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  1. Nerf everything until nothing is viable, and you will be happy.
  2. It's easy for you. Your management tactics won't work for most. You also assume every child will behave, assuming they have children at all, their situations, et al-- extremely foolish assumptions. TL;DR Not everyone's an IT person like you with "perfectly behaved angels", bruh. 🙄
  3. Long live the boon trains! /sarcasm
  4. Depends on the server, really... but it also depends due to the transfer wars that occur.
  5. Thanks for the fun times TC! (should we not be re-linked) Luv ya WL, you crazy fun people.
  6. I was looking for something fairly substantial, maybe a hope of much QoL fixes, etc... it was in complete vain. Gliding is enough. WvW doesn't need any more unnecessary gimmicks.
  7. Charr armor clipping, distortions, and tacky stretching. Hard to make some heavy, and a good chunk of medium / light armors work when parts of the armors sink into a charr character's fur, literally, or look cheaply warped. Then there's the slight 'Rox' imitation total makeover kit-only face that's like has the face/snout perpetually tilted downward instead of straight like the other faces, and making most masks, glasses and things look really... out of place. As someone who loves dolling her charr character horde up... it makes me petty with how limited this feels.
  8. Tengu, yes, need more. All of these new creative ones are lovely, indeed.
  9. Love the new rendition of Fear Not This Night. Should have been 'One Grumpy Guardian, Exit Stage Right'. I want my character to beat the stuffing out of him for being a huge hankering brat. Not sure the new legendary dagger looks great...
  10. Yeah, cause you wouldn't be able to see tattoos... war paint would probably be better.
  11. Wyvern stalled at 25% health for me. Think it is stalling at its intervals.
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