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  1. isnt dagger eles best condi dps weapon? though i think scepter wins if purely camping fire (depends on gear though) the problem people have with dagger is that it incorporates dashes in its rotation which makes it finicky to maximise its dps. this is more of a problem where there is absolutely no space to dash or the target cant be dashed through; otherwise, you can dash across the front of, or from the targets hitbox outwards (and fire #1/2 while running back as they have sufficient range). in all cases you can choose to omit the dash skills completely (and or also skip e/e for weaver),
  2. and im not denying that scg could use a nerf or two, but the random emphasis on its utility is uncalled for. thats not really why it sees success. its just additional marketing to sell using scg over other dps like i wrote before, blasting guard symbols are utility. blocking projectiles with ele earth dagger 2 is utility. common vuln application is utility, ever tried doing big deeps with <5 vuln before? even cripple is utility. the gw2 community might place additional value on some over others, but it doesnt suddenly make it redundant. there is a lot of utility other classes might bri
  3. its really not wise to overplay this “utility” aspect of scg. back when scg sat at 29k, it was considered a garbage pve spec despite having said utility and was only mainly used for epi. it was even said that if you chose to play scg, youd immediately get kicked from groups. now it does competitive dmg, but its honestly not that special considering how its not 40k busted high and still takes time to ramp. on a fair fight that doesnt favor scg (and epi) so much, it really shouldnt be that hard to match or beat a scg thanks to 100cm epi strat and big names selling its underrated “utility”,
  4. and because its part of the rotation, there are many cases where players use scepter3 right before npng procs and so those boons stay for another 9s scg and cfb certainly win in terms of “whoops i supported without intending to” but i highly doubt thats why they are heavily favored atm, especially when their “utility” is made mostly redundant due to pug meta including a healer and favoring condi which makes boonstrip rather optional like the exposed changes, this topic is equally rife with misconception and misplaced arguments. do you really think that players are playing scg mainly
  5. npng isnt as important as you say it is because everyone wants to run condi atm (except speedrunners). most scgs i see dont press f2 to condi clear or f3 for barrier, they press it to dps and those effects are just a nice bonus. its honestly not any different to coincidentally blasting guard symbols or using ele earth dagger 2 on we bleed fire, and these arent really important to consider anyways unless running without a healer at the end of the day its just ez to dps with scg. its ez to dps with cfb. the amount of times ive seen pugs use scg/fb utility properly as a dps fails to exceed o
  6. imo scg is a little overrated except for its ability to epi. it has an advantage on 100 because ranged dps uptime (and epi) but technically shouldnt really shine otherwise (unless it abuses epi)
  7. i dont think the delayed well effects are that much of a problem. unlike a pulsing aoe, only the final tick is important so there is no need to stay in it. it is also rather flexible; there could be absolutely no one in the aoe on initial cast, but everyone is still able to get full benefits anyway i think having the boon application being blown up to at least 360 radius aoe (allows 1 dodge roll away from centre) is the most low effort solution without fundamentally changing how chrono wells work/its identity
  8. scepter can be played on a power build. ofc its not as good as sword but its not significantly worse either (camping scepter is ironically better than camping gs though). either way, i dont think any core condi build will fare much better anyway, so anythings fair game at this point
  9. i dont think anyone should care too much about what others bring to dungeons, but some people will always be picky about what they play with people start caring a bit (or a lot?) more in fractals, and floppy builds/performance will often get the boot. even though i pug normal t4 on core builds and on a separate f2p account, even i doubt the capabilities of others on a core build core (power) guard is easiest answer, it is relatively straightforward to build and play, performs surprisingly well and not too different from DH but because people are insistent that core warr is also
  10. dmg-wise, the dmg output of lesser (fire) elementals are not as instant as a 25s cd firestorm (glyph of storms) or the 5 burns from glyph of elemental power. on longer fights however, elementals will outdmg both options because they apply 1 stack of aoe burning each every 5-8s on the divebomb animation, not including the 1k or so strike dmg that they do with fireballs in between. each divebomb also grants 3 stacks of might in 240 radius and 2-3 elementals tend to maintain around 12 stacks by themselves the elite version is the same, just with more hp and the barrage command the main
  11. this and the other suggestions (on scepter) sound more like reworks rather than just buffs. i wasnt really expecting any significant functionality changes, just number increases/cd decreases or added boons/conditions/effects also your suggestions include lots of added ground targeting, which i honestly dont think is everyones cup of tea but if this is like a semi-personal wishlist then dont mind me (edit) some feedback: aegis imo doesnt belong on elementalist. i can get on board with knockback on water trident since you cant really hit anything ranged with it anyway, would serve
  12. not really, the simplest answer is that condi currently abuses exposed far more effectively and is otherwise generally less reliant on unique buffs found in raid benches (banners, spotter, empower allies which is rarely used, etc) the entire “power vs condi” debate is actually very complicated and the exposed changes was a grave misunderstanding of the actual problem. technically its not even “power vs condi” - the less bursty power builds never shone anywhere near as bright as the very select few, but they were lumped in with them anyway. similarly, “condi-impure” condi builds dont gain
  13. i dont think this is really necessary. fire aura might seem useless against bosses, but so is blind and it still does free dmg anyway as oppressive as shocking and magnetic aura may be, they are tools that elementalist is supposed to have (but sharing not so much). if shocking aura really needs a change, then it could just be that it explodes once in 240 radius aoe on hit within range
  14. in pve, player pets/minions/summons should take 95% reduced dmg and condition duration against attacks by enemies that dont have them targeted, even in aoe (enemies will always aggro to only one specific target) the mech can still be healed by skills that heal allies, if the target cap hasnt been reached. otherwise, ‘overhealing’ or healing allies already on full hp will redirect the heals somewhere else, prioritising players first. if all targeted players are on full hp, then the heals will eventually overflow to the mech solo-wise, you need to find ways to take aggro yourself if yo
  15. if youre particularly daring, you can play where it all begins and truly understand what these especs are all building on top of: core mesmer
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