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  1. This moves the goal posts of the issue. The point is regarding in-universe naming conventions for the various cultures and whether one chooses to adhere to that or not. It's not about the realism of being locked into only one name. There are plenty of MMORPGs where you are locked into one name per server, realm, or whatever. It would be erroneous to conflate what is "actually beneficial for the game" with what is "convenientally beneficial for Teratus." Just because you find the system inconvient for your naming sensibilities and feel entitled to certain names doesn't mean that
  2. And I am one of those people, but it's still a self-imposed personal issue and not fundamentally a game one. Sometimes you have to accept that you won't get your first choice of names or that you may have to skirt around the norms of naming conventions. Naming conventions represent norms rather than rules. Reality throughout human history and cultures is full of plenty of exceptions to the norms of names. Your character is meant to be exceptional as well. My Asura follow asuran name conventions. I do break with name conventions slightly with Sylvari ones, but that is because I
  3. That's an issue that you impose on yourself rather than one that the game imposes on you. Say what? That is the exact reverse of my experience. GW2 is easily one of the best MMORPGs I have experienced when it comes to getting names. My partner also enjoys MMOs, and they couldn't believe how easy of a time they had getting names with this game in comparison with other ones.
  4. I know that this meta has been tweaked as far as difficulty goes, but after all the horror stories about this meta, I was pleasantly surprised when I did the meta. I initially toured the map solely for map completion and specialization weapon collection purposes. I had no intention of doing the DE meta. I was in a map full of PUGs and roamers. When it came time for the Battle of the Jade Sea Meta, the PUG commander barely gave any instructions apart from escorting the three groups, CC, and the occasional "spread out." We succeeded at the boss with about 8 minutes left. So I got a turtle egg on
  5. Odd. I mostly see your name floating around when it comes to this particular complaint and pushing up the post count. The rest of the community seems pretty happy with how things are. Even the OP was fine once they realized that they could uses spaces. 🤷‍♂️ Compared to other games, getting names in GW2 is a cakewalk. It's easy to get names in this game. My main challenge with names has more to do with the time I put into creating a name that fits the character rather than acquiring that name or finding that the desired name is taken. The former is more difficult for me than the
  6. I'm aware, but it seems to suggest that we would be mostly interested in a Catalyst update as opposed to updates for any other profession.
  7. Is there more or is it just a break bar and Catalyst update?
  8. I've been watching the sales nearly daily for the hopes of its return. I'll also say again: Plant/Sylvari-themed mount skins. At the very least: the fern hound jackal skin.
  9. With our luck and the current ArenaNet writing team, it will be Kasmeer.
  10. I hope not. Facing another god in the Guild Wars franchise is about as original as facing down another Death Star in the Star Wars universe.
  11. No one is forcing you to play the new elite specs. Each profession still has two other specializations to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that many of the "mystical" weapons have already been given to the core scholar professions: e.g., scepter, staff, focus, etc. You may not like heavy weapons, which is a matter of taste and not quality, but new elite specialization weapons were bound to expand to many of these other weapons that are not to your liking. The Bunny Thumper (i.e., hammer ranger) was a popular build in Guild Wars 1. It's honestly more of a surprise t
  12. King Adelbern Svanir Saul D'Alessio Zinn, Blimm, or Oola Riannoc
  13. How dare you propose such a simple fix for an overly engineered self-created problem?!
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about the Vindicator after a day of playtesting. Overall, it feels like it's trying too much with no clear identity or internal synergy and as a result, it doesn't really pull anything off particularly well. Jump/Dodge: How does the "jump dodge" tie into the idea with being a Vindicator or the Luxon/Kurzick Alliance? The Daredevil gets triple dodges because it's more acrobatic. The Mirage gets the mirage cloak because it is being deceptive and illusory. The Vindicator dodge feels a bit like it's just trying to do something different for the sake of being di
  15. First of all, would you mind laying off the insults and quit making it personal? Secondly, I did not think that I was somehow hiding my argument behind obscure quotes or even trying to be pretentious about it, as (1) I stated the quote in my OP, and then I rephrased it after quoting it to make my point clearer, and (2) expanded my point on that matter further. Woah. Hold it there. How am I bullying the OP? I did not agree with their D&D comparison, and I listed why in a single post responding to them. Since then, my exchanges in this thread have entirely been w
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