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  1. to be fair, the op listed fractals and raids as end goals for the “challenge”, so i didnt think i really needed to consider the more survivable gear sets on top of that, the challenge was aimed at vets (that are likely familiar with fractals and raids) who may already be comfortable running glass almost anywhere, maybe besides soloing a group event that clearly says that its for a group
  2. theres seems to be a number of contradictory things beginning to unfold in this thread. starting from 0 has been proven to be rather pointless as anyone who knows how to farm will do just that (lv 80 boost plonks you right in SW anyway) and get cheap berserker gear fairly quickly (~1g named weapons e.g. ebonblade, devona/nika/zhed’s armor). in advice form: you always want to start off gearing a zerker/power set since its one of the cheapest sets thats used in endgame anyway. generally speaking, you should only start considering viper/condi when you can stat choose/swap asc gear (when you get i
  3. i feel like being able to use the lv80 ticket and being able to use “your knowledge” is a bit cheat-y because i can imagine making a core guard and jumping straight into t1 fracs, beelining to hps in HoT and easily get kitted out semi-properly in less than a week (exotic zerk with at least 2 asc zerk rings), which is enough to start doing raids because they dont really require asc gear in the first place with “knowledge” unlocked, not using the lv80 boost would be a complete waste, so id assume starting from lv1 would be more of a f2p thing, which from experience is a slogfest that isnt w
  4. i think the biggest issue to address atm is the discrepancy between optimal play and “realistic” or common-level play. buffs and etc can come later, when a far greater portion of players are actually capable of using cata to an acceptable and consistent standard, so that they might actually matter given the amount of complaints about struggling to press hammer 3 in time, i highly doubt the recent changes had much of a realistic impact when the most significant change involved having full stacks of EE (elemental empowerment) which is probably harder to maintain in most cases, and it doesnt
  5. encountered a similar bug in the special forces training area, but mine was because the elixir thrown effects (which gives you blight) sometimes werent actually happening despite standing still and placing the aoe right at my feet
  6. i dont know if hammer 3 orbs are supposed to have projectile properties while they are spinning, but it feels bad having them being deleted whenever they come into contact with blocks/invuln/projectile block/reflects (especially with things like scrapper mobs spamming electro whirl like no tomorrow). ive casted grand finale with 0 orbs for fun a couple of times now similarly, ive also casted grand finale with 0 orbs because they expired in the middle of casting. im not too annoyed by this since its mostly my fault for pressing it too late, but it does seem a little odd ive accidental
  7. it was like this during the betas, and i remember somewhere that it was said that it didnt take into account weapon strength or something
  8. i dont think thats how IP works, the “mesmers” shatter has the same power as the clones that it shatters - if its 0 or 1 clone then its 1.15, 2 clones: 1.84/2, 3 clones: 2.415/3 the totals should look like: 1.15/2.3/2.74/3.22 for 0/1/2/3 clone (coeff-wise) or 306/612/735/856 (if you want to work with those weird numbers)
  9. its probably because protection literally gives 33% dmg reduction instead of 33.3333% or 1/3, which makes it 39.6% when increased by 20%. due to rounding the tooltip says 40%, but the math seems to check out for 39.6%
  10. atm chrono gives up a lot to try and cover alac on allies. covering quickness only requires far less investment and allows for more options for dps/sustain/etc. in open world chrono already gets alac from shatter, so building for additional alac there is pretty questionable unless always running with allies. in instanced content, there will be many specialised builds that can make one half of running both quick + alac completely redundant, so that might be worth considering. ofc being flexible and having multiple options is ideal, but if you must limit yourself to one build, you might just hav
  11. i wouldnt call myself a professional skillclicker (i only click the skills on the right side of the healthbar) but you insist on skillclicking, i would recommend decreasing the size of the interface to an acceptable size so that the tooltips dont obstruct too much of the screen (to your preference; i still have tooltips that reach further than halfway up my screen 😐) if running a low resolution potato or if youre afraid of missing the intended button because of a smaller interface, then you need to practice hovering close to but not on the buttons, quickly going and pressing what you need
  12. the might from phantasmal force does double up/proc twice with chronophantasma because the phantasm “respawning” is triggered by it becoming a clone for the first time
  13. its counted for the ally while an aura might be applied by some other source, getting hit makes the ally with the aura to cast a spell (e.g. for fire aura - burn attacker and give might to self) having the source of the aura cast the spell effect might make sense, but it ownership and things such as trait procs can get messy when allies start overriding auras on each other. a deathly chill reaper could purposely get hit but not apply bleed because some random blasted an ice field just before, or a player with effects on interrupt might not have them trigger because the existing shock
  14. if youre calling me a troll because you disagree with me then theres not much i can do about that lol ttk was your main point, i only responded to your totally unrelated comment to point out that using virt f1 isnt much slower (never said it was any faster) and correct your claim that it does "the same" dmg as core/chronos low (realistically speaking, 1) clone shatter my original point has always been that virt is no more reliant on its shatters than core/chrono - its just used differently, and that shatters dont actually make up huge part of it at all unless this somehow sto
  15. yeah, lets throw in mirror images + mantra of pain etc, as well so the combo does more dmg than 1 virt f1 while taking the same time to cast. this is why ttk trash (or dps) was never my main point the core/chrono has used up shatter + other skills, whereas virt f1 only used up the shatter… it still has those other skills for additional or later use. core/chrono might be settling for weaker shatter coefficients (doesnt mean its necessarily worse) but whether any of this actually means anything, again depends on the player and situation ofc virt shatters are probably garbage if you try
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