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  1. Scourges are a problem, agreed. It's nigh impossible to kill a good heal scourge. Still the transfusion ress is by far the most disgusting part. They can pop a shade on point to harass anyone trying to cap it, while themselves pull downed allies to safer location... every second. For 9 seconds. This is absurd. Everyone else has to eat cleave, commit massive resources or get really creative to save their downed ally. Scourges just nope all that, massively skewing the balance. Match manipulation and afk players (from start till end) are not exactly toxicity. The former are simply abus
  2. I think there should be a separate pool of amulets for each professions. A completely broken amulet on one profession is totally fine on another. No need to cut something out cause 2/9 professions make it busted.
  3. Apologies, i misunderstood your initial post. When the gate drops means at start of game? Ok, that much is reasonable. I thought you said to insta end match at any time when someone dcds, that would be a disaster. Then again seems our ideas don't conflict eachother. You propose a solution to unfairness of uneven matches. I propose penalty system to weed out the afker and have ppl who actually play and finish their games be in ranked.
  4. Disastrous idea. Tourney teams dropping out completely after playing games cause in last one someone dcd and no one gets rewards. Extremely easy match manipulations by someone dc'ing on purpose, etc. What should be done is introducing ranked game penalties. Ranked features gold rewards from league season, while unranked doesn't. Being pushed into the mode without these rewards is a proper punishment imho.
  5. "Scourge" weapon is the torch. You won't get much changes to damage trying to nerf/buff that one. And it's trait is in minors, giving it 20% reduced cd and expertise, that is however totally independent on you using or not using the torch.
  6. Reaper's good. He supposed to be simple and deliver acceptable raid dps. The price for this is is borderline zero team utility. The most important thing in end game content desirability, once dps check is passed is "what can you do other than dps?". Reaper doesn't have much to brag about here. He's tanky compared to other glass cannons and has good cc. That's about it. The real outliers are those that have reaper level (or higher) dps while providing high utility. Scourges and renegades being two clear outliers. Dps firebrands too while we're at it.
  7. Scrapper can be up your alley. easy to play great support capability (party quickness, protection, might, stealth, superspeed, ress, and more) tanky and reliable - perma stab and barriers, along with great protection uptime. Just be sure to gear him up proper (i recommend celestial stats, but anything that does solid power damage is a good choice), and accept he's a warrior type in terms of cleaving mobs - can't cover acres of land with his aoes like Necro or Ele or pull 5 mobs from 1200 range to make it easy on himself.
  8. Signets of suffering are fine in spite, more so than. We do not want pure purpose spec lines. That makes for boring, inflexible builds. Signets are spite's survival option and should be there, so spite has sustain as well, even if you're not a reaper (no blighter's boon synergy with passives). Signet of Vampirism - careful what you wish for. In a group setting this change could be disastrous. 1s icd ensures almost everyone gets a fair shot at getting their stack. With lower cooldown the fast hitters will eat up more healing stacks, while the guys who can't hit every half second or faster will
  9. If you're a scrapper on a budget, I highly suggest taking celestial gear. I currently run mine in full cele gear except the hammer which is marauder. Scrapper as a spec often needs a wide variety of stats to work. You want direct damage for impact savant barriers, but you also want concentration for his great quickness share. But there's still a matter of lost 180 vitality due to Impact savant and boonshare traits excluding barrier generating ones. So some defense via stats is also highly desired, especially vitality and toughness. Cele is the only way to get all that via equipment. Wh
  10. Not a big fan of it, to the point i'm in no rush to unlock it after trying it in pvp. But learning recently of it having nice defense options i gained some respect for it. I guess it feels a lot like ranger's soulbeast - your core profession "plus" rather than a new role and purpose like with druid or support scrapper.
  11. It is far too early for you to be asking such a question. For what i see, you're referring to competitive setting. Which involves numerous layers of defense his enemy might've had. Barriers, resolution, iron-blooded trait, protection...among many possibilities. You would do yourself far greater favor exploring and understanding these options, rather than worrying about one single kit's performance. But to answer your question - yes, indirectly. The moment retalliation changed into resolution, that many professions got actual condi damage reduction, something that earlier was benefit for
  12. Ethwal. NOT floating platforms and microphones.
  13. Spectrum shield + alchemy (traits you choose bolded out): Hidden flask -> Protection injection -> transmute -> Emergency Elixir -> Compounding Chemicals -> Iron blooded. Now go get your revenge laughing maniacly. You're welcome!
  14. Pretty much the bannerslave story in terms of group content. Everyone wants a firebrand...and everyone has one too. Scourge ain't far off. Both are good and don't really get in each other's way. Scourge offers barriers and ressing, Firebrand practically everything else save alacrity I guess In open world- necro. No amount of burns or boons is gonna change the fact necro has aoe 5 target 1200 range pull (spectral grasp) that at the same time nearly completely fills his life force bar. As guardian you have to chase your food, like everyone else, while as a necro dinner comes to you with bon
  15. I don't know, some mix-ups based on already existing stat sets might be pretty darn fun. Seraph is a rather fringe stat set, but imagine precision and healing power swapping places. Major Condi damage and Healing Power with precision and concentration minors. It would become a very alluring stat set for daredevil healers that are willing to be completely squishy in exchange for having both solid damage and healing output sprinkled with boon duration. Plaguedoctor receving same treatment will 99% not happen. It'd be too busted. Even as a minor vitality would make you pretty surviviable whil
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