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  1. Necro has best taunt ingame. You enter pvp enemies are perma taunted - everyone focuses you 24/7.
  2. As a proud owner of this build I feel I should take a stance here. In my experience despite all the naysayers and Pikachu faces when I say: "<- warrior support" in my ranked games, warr support is real and strong. Strong enough to easily pull me into gold and I expect to hit plat soon. Ofc time will tell. Ofc there are some pain points, from my perspective most notably: Only one charge of "Shake it Off!" Because of that trashy passive proc in "Shrug it Off!" we're losing a critical tool in our support arsenal. Poor self stab Any stab source other than Banner of Tactics has no place here because it either does not support at all, or directly contests an important support/survival choice (Stalwart Strength being blocked by mandatory Cleansing Ire). Very rigid condi cleansing It takes everything and a kitchen sink for a warrior support to deal with enemy condi pressure, greatly limiting build options. And I don't see staff doing anything about it. I feel few screws should be loosened here, like for example Relic of the Trooper cleansing two condies, while Relic of Antitoxin losing it's absurd 10s icd or at least having it lowered to a sane value. Non.."staffed" tactics. State of Tactics Grandmaster traits is borked. Staff will fix that but without it it's bad. Vigorous Shouts are the only serious aoe healing option we have without the staff. So other two grandmasters can't be picked on a support warr, despite being supportive in their nature. Weak banners Banner of Tactics is the G.O.A.T. and elite one is pretty solid, but rest is plain bad in spvp. Banner of Strength does not exist in the same galaxy that FGJ does. The latter is superior on all fronts and has great synergies with Tactics line (Mending Might, Vigorous Shouts, Phalanx Strength). Banner of Discipline? Fury sharing is roughly all it does. That's far to little to get a spot compared to other, far more impactful support utilities. Banner of Defense is closest to being usable, but it's still too weak. Pulsing regeneration is not going to blow anyone away, and for something named banner of Defense it lacks either a good condi cleanse or stab. Discipline issue For all the goodness Tactics provide, the experience is still rough without this specialization. Fast Hands, Doubled Standards, Heightened Focus, Stalwart Focus -> seemingly small things that pile up into a big difference. Support warrior must go Tactics, and in competitive - Defense. Period. So now either you'll have smooth experience with Discipline as third or a very bumpy one with any elite spec instead.
  3. I don't know how staff will behave, did not take part in the new weapons beta. My plan once it lands (if i buy SotO that is) is to run Staff + Mace/Warhorn. The warhorn has no block like first weapon set and leaves you vulnerable. It does provide barrier and vigor though. Mace is there to help it. Strong cc and interrupt game along with a handy block and possible barrier help you survive until big defensive cooldowns come off (Shield/Defiant Stance). I would love to just go Staff + Sword/Shield, but the former does not seem to provide cleanses vs damaging condies. And while I myself would be fine with Cleansing Ire, the same would not be said for my teammates. Call of Valor is a very big skill and hard to pass on here. So initial plan is Staff + Mace/Horn. On a sidenode - I easily climbed outta silver using this build, am in G2 and the climb is going steady and strong without signs of slowing down.
  4. *Sniffs* Hm.. what is that familiar smell? Ah yes, of course, more ele buffs, seems we can't have a patch without them.. As if Catas and Tempests weren't disgusting enough in spvp..
  5. Depends on your definition of "great visuals". Take Warrior and Guardian for example. Guardian is shiny and will drop blue/holy zones all around with flashy weapon skills and even summoned weapons to help him. But once he grabs a hammer... it looks like Harry Potter trying to use one. It's a miracle your character doesn't break their own back trying to swing it. On the other hand you have a warrior. There's next to no flashiness in his skills. No streaks of light, glowing fields, or magic of any kind. But when you grab a Hammer the animations are BRUTAL. You feel the POWER, when you leap and slam that kitten down craters get made. So it's up to you to decide here. Ranger falls more into Warrior territory, necro guardian's though necro's mobility is pretty bad.
