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  1. Must be the fastest 2 seconds in history. Feels more like 0.25 seconds.
  2. From time to time I encounter groups which skip Sunqua Peak as a recommended Fraktal, because people think it's not worth their time. Therefore I think this Fractal needs some adjustments just like Cliffside got many years ago. For starters: Let us skip the dialogues and adjust the last fight, which is just tedious with the boss running around like she's on fire and become invincible three times or even more. It's sad for the creators of this fractal. But it's hard to deny: No other recommended fractal gets the cold shoulder.
  3. Changing the original voice for Mai Trin was unnecessary, a waste of time and it's disrecpectful to the original voice actress.
  4. It's not. All I'm saying is that vanilla GW 2 has more charming moments.
  5. Playing through the vanilla game makes me realize how much the narrative has changed. There are so many memorable, funny side quest, dialogues and characters in cora Tyria. For example: Priory searching for artifacts and finding ale instead: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Protect_the_Priory_team_as_they_search_for_artifacts Tiny Progeny Event: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Use_sizemachangers_to_shrink_yourself_and_defeat_the_mosquitoes_tormenting_tiny_progeny Cattlepult Event with cows flying: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defend_Mad_Mardine's_cows_from_harpies_whil
  6. I'm actually glad that there are at list a few things in this game that can be unlocked through dedication and work and not only by your wallet. I don't really care about most weapons and armor pieces and titles you can unlock. I would love to see more stuff like emotes, miniatures, even character skins to be a reward for achievements.
  7. I would love to have something that makes you less appealing to enemies. I am just wandering through the many maps with a new character, and like everything comes after you. Every piece of trash. That would be something that fits good into a Mastery, like someone already proposed. Something like free use of Jade Bot shouldn't be linked to a Mastery imo. The only reason I would love something like that is for making better screenshots – and a photo mode should be in the game in the first place.
  8. I'm probably one of the few people who actually love the Untamed. Currently playing a CC heavy build with Berserker armor and Dragon stats on trinkets and weapons. It feels for me a bit like combining the vanilla idea of a Guild Wars 2 Elementalist, which swaps through the elements depending on what's going on, and the Guild Wars 1 bunny thumber ranger. The bunny thumber was more or less a PvP build back in the days. But I enjoyed playing him with all kinds of weapons. In Guild Wars 2 it's probably the same: Other classes/specializations perform a lot better on supporting the party and de
  9. I love the Mount Master. Should come with another mount though. And that's my biggest problem: I have no idea what new mount we could benefit from. Only thing that comes to my mind is a new combat mount. Turtle feels too disappointed for me with this whole "you need two players to make to most out of it" idea. Turtle still performs underwhealming for the most part and has little use.
  10. From the three expansions End of Dragons has the weakest Masteries so far in my opinion. Especially Skiff, Fishing and Arborstone Masteries felt for me more like Living Story Masteries, which have little purpose for making in inpact in our way to actually play the game (the exploration aspect). Masteries were introduced to skip a max level increase and still give our characters a way to getting stronger and explore new places. This is what this topic is about: Think about a new expansion/campaign and create Masteries which would fit into your imaginative game. What other Masteries could be imp
  11. Imagine you are participating in a collection event. You fill the progression meter half by yourself. Then, many, many other people show up. You stop collecting and rather do something else, because the event scaled too much, you already did a good job and want to de-escalate the scaling at least a bit. After 2 minutes you get kicked out the event due to "inactivity", even though you filled the meter half by yourself. -> Guild Wars 2.
  12. Just like the Guild Wars 1 group requests for The Underworld speedclears back in the days. Requests were like "UWSC LF T1, T2, T3, Mount, No nubs plz!!!"
  13. People asked for jumping in Guild Wars 1: The revenge were Jumping Puzzles. People asked for fishing: The revenge were achievements tied to brutal RNG. Watch out what you are asking for. PS: I like Jumping Puzzles.
  14. And with Season 1 there are also the 8 year old bugged events back. KEKW.
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