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  1. Thanks, I thought so but couldn't remember what was giving me quickness. I hate it now, I had just settled into a build I like.
  2. Am I missing something or did they take away providing quickness when consuming a facet?
  3. NA servers & I can play as long as I don't go to a home city or pvp lobby. Every time I go to a home city I dc within a min.
  4. It's pretty close. I have a few on a tune & regardless the colors used the toon looks like a shadow.
  5. As far as sending them out for hunting & gathering we already kind of have that with the daily shipments you can get in the gem store.
  6. I have quite a few toons but only 2 with expanded inventory, 1 with all bag slots & I have 1 bag bigger than 20. I did invest in all shared slots though. I just use an invisible/strongbox to start stacks of things like unidentified gear then deposit, salvage all blue/green then rare then sell junk when I pass a vendor. If I need to find something search using the 1st few letters usually works. Since unidentified gear came out I haven't had an issue, before that it was more of a chore.
  7. I said I nerfed myself. There is a difference between maximizing loot & a few players killing the majority of the mobs. New players in this scenario can't get the xp or loot & at that aren't likely to have fun either. Sorry if being considerate of those around ruins your fun.
  8. I already ditched it for my node farm. Focused I can pull 15+ gold/hr doing that but it's something I enjoy. Above stated fun & even new players. It seems the fun of a few outweighs the squad. As for new players it is like event dailies on lower maps, I doubt they will enjoy chasing a com only to be able to tag the bigger spawns. I just noticed this as part of a shift in the community. When I started through around pof higher level/mastery players were nothing but helpful. It felt like the goal was pushing for the experience of all. There were always a few that didn't pay attention or cooperate but it seems that is the norm now & with certain additions to the game those players can have a greater impact. Same as developer decisions can drive off players, so can a community.
  9. Yesterday I found a really nice farm where players listened & stuck with the com. I spent about an hour & left with a few stacks of bags. Today every farm I was able to join had mechs & turtles even after com would ask for only auto. I spent about an hour & left with less than a stack of tot bags. I nerf my build but run a short bow thief so tagging shouldn't be an issue. I don't understand selfishly playing an mmo especially how loot drops in gw2.
  10. Finally the stacks of crystallized nougat from my lf days are worth selling.
  11. I thought they did nothing but after a few years of reporting about 12 I see regularly have disappeared.
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