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  1. YES!!! Who shoot s net out of their gun??? Lame in so many ways...rifle is soo sucky.
  2. ok that helps alot. My f skills arent so much what it say they do as more to what they proc...i.e. Dhuumfire and such. Ok, makes much more sense now. Thanks all!!!! HUGE help!!!
  3. Ok, so i know my rotations and such, and to put down the shades and then hit my sand shroud...but why? Mela has an awesome vid out on Scourge and it was a huge help but what do the other F skills do and do I bother with them running solo? Is it just the shroud one, is that the damage dealer? I just like to understand why my class does what it does instead of just spamming buttons and saying Win Win! Yea, its strong, i was melting HP's and I wasnt even fully unlocked then so I get that, but whats doing it? I like to know what the skills are doing and yes, the tooltips are ther
  4. I too was\is in this dilemma and after many posts of me asking but but but whats best and all that, and then actually going out and looking at the two in gameplay, AND THEN.....I made both, many times, to see what race worked for me with each class. ATM I am leaning towards Guardian\FB\DH and thats mostly based off how dang squishy I found the Warrior , yup, i said the Warrior! makes no sense and I know others have had great success with them but I just couldnt click with them. I find the overall skills and such boring as, and then also with the upcoming Elites Bladesworn just feels clunk
  5. Which fell down first? 😉 Meaning, of the two, lets say a Fb and a Berzerk, which "stands" a better chance of not doing the down state dance or screaming "A little help here" ??? I know I should probably play them side by side and see for my self but to be honest I just cant bother and also where is the fun it that, would rather hear what others have had to deal with, so maybe someone else has tested them out, in Open World PVE, ya know, world bosses, metas and the like. And if so, what are your thoughts and \or opinions on each of the classes. I know FB \DH can be squishy what with
  6. Good point! And i have no clue as how to find out but maybe someone can figure it out.
  7. For a Class that "sucks" as much as people claim it does why does it sit at #4 most played??? Odd....and believe me, I agree, for a Heavy Armor WARRIOR its just a tad squishy. but still.............https://gw2efficiency.com/account/player-statistics
  8. I have always wondered as to ANET's thought process on having a WARRIOR, of all classes, have to worry about running around carrying a cheerleading flag....makes no sense, lol. now, having it be a passive for the build you have, that would be handy as and free up the Warriors hands to actually be the said masters of weapon wielding for once! 😉
  9. I see nothing to back this up... I mean I see ALOT of tears, woe-is-me and junk like that but not much mention of what can be done, or not done. And then I stumble on this....https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Spellbreaker_-_Strength_Fighter How can that be so bad? "Looks" fun enough on paper and comments back it up? I dont PVP so cannot speak to the state or lack thereof of Warrior in that gamemode...but dang that SB looks like what some folks are asking for? I could be way off though, and its all going to hit the fan in like a month or so anyways. 😉
  10. Good luck with that, 9 times out 10 you will be shown the door...which sucks. AS i have mentioned elsewhere, give folks a chance. If they lie or BS you, then sure...show em das boot! But ya never know... 😉 I just hope EoD brings some mental changes as well.
  11. Sadly that is a kitten shame. Each player SHOULD be able to bring whatever class they enjoy, and sticking around should be merit based, not meta. If you know the fights AND you class and can play well, then welcomed with open arms! But unfortunately thats not the case and all the "Tea Times" in the world wont change it. People need to be willing to give people a chance , its a game kitten. 😉
  12. The Rifle and the Sword both work fine for me.....
  13. Ok, so looking on Metabattle and they have a list of solo classes\builds for like "open World" junk, Hp's, Metas, Bountys, that sort of thing and they dont have Engi listed at all. Of course Condi Ren and Scourge are there along with Condi Mirage and PChrono, of which I have. Now is that because Holo is a tad squishy? I mean you see them on almost every raid fight on Gw2 Wingman but is that because they have heals and such in a group setting and can therefore just go ham? Or.....is it an oversight by the Metabattle folks? I ran around the Desert and the Jungle on both Chrono\Mirage,
  14. "Compare this to DPS, where you need to submit replays with 90% Snowcrows benchmarks to join most statics, and angry commanders will kick the lowest DPS players from a failed (or sometimes successful) pull." F that noise, its a game, not a job application so those folks can just bugger off with that mentality. And yea, i was a tank in WOW and others for the same reason, no issue with dungeons or raids playing that role but GW2 is so different as far as tanking, or it seems to me. But i like my Rev so should be fine....
  15. Love my Rev!! Made it when they dropped and havent looked back. Tired of chasing meta junk so Imma stick to this guy and will also be a Vindicator!! I have hope!! 😉
  16. What I would to see is being able to play the class I enjoy, in any content. I shouldnt be "forced" to make 15 toons of different specs to satisfy a meta. Ye, it may mean that the raid takes a bit longer but why hurry? Enjoy it, its a game....
  17. Thats awesome! thanks so much that, just what I was looking for!! 😉 And by the looks of things there are like 5 classes that raid, thats sad and un-balanced as hell. ah well, changes coming soon...
  18. Will this support over dps ever change? My issue with support is that if I screw up (i'm old, forgive me,lol) and die then the team looses what i was giving them vs if im dps its just that less dps but the squad can go on for the most part....or is this twisted thinking? 😉 In other words do you have a choice to say, just come as condi Ren or will you be told to alac or get out?
  19. I have one of each geared for raids....just wanting to see what pans out in EoD as to which to really play although Ren is a fav of mine but damned if Willybender aint looking tasty....chocies. 😉
  20. Ok Gamers, time to pick yer brains. Not for any reason other than just curiosity as to how the game is fleshing out I would like to find out what Class is played the most in raids, for like the most Bosses. Have tried the Google thing and even Gw2Wingman site but that doesnt really give a breakdown of each class and such. Or maybe it does and i just cant find it. And sites like SC and LN are ok but again, not really clear, example is on Lucky Noobs they have Condi Ren and yet show it not viable for alot of the Bosses, seems odd as they appear to be in just about every fight? Now, they are Sp
  21. have mentioned many times, I reckon being able to have a mix of BOTH Legends adds to the whole teamwork thing far better and that way you can have the ones you want\need on hand like the others, no silly flipping.
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