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  1. Recentely I am doing The Temple of Melandru meta event quite often but since the last patch on 8 june I get disconnects in the event where you defend the second bacon..... It happens to me like 3 times now when I did Melandru chain after the patch, and not even once.. I get a error screen to send a report to Anet and the game closes, when I return in the game and start killing mobs it happens again, today 3 times in the same event and weirly enough its only there during that event not during the rest of the chain... So I thought I would make a report of it... Speaking about this te
  2. Adventure on the end is bugged, can start it but then it says hold C to dive, nothing happens....
  3. Just did this Cold strike mission for the first time, T1 should give a mastery point but both me and my friend didnt get it
  4. I really love and enjoy playing this game but with all the DC's issues that somehow keep happening it is getting unplayable and it kills the fun :/ I hope those problems can be fixed soon, so we all can have fun again without being disconnected or getting error messenges all the time!
  5. Wanted to switch character but I got a black screen on the character select, DCed. Couldnt login for a minute, then I tried again and got back in. Think the servers are still having some issues
  6. Sold some Glitched weapons and didnt get the money but when I buy an item from the TP I get the item.. The rest of people in my guild dont seem to have this problem
  7. Trying to enter the game and keep getting the network error, my AP number was 28.500+ before the roll back on 11 may but its still on 28.450 after the roll back, looks like the achievements I got Saturday in SAB arent bad in my account
  8. Love the boat ride, best part of the whole festival if you ask me! Hope more of this will be added in the game in the future. Perfectly on a place where no mobs are and everyone can join the fun, including people without expansions
  9. I got this error all the time when trying to go in the second instance, forewarmd. Long loading, then white screen witherror code: (Code=7:11:3:191:101). Kicks me to character selection, if I try to get in again I get the 1083 error
  10. Can't load in the Forearmed instance. Long loading, then white screen witherror code: (Code=7:11:3:191:101)
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