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  1. Seriously amazing, if the Tyria Gazette was a yearly thing I wish they would have put this in it! You have some serious dedication!
  2. Oh excellent, couldn't seem to find this info anywhere and never thought of checking the wiki. Thanks so much!
  3. Apologizes if a question like this has already been answered/discussed or if it's in the wrong forum section. (I rarely touch forums ;-;) Just curious if Anet has mentioned what happens to the "Shared Inventory Slot" one would get for pre-purchasing at the deluxe/ultimate level if the account already has max shared inventory slots. Are they expanding the limit of how many shared slots we can hold? Is it replaced with another consumable trading post item? Or does nothing happen and we just get a pretty item icon to look at sitting in our banks otherwise discarded? I'm sure this happened t
  4. This would be perfect especially if it included legendary runes/sigils. As making 6 legendary runes and 4 legendary sigils always seemed like a turn off to me and my guild mates. Of course it shouldn't need to be mentioned but I would hope this would include legendries already acquired and account bound.
  5. So this is the first time I'm posting under WvW and I'm sorry if this has been answered but I couldn't find a forum regarding this. So myself (crystal desert) and my friend (dark haven) have played WvW before in the past together by guesting to one another's server, but the last few times we've tried it has wound up with us guesting over into the same match but on a different team. For example guesting from darkhaven to crystal desert yet winding up on dragonbrand's team. Can anyone explain to me why this happens? I really just want to play WvW along side a friend again. :/
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