom.
  2. Ranger is the Nature class, and different people have different ideas of what someone who is one with nature might look like. So far it looks like Anet is on the "a gun is not natural" side of things, which is fine. It's their game, even if myself and a lot of other people have no problem looking at an 1800s explorer or rancher and thinking "nature guy". Personally, I'd love Pistol as an option. But that's because one of my rangers is an Iron legion rancher and another has a distinctly cowboy aesthetic with his little mushroom head and thorny mustache. I also just feel like pistols are a really exciting but kind of underused weapon type in GW2.
  3. Conceptualizing ranged non-projectile attacks for Ranger is extremely easy. The core class has an entire trait line called Nature Magic and all three elite specializations are distinctly magical in nature, unless you visualize your ranger as unhinging their jaw and swallowing their pet whole as a Soulbeast. Just give Ranger access to scepters and let them use it to conjure the power of local nature spirits to aid them in battle. Summoning angry wisps to swarm enemies in an AoE, growing a tangle of thrashing vines beneath the opponent's feet, calling down a beam of concentrated sunlight to smite your foe, and conjuring various animal spirits to lash out at your prey are all options for a ranger to attack using Nature Magic that doesn't step on the Elementalist's toes.
  4. W... What are the counters to eating trash? Do you like.. Take a pill before you start eating to make digestion easier?
  5. I'm partial to the more strange and fantastical pets, though I have no problem with real animals too. I'm still hoping we'll get a raptor pet eventually.
  6. I wonder if the Untamed Spear will have two different Ambushes depending on if you're in melee or range. It might be a little too complicated combined with the stealth flip skills, but it'd make sure the Ambush is always useful no matter what range you initiate it at.
  7. Whelp, I'm happy with what we're getting. This is exactly what I wanted. The stealth access is a huge bonus too. Looks like this will be a weapon that plays like a hunter stalking through the forest and leaping out to take down foes.
  8. I've always thought Ranger spear would make for a good skirmish weapon. Something that mixes melee and range and lets the ranger jump in and out of melee combat as they need.
  9. I really don't get threads like this. Ranger has the best longbow in the game, and the longbow is a meta weapon in all game modes except maybe high-end PVE I think? That isn't a flaw in class design, it's a flaw in content design that doesn't favor ranged weapons in general. The fact that Ranger can be built as a ranged or melee specialist is a good thing. The fact they can be a hybrid and perform both effectively with the same build is even better. Why would anyone want to nerf the ranger class to be pure ranged?
  10. This community has a real problem with "AI" builds, and Ranger is a class that revolves around fighting in tandem with an AI. There is a vocal portion of the PVP community who genuinely don't want rangers to be viable for the same reasons they don't want turret engineers or minion necromancers to be viable. They think true PVP can only happen when absolutely no automation on either side is involved.
  11. You'd be pretty hard-pressed to be able to replace the latex rubber bands that power the crossbow-like variant in nature, though that's as good an explanation as any. Less about how technologically sophisticated the tool is and more about whether it's hand-made. It'd make for a good 1,200 range condi weapon for sure. Spore bombs, toxin spray, maybe a thorny buttstroke for when the enemy gets too close. Or you could have a skill that fires a vine to ensnare and drag enemies to you like a tethered speargun but on land. I imagine the devs would have a lot of fun designing a weapon like that.
  12. I find it hilarious that you can fuse the essence of your turtle companion into your very soul and gain the power to shoot energy beams from your hands from the CANNON strapped to your turtle's back. I've mostly been playing around with the Bristleback. Spike Barrage can stack some pretty nasty bleeds if it all hits. Also been fiddling with Fire Wyvern. The fire AoE now does pretty decent damage if something stands in it for the entire duration. I still feel it needs to either last longer or do more damage for how long the channel is and how heavily telegraphed it is, though. Pheonix is much better. Gale Breath is like a slicing laser. It does pretty good damage for how fast the animation and cooldown is. I really want to like the short-range drakes but dang. Why did Anet even bother buffing them if they didn't give them the ability to turn to adjust their aim like the bristleback can? That said I am enjoying the lunge on drakes' auto in general. They're pretty consistent at biting moving targets now. Chomp could've used a similar treatment. If you don't time it perfectly the drake just halts its movement for a second before resuming the chase.
  13. Did some more testing in Unranked. Dual maces seem pretty decent. When paired with staff I rarely felt like I just didn't have any options when engaging in big fights. Axe/Mace also felt really good. Playstyle is mostly as a skirmisher with the ranged axe skills, but you have a defensive skill in 4 and an AoE melee attack in 5 for when the enemy tries to get in close. Coupled with Splitblade on 3 you can do a surprising amount of close-range burst damage, and more importantly, you don't lose all your mobility like with offhand axe. Mace/Axe I didn't like as much. The pull on Path of Scars is nice when it lands but it is fairly hard to land, and losing mobility for Whirling Defense feels very bad when I could've just kept auto-attacking with mace without getting stuck.
  14. Well, like I said. Let's agree to disagree on that point. I think the existence of all those plant rifles in the world is enough evidence that nature magic can be used in conjunction with rifles, even if Anet doesn't see rifle as a thematically appropriate weapon (though a speargun is completely acceptable despite being just as, if not more, technologically sophisticated). Though now that I even remember the speargun exists I am curious how that fits into your hypothesis. Legitimately curious, mind you. I'm not using this as an "Aha!" thing. I also wouldn't be surprised that if we do ever get rifle it does end up like what you describe. Honestly, it'd probably lead to a more interesting weapon than if they just used a standard gunpowder weapon. It offers a wider range of more interesting weapon skills, as rifles tend to be very one-dimensional gameplay-wise.
  15. A deduction is still not a fact, though. That is my point. You've built up a fine theory here but it's still not confirmed lore. I'm simply not convinced by your evidence. Half of it is related to gameplay in terms of class and weapon balance and half is nature spirits being opposed to mass industrialization that can actively harm the environment, which a simple rifle is not. It's best to just agree to disagree and move on. I do understand the reasoning behind your stance, it just doesn't persuade me away from mine. You uh... Kind of missed the entire point of all my posts in this thread. From my point of view rifle isn't anti-naturalism.
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