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  1. Those guys are dead but he still lives. Just saying.
  2. Horrik is obviously the cannon commander. It's unknown, however, who replaced Horrik after his untimely demise as cannon commander, though the likeliest candidate is him.
  3. The reality is that the profession sold to us as being the "darker, anti-paladin" type profession would likely be given yet ANOTHER legendary hero (e.g., Glint, Kalia, and Archie/Vicky) and not a legendary villain.
  4. It needs to be Condi Melee and not Power YET ANOTHER Power Melee.
  5. Believe it or not, it's not about you. This was done across the board for all professions that had traits that modified the previously underwater spear.
  6. Skill 1 hits like a pathetic wet noodle on full Berserker's, and it should also probably hit 5 targets. It somehow doesn't feel as fun as Ye Olde Lootstick. Skill 2 is not particularly satisfying on the kit. I guess the idea was to give the Guardian weapon some mobility; however, as is, it feels like a suicide charge into enemy mobs or sometimes off the cliff. It has no self-healing. It seems like Resistance should be on this skill since most non-damaging conditions affect movement. I'm not really a fan of it, but I'm not sure how I would change it. I would probably prefer a ground-targeted leap, possibly with a leap back. Let's just go Dragoon on this weapon kit. Skill 3 is okay. I guess it grants Might and Fury since Skill 1 hits like a wet noodle, but I'm not sure if these boons are what I would go with. Skill 4 is apparently where the damage is. I wish the Illuminated version did more than just create more shards. I think it would be nice if the Illuminated version granted Aegis to allies. Skill 5 is a symbol, but its design does not feel like other symbols. Knockback is a bit weird. Seems like Knockdown would be more appropriate. The Illuminated version of all skills feel weak. Like I feel like Illuminated skills should feel different or more impactful, but they don't. I also wish that the Symbol was on Skill 2. Overall, it also feels like the Spear needs something else or to replace something. If it is to compete with our other weapons in WvW, I feel like it needs Aegis or Protection on the kit.
  7. Another problem is that if you are playing a Berserker, you are typically going to use Head Butt to get into Berserk mode ASAP. However, Head Butt has a 400 range, and you are encouraged to be up close and personal with that. This means that as far as a ranged weapon option, it's likely going to have a MUCH SLOWER ramp-up time for damage and berserking as a Berserker than melee options.
  8. The Etching should last longer, possibly 2-3 seconds at least. There are already times in play where it feels like I have a half a second window where it's blink and it's gone, which does not feel rewarding or fun.
  9. A big reason why people were clamoring for longbow has to do with (1) it's typically a 1200 range weapon, which is what people wanted (i.e., 1200 ranged damage ele), and (2) no one thought that spear would be added for land. I personally think that Point #2 erases a big reason many desired the longbow, apart from people who like the aesthetics of a longbow-wielding spellcaster.
  10. I wonder if this "Tyrian United Nations" is meant to move the story towards the hypothetical Guild Wars 3.
  11. Just trying to compare what the different toolkits offer in WvW typical zerg support guardian setups. Mostly interested in utility. So we have the spear: Spear * Spear 1: spammable minor heal, not on autoattack chain, lootstick cone * Spear 2: 2 ammunition ability with healing, 600 mobility on charge; Illuminated: Resolution + bonus healing * Spear 3: Might, Fury, Whirl Combo Finisher; Illuminated: Fury and Blindness * Spear 4: 2 Condi Cleanse * Spear 5: Symbol Light Field, Resistance, Weakness, 150 Defiance Break So that weapon will have to replace one of the below potential setups. Axe + Shield: axe has some condi bleed/burning but not really that important for WvW zerg frontline guardian * Axe 2: Light Field Symbol with Fury and Cripple * Axe 3: 3 Person Pull, Defiance Break 150 * Shield 4: Aegis + Protection * Shield 5: Light Field, Defiance Break 150, Projectile Absorption, Healing 1K+ Mace + Shield * Mace 1: minor heal on auto-attack Chain 3 * Mace 2: Light Field Symbol, Regen * Mace 3: Aegis + Protection * Shield 4: Aegis + Protection * Shield 5: Light Field, Defiance Break 150, Projectile Absorption, Healing 1K+ Staff * Staff 1: 1200 range * Staff 2: healing, blast finisher * Staff 3: Light Field Symbol, Swiftness * Staff 4: Might + Healing * Staff 5: Light Field, Ward (divide and conquer) * Note: You can condition cleanse allies with light field 3 -> blast finisher 2. I think that it's more likely that the Spear would have the task of competing with Axe/Mace + Shield, as I think that it's useful even in zergs to have a 1200 range option. Mace + Shield offers a lot of Aegis and Protection, none of which the Spear offers. It's also possible that this won't affect the WvW zerg support guardian/firebrand. It may instead become a frontline weapon for the Dragonhunter (replacing hammer) or possibly the Willbender (greatsword maybe).
  12. I suppose one issue is how the Spear will compete with the current WvW zerg support Guardian weapons: i.e., Mace/Axe + Shield and Staff. I'm not sure if I am necessarily seeing something in the spear that would make WvW Guardian give up those weapons for the spear.
  13. If the Spear is purely a power-based glass cannon weapon, I'm curious what Air and Water attunements will bring to the table. Thematically, it would be nice to have a build that uses Air and Water, which has some options for bonuses to strike damages, to make a proper "storm mage."
  14. It will be yet another cat pet. I'm still miffed that rangers didn't get the improved crocodile-like drake skins seen in Elona. Not to mention that rangers still can't tame raptors, despite NPC rangers having them.
  15. As with all spears, I'm curious which E-Specs it will work best with. This at least gives the Bladesworn a solid (mid-)range option when not in its gunsaber modes. It would be nice if this worked with Spellbreakers, at least for the thematic connection of the Sunspears, but that remains to be seen.
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