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  1. Yes, it's too late. The only kind of community you can rebuild in a 6 year old game are those who played before. The games reputation of year content drought after HoT and unfilled advertised content (gen 2 legendaries took 4 years )harms new prospects
  2. WvW is for fun, PvE is for gold (if you can suffer the farm)
  3. Theres very specific things that people do in game, and they aren't that interested in the stuff they dont do. Outside of collections and walkthrough videos, open world PvE has no reason to go watch how to kill Shadow Behemoth. sPvP and WvW are great fun, but PvP in this game isn't fun to watch from the outside. Raid bosses might get views on how-to kills, but after a player knows the routine they have no reason to go back and watch. Theres so many 1 and done things in game that the only real thing you can make videos on is lore that people dont know. And even that limits you to people who wa
  4. If they reduced the target number for every attack, made AOE smaller, stopped adding passive CC to everything to reduce the need for stability. Bam, WvW could be that harder content.
  5. Or what about a little pack of pocket Raptors as a ranger pet?
  6. The whole game is a test to see how long you'll put up with bad design until you stop logging in daily
  7. Its required if you're doing the season 4 legendary accessory
  8. It drops quite often from the home node as well, but it should be added
  9. Aren't reward tracks in WvW and sPvP also locked until their story episode is done?
  10. what? What Perilisk means is that after half a dozen metas + champ runs of the Dragon fall map, you potentially can end up with hundreds of yellow unidentified gear, which of course translates to hundreds of ectos if your luck holds on the salvaging. After just over a week of not doing it religiously, I already have 300 of these waiting to be salvagedYeah I get between 30 and 50 ectos across per map run (start to finish)
  11. There is a damage requirement per mob for loot, This used to be why players grouped up to zerg Cursed Shore events. Because everything died so fast, players weren't hitting the minimum damage to qualify for loot. But in a group that minimum is shared between everyone who at least touched it.
  12. Some of these lakes are pretty deep, please add a mastery to the skimmer line that excells us up to to the surface much faster if we try to mount it underwater.
  13. What the mode needs is a 3rd borderland, and for the designation to be random which color gets what map.
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