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  1. I agree with most of what you say here; the openness of magic in GW2 is not just a problem, but also a considerable strength if you have creative players. The problem comes from having to build most of the practical lore you're going to use from the ground up, which can cause lore conflicts within a given guild. I think all experienced roleplayers have horror stories of that one loremaster putting down every shred of creativity, or the opposite end of the spectrum, the coexistence of a thousand conflicting headcanons. However, I would still argue that there is a clear middle groun
  2. Hi! I'm Mora, I have been roleplaying a few characters for about two years, and playing the Guild Wars franchise for around six years. A very enjoyable but also frustrating part of that experience was worldbuilding in Guild Wars 2, mostly around magic, politics, ancient ruins and delves, etc. I still periodically write an overly long grimoire of elemental spells, that my former guildmates likely remember and dread in equal parts. Which brings me to today's topic. Is further worldbuilding needed for your characters? It's no secret that Guild Wars 2's lore can be extreme
  3. Most of the questions I think could have led to some very interesting answers, but most of what has been given is in fact... very evasive. For instance, there isn't a single word about how organized religion fares in human society, and this constantly underexplored topic (we know next to nothing about the clergy, its structures, its influence and power, its heads) is likely going to remain dead... basically forever, which is a shame. Nothing new on horses, so hopefully it's because they're working on something, but if they're not, this is just playing coy. But what real
  4. [Noble House] Name of Family: Imperius. Head of Family: Morarkhan Dracyar Imperius Heritage: overtly Ascalonian, but with mixed Krytan and Elonan heritage through mariage. Coat of Arms: Black rampant griffon on red background (old), currently with a white background (as of Morarkhan). Family estate: the barony of Ravenrock, on the side of the Witherflank River in the Gendarran Fields, north of the Ascalonian Settlement. Notable for: involvement with the Ascalonian diaspora, with each baron serving in some capacity against the Charr, or more recently, with the Pact; el
  5. The question "is X game dead?" is bound to elicit different, often intense emotions. The simplest answer is... no, GW2 is far from dead, it still has a healthy population, especially in the open world, where megaserver technology makes up for sometimes fluctuating numbers. These fluctuations can become more obvious and jarring in PvP, and night-time WvW (for more obvious reasons), but overall, you'll find a lot of players. That being said, the Icebrood Saga has been largely construed as a series of disappointing releases (especially the latter half of that mess). Recent
  6. The problem here is whether we believe the ingame showings match the lore. Jennah is not a battle mage, so while I believe she is leagues more powerful than the Commander, I believe they could probably beat her. But Livia? Livia has over two centuries of battle experience and could create bone hands powerful enough to drag down Orrian battleships. I'm not entirely sure the Commander could take her if she weren't hiding her strength as a base Shining Blade member. Even if we accept that the Commander could beat Livia and Jennah based on ingame scenarios, that does mean that the Comm
  7. Well... in short, lots of people. Don't get me wrong, the Commander is a powerful veteran infused with the powers of a dragon champion, but the scale of his powers would mark him as a minor dragon champion at best. In no small part because the Dragon Slayer mastery utterly failed to deliver on any kind of power fantasy, but moving on. The Crystal Bloom is relatively recent, and we have little to suggest that they are anywhere as powerful as the Pact. Neither Caithe nor the Commander can stand alone at the top of the mortal food chain, as we do have a few mortals of cons
  8. Well, now we have to interact on as many threads as possible, since Anet has deleted the original thread. Reactions are bound to become even more negative with the censorship. I'd use more colourful language, but I don't want to give them an excuse to squash player feedback.
  9. That's disgusting. They release sub-par content and then delete the feedback players are willing and anxious to give. I have never been this dejected by ArenaNet, in... kitten, more than 5 years of regular play. This is kitten.
  10. Should work now! Sorry, messed up the link formatting on the forum, I think.
  11. EDIT: Fixed the original google drive link. If this doesn't work, I left a downloadable file on the GW2RP forum (https://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/forum/m/2737230/viewthread/33388494-fanmade-dnd-campaign-guide-to-tyria); this should allow to bypass any problems with the Google Drive link.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm mirroring a thread I made on the GW2RP forum since I'm anxious to get feedback on this project I have been working on for some time, or even playtest if you are willing to give it a go. I'm aware it's unlikely there's a big DnD community on the forums, but it's a format I've grown attached to, and having played GW2 as my main MMO for ages now, I was just too tempted to tie it all together with a bit of creative homebrewing, and a lot of research and development. In the pdf (which you can find below by clicking on the link to the Google Drive), I outline how to use DnD rules
  13. Yes. There is some lore in Garrenhof, for instance that the wizard (presumed to be Isgarren) takes students, and there is some sort of rumour that they might be the spiritual fuel for the permanent elementals seen roaming around town. Now, there is little confirmed lore about what takes place there, but there is enough to speculate, there are NPCs with dialogue options, and there is that cool floating setpiece. Infinitely more than what we get for things we actually pay for.
  14. I think everyone in this sub-forum has known the slight frustration of seeing a cool gemstore item and not really getting satisfying lore behind it, beyond a throwaway flavour phrase. But... ArenaNet just basically threw out Hogwarts in their game and they don't even give us a hint of a building, location or NPC, not even much in the way of flavour text. It's not too much to ask that a dev take five minutes to write as many lines and place them on an NPC, even without voice acting. Queensdale hasn't been touched much since vanilla, and since they took out the profession trainers, it has felt v
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