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  1. If anything I dig the visuals. Too bad the trailer says next to nothing about the role or balance of power between the ranger and his pet in this one. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  2. And suddenly it is as a thousand agnonized screams could be heard from warrior forum and than suddenly all went silent.. Gratz guys on escaping the warrior syndrome and actually getting a supportive e-spec that puts you on the map as something else than just dps dealers. Seems you'll be having lotsa fun with specter 🙂
  3. One way i see this happening for real is with a new e-spec that would introduce warrior-blacksmith based e-spec. Such as an Armsmaster. Other than profession weapon, such a spec could bring bundle weapons to field, much like core ele has conjured weapons. Only since it's warrior, the selection would be much more down to earth such as spears, polearms, 2h battle axes or maybe even crossbows.
  4. So you can earn some gold. These mats are tradeable on tp. If you're in a hurry you can buy them. And later on once you had your ascended needs met you can still craft the day-locked components and sell'em for profit.
  5. Pretty sure Renegade was pretty bad during his beta. The cats were cc ragdolls making the legend high unusable. He received a lot of love down the line to put him in his current, frankly OP position. Other than that i think it's fair most of specs felt pretty op and upgrades to performance of their HoT counterparts, given they were not given vastly different roles.
  6. Having spend some time with Bladesworn in PvE I've noticed it's not as one dimensional as one thinks. There is potential for some major build variety provided certain obstacles are moved out of the way... Rifle Bladesworn - any warrior who likes to whip out his boomstick should start drooling after taking a first look at Bladesworn. Major support for ammo based skills, utilities so good, they look custom made for rifle warr (anti projectile wall, crippling wall, backward evade + stunbreak, ammo reload elite..). All looks fine and dandy....until you realize there's no Kill Sh
  7. And then you realize you can't use Kill Shot because Bladesworn does not allow regular burst skills to exist.... This is such a kick in the nuts... Not only do you get much better ammo management but even defensive utilities that are perfect for rifle users - a projectile blocking barrier and a crippling wall for both anti-range and kiting. But the main reason to go rifle is gone..
  8. Allow me to answer your Bladesworn question: Yes. See here's the deal. There are those among us, who shall not be named but are replying to your post as we speak, that are just ..bad at doing 30k+ rotations. That being just part of general preference for more traditional rpg combat approach - winning through builds and stats rather than Tekken level reflexes. In comes the Bladesworn. Serious dps results without having to mash buttons at breakneck pace. Much more tactical playstyle that is focused around knowledge of encounter and proper setup for the big beefy Dragon Slash. 5s stan
  9. I think we can all agree that over the years warrior stayed pretty much the same as was, while guardian and rev got superpowers. Elite specs are certainly to blame here, but core warrior has nothing to brag about either. Given his identity of offensive, physical fighter, here's a list of features that i think a core warrior should have, no questions asked: Aoe taunt (preferably a shout) Boon hate Party stability or low cd wide range party stunbreak. Warhorn skills becoming ammo skills Better combo fields on banners (like long lasting fire for elite, water for
  10. And let's not forget the small fact that warrior's only fire combo field (longbow bursts) is gone on bladesworn cause no core bursts allowed. But if you felt you did not have enough lightfields, you get two new ones! With bulletproof barrier and electric fence... sigh...
  11. Of all the professions I've played i think necro has hands down the best traitline balance. All of core traitlines offer use for all types of builds. Making for amazing build variety and great depth. That being said not all is perfect and I can name some outliers and their possible fixes: Soul reaping hogging too much life force generation - other lines should get some, SR lose some. Lingering curses trait does what it should not - fixing a bad weapon, forcing condi necros to pick it. Just make the scepter boosts baseline for the scepter itself. Have the trait just giv
  12. Mesmer fits the bill. Deals with illusions, and even to a degree with time manipulation so defo unusual magic type there. And has always been known for having very good supportive features such as making allies invisible, providing them some nice boons, opening portals for them, or creating zones that reflect projectiles back to enemies.
  13. I have to agree. These 8 losses look very suspicious...way too many..
  14. Take an upvote. Not from me though, just from laws of physics 😉
  15. Ranger and Revenant fit the bill. Both of them got bit of that assassin playstyle you like while also having access to good support skillset. Ranger's weapons are generally fast, responsive and fluid, he also has access to some stealth and traps, making ambush playstyle a very real option. On supportive side of things he has a dedicated healer spec (druid), some good (but not amazing) boonshare and most of all his pet, which can be ordered to do few useful things. Such as 1. taking portion of damage you two would receive onto itself for a short while. 2. Taunting enemies near it.
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