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  1. Oh & would also like more tattoos for my norn :) maybe to the other races also?
  2. I would also like new hairstyles. We haven’t had new ones since PoF came & that was mostly only for humans. I hope cantha isn’t a repeat in that department
  3. Would you mind posting a pic after you finish a look? I’m actually Interested in the end result :)
  4. What about a Charr and a cat you see from divinity reach tho? Can’t they reproduce ?
  5. The skimmer going underwater is not really a necessity. Nothing stops you from going underwater already with your chars with the swim infusions which makes you swim faster then what the skimmer would do. The race is really not that hard for anybody. I did it when the race was bugged without the mount being able to go under & I still was able to complete it (and I have sour vision)
  6. I like to go in my “swimsuit” and swim around queensdale lol
  7. I really hope it’s not rifle or pistols. I would dislike that a lot & don’t find it fitting for a mage class. But it’s a possibility
  8. was just about to type it, i don't think we will be getting any form of dual-wield weapons for an elite spec on ele the boss shown in the new fractal trailer is just an NPC i think and we should not think that just because an NPC wields a weapon we are getting it because there are warrior NPCs with dual pistols and i for one would never want to see that as an elite spec on warrior( considering rifle already on it)but as @Zeesh.7286 already said a ranged weapon is more likely because we got and OH and then a MH (both melee) so next in line should be DH and considering we already have staff it
  9. We know that there are other pale trees so I don’t see why not? I had thought we would get to meet malik again when HoT was released but sadly we didn’t. I hope we can expand on that story in the future. We need more lore
  10. Being stuck at home I say yes! 2020 has been the worst year for me. Those who may not like the idea don’t have to participate in it
  11. That would be a good idea for either guild wars 3 or a spin off of sort. Would they be willing to do it though? Doubt it. But if they did it would definitely be nice for the lore lovers of this game. I feel atm lore is lacking in guild wars 2 & not as rich as guild wars 1.
  12. Was this photoshop or some type of armor that was never released? This would be epic on my guard
  13. I would love to have my elementalist wear a bikini. For those who might not like or want it they don’t have to buy it :) easy peezy
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