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  1. I fail to see a problem here tbh... I have about 5 or 6 stacks of tomes in bank collecting dust and being useless alltogether and thousands of shards while constantly crafting legendary gear. Honestly there has to be more ways we could use them...
  2. Race change is simply impossible because of personal story stuff... And honestly it really doesnt worth it to redo enourmus amount of backend stuff just because you no longer want to play asura or norn or whatewer.. Game is not made this way.. Same thing is with your account name they could do it only in extreme cases and even then your chat would be broken .. but i digress... Best option for you would be just use one of combat tonics .. idk 😄
  3. All that "farming" begins at lv80. Best way to do is do i think is daily fractals tier 3/4. Its an investment in it itself, but when you gear up for those you can make ~ 20 -30 golds per day.
  4. Not really. I have fully kited holosmith with all legendary weapons so im sticking with it. Honestly none of new specs tickles my choya so im guessing im just gonna wait another 6 years for the new ones 😄
  5. I still dont see a problem here. I mean its not like you constantly teleporting in and out of cantha. Im not rich too, have like 10g atm, but you only need to catch, like, one fish to get more than or close to 10 silver. If you play more that 10 minutes there, kill few mobs, do meta, you will get at least few times more than you payed to teleport. So again, im fail to see a problem here.
  6. Yea ill wait few days. I just remembered how bad POF launch was 😄
  7. Meh... Everyone so hyped up, it cute. Then anet opens the floodgate and all hell of the problems will appear. NO1 rule of all mmos - never play on the patch day. In this case - patch week.
  8. New buisness model - pay to grind? No thank you
  9. Good start would be to stop comparing this game to 'that thing'.. Then if you want 'aoe on yourself' without 'changing wepons bars and junk' you can go axe/axe warrior, or dagger/axe soulbeast... Or idk.. Maybe even sword/pistol holosmith.. But honestly if you cant handle such braindead class as reaper than you should rethink why you changed games in the first place.. Idk
  10. i had somewhat similar issue. Tried to add new card as a payment option, and got error 100415. Support told me that my bank blocked my purchase attempts, so ive contacted my bank and vuala, after a week or so indeed im now able to buy gems again. Funny thing is that my bank uses 2FA to confim every payment with encrypted app on my phone, its part of 3Dsecure technology so i suspect this was part of the problem, because i could buy gems with Revolut and i think, they dont use it.
  11. So my bank finally managed to fix it for me. It turned out my bank was blocking their new payment processor. So ive contacted them and they fixed it up.
  12. So quick update guys. Im in touch with anet support and my bank and bank has suspicion that that new payment proccesor dont support 3D secure, 2FA payment autentification technology.
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