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  1. It happened to me in Sparkfly Fen during Tequatl
  2. yeasterday i did the troublesome skyscales collection, and i believe the Riding Skyscales should be unlocked today, sicne i did the other collection yesterday at noon. I think that's a bug, and i'd like to know if it is fixable
  3. hey peepsi'm one of the officers in DD now, so you can write me for an invite if need be :smile:
  4. hey heyi'm curious about you guys :grin: i'd like to join if you still have space
  5. I don't see the need to be toxic. Just because you have an Issue with INF there is still ppl who would like to join. One person will not define this post. Especially not a person who seems to be interested in being quite rude.
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