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  1. Not yet, but I'll eventually. (Money is not problem, free time is, and I just never preorder.) > I'm pretty sure a fair number of GW2 players bought the expansion Let's crunch some numbers. First, I assume the registered accounts of gw2eff represent the more active playerbase than the usual "logged at least once in a month" presumptions. Second, Anet is still hiding the EoD info from the API and the Player Stats page doesn't shows it (yet). But there's a way to estimate the actual percentage of the EoD players: the achievements! To reach Cantha, finishing t
  2. Let's see what will come out around February that would more or less overlap with EoD: - Lost Ark: Feb 11 - This will be a huge sweep, anything MMO-related around this date might get drown in the sheer amount of buzz this will generate for weeks before and after the release. - Total War - Warhammer 3: Feb 17 - This is not as much danger, but it has a very strong fantasy fanbase. - Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen: Feb 22 - Much less danger, but it has a very strong (albeit a bit dented) IP and much better marketing. - Elden Ring: Feb 25 - It already has a very strong impact on s
  3. I think it's a forced re-check, the full game itself doesn't redowloading again, just a few hundreds MBs.
  4. I'm still having this transparency/keyboard issue with DX11, but now I'm sure it's entirely on my side (a desktop theme thing), and could be easily solved by alt-tab forth and back once at the character selection screen.
  5. There're some hidden places on maps that doesn't count against the map completion but for the achievement. In this case, there's a hidden cavern (and a jumping puzzle) at the southeastern part of the map named Demongrub Pits. People usually miss the Beggar's Burrow cavern at north too. These areas doesn't have POIs and such.
  6. It seems I'm still on the previous 2.3.1 version. I downloaded the latest package and I'm going to update it later.
  7. The game crashes on the character selection screen or right after the first mapload. Using "-dx9" in the script is works as usual. I tried "-dx11" too and it works, but the game became slightly transparent even in full screen mode and keyboard doesn't work. (Arch/XFCE4, NVidia GTX 1660 Ti) I'll try and test other options tomorrow too.
  8. I had the latest 461.40 on my GTX 1660Ti until a month ago, then I switched to Linux and DXVK. Never had any problem in the past (except that kitten control panel that was Store-only until I found the hidden driver download subpage on the NV website that had it), and now the gameplay is actually slightly faster and smoother.
  9. I mean, on HoT maps, after a meta, people usually stay and organizing hp runs, calling help for mastery points, etc.. After a PoF meta everyone just left, no one wants to stay there. Today we have the Desolation on daily, and we just finished the legendary forged event. After that, everyone grabbed their rewards and just left, the map emptied in 5 mins. Occasionally I'm doing the Tarir meta, and never had this, even on weekday nights.
  10. The system already in the game: the Core Tyria automatic level adjustment could provide a good basis for this. It works even in different areas of a map. I don't think it is instance-based. Meanwhile I finished the worst PoF map, the Desolation, (mostly) solo with my condi soulbeast. But while I did the PoF maps in the last week, I found a worrisome trend (in EU): many PoF map instances dies down within tens of minutes, even the Lily clears out fast. Last Saturday I had five emptying map warning within an hour (mostly Deso and Vabbi). That's... not good.
  11. I'm not sure about this. Sb base dagger dmg is very weak itself. I did some math, and every +10 power only get about +4 dmg (dagger 1), so +192 power gives only about +76 dmg. That's insignificant in PoF/HoT when we are talking about ~300 base dmg with carrion. Also, the dagger 1 chain is too long and has too few targets (only 2) for wait the 4th skill, Deadly Delivery and it's double damage. Yes, the precision increase could give me more stable crits, but that's also not too big: it's about +9-10% difference (~35%), and I would lose a huge chunk of health (~17k vs 20k). I'm using Vicious Quar
  12. Yes, sometimes I have the same, only in the PoF maps. There're no enemies around, no lingering conditions, nothing unusual.
  13. I'm not that casual, thanks. Ok, but then what condi sb meta build were you talking about? I'm basically using this, with the torch variant and a warthog, and carrion instead of viper's.
  14. I didn't asked for any nerf, I'm confident in that I could manage better in PoF and my gameplay experience would be better if their aggro range would be the same as in the other zones. That's all.
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