  6. Don't ask and you shall receive: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAw+NlRwwYUsLmJWOTutVA-DyIY1o7/MSXqGiqSsvFoZHnbAA-e Here's a servicable cele condi heal/quick zerk with nearly 100% quickness bonus duration. And I better not hear another peep about bosses taking a break from fighthing. With this build you can basically insta charge your core adrenaline bar and go to town with no less than 5 bursts in a row. Signet of Fury -> Lvl 3 core burst-> Headbutt -> Berserk (breaks stun) -> Flaming Flurry -> Weapon Swap -> get 10 adrenaline on bow (easy, super easy if you got Opportunist trait) -> Scorched Earth -> Blood Reckoning -> Scorched Earth again -> get 10 adrenaline on bow (again easy) and fire off Scorched earth for third time wnen it's up. Small reminder: Opportunist will trigger with both Smoldering Arrow and Pin Down, so weave it wisely and it'll be a long time before you bow starts having issues filling the adrenaline bar. Two of your adrenaline boosters have 20s cd, and last one 16s. So by the time your quickness is down, you'll be ready to go at it again. Just manage that berserk mode cooldown. If you're bent on being a great support you may toss damage under the bus and go for Eternal Champion instead of King of Fires to be able to leave zerk mode early, so you can double dip into core burst into fast primal one earlier. Reason Rabid is alive and kicking in spvp (unlike many defensive amulets prior to it) is because of it's very clear cut weakness to condi. It has no health nor healing power so enemy condies can bring you down much faster than for example someone running Sage or Carrion amulets. The 200/300 stat boost is not that huge, provided in spvp best healing power you get from amulet is 500. You can go for a full heal rune - another 300. And then around 260 from current version of the trait if your amulet has power as major stat. And spoiler alert - both the healing amulets (Avatar and Sage) do. So my change would not affect spvp much. Giving vigorous shouts a flat healing power bonus is more of me giving a nod to PvE support warriors wanting to either go condi or just defensive support gear like minstrel once the staff for Warrior lands. And therein lies the problem. Condi zerker is in reality a hybrid damage spec as are his weapons (Sword and Longbow). The reason cele trumps seraph is because he actually makes pretty good use of the power oriented stats that Seraph lacks. Also as nice as Furious is, 33% bleed chance on crit is not enough a game changer to favor Seraph over Celestial. Now Mesmer - he has a trait that gives bleeds on crits with 100% chance - there Seraph makes some major sense. It's 3k actually baseline because might applied to self is also a factor. So 5 people x 12 stacks of might x 50 hp healed per each. Now combine that with Either Vigorous Shouts on a heal warrior build (like mine) or Phalanx Strength. First will heal you for around 5.8k each FGJ cast, the latter 5.4k since it essentially doubles might stacks for all but yourself. Keep in mind that as selfish as Phalanx Strength may seem, that's instant 24 might stacks on whole team. Pair that up with Banner of Tactics and you got 5 madmen pomped with fury, might, stab and resistance, very eager to get down to business! Also keep in mind - in spvp selfish = good for a support. The best support isn't the one with biggest heals, it's the one who's hardest to kill, Because enemies will try to focus you and dead supports can't support. That's why heal Herald that is an absolutely legit pick in instanced PvE is utter garbage in spvp. Dude can't survive being focused. Meanwhile my core warr (if not misplayed) can take a lot of pain while buffing/healing the team. Vigorus shouts as a minor is a bad idea, unlesss you're talking purely about the +healing power bonus. Minor traits are supposed to be build agnostic, just synergizing with their native traitline and it's theme. Imagine a tactics warrior that does not use shouts at all. Welp there you go - one dead minor trat coming right up! That's fine by me. I want my 2nd charge of controllable "Shake it Off" for my pvp games. I don't mind PvE keeping the passive proc from "Shrug it Off" if PvE warrior supports need it to be happy. As for Discipline - it's the third traitline to take, that nicely rounds up a healing build but is not mandatory. Doubled Standards make Banners of Tactics provide smooth, continous resistance, instead having 1s gaps every pulse. Focused Resolve is obviously nice for a healer. Heightened Focus means more frequest bursts for Cleansing Ire and Soldier's Comfort proccing. Still it's pretty obvious that Tactics are the mandatory line, with Defense being close second (You need that survivability).
  7. To be fair 100 blades is getting indirectly buffed. Staff pull has huge synergy with it, especially for Forceful Greatsword abusers.
  8. If you get 4 apes on team it can't be helped. That being said sidenoder/decapper and support are two huge roles. Anyone can hop on Dragon Hunter or Reaper and do decent damage. But it's the guy that keeps them alive longer or keeps tabs on sidenodes and objectives that wins the winnable games.
  9. My area of expertise is pvp healing on warrior. I have done some base testing of healing warr in pve but simply put you're the expert there. Your math is off in this statement. Full ascended Celestial warr will still get ~212 healing power from conversion, because Cele has power too. That's only 70 points below one that would run a four attribute set like for example Crusader. Not much of a prevention if you ask me. Seraph and Plaguedoctor lose to cele by default. Cele trumps them in both damage and sustain, equalling them in support. And the staff (weapon) that's about to land soon does not support condi at all. These two are not dangerous to warrior balance in any way shape or form. I can't give you a quick fix to stopping celestial builds here and now, not in top mental shape. But it is very clear to me spvp is indeed my area of expertise. The Mending might you deem rather useless in PvE is insanely good in terms of self sustain there. FGJ gives 12 might stacks in spvp (albeit they have short duration). Pair that up with almost always having allies around, and the heal gets pretty kitten solid. Vigorous Shouts or Phalanx Strength will both ensure your self sustain from it is very high in this game mode. As for "Shrug it Off!" - just to be sure here: In spvp "Shake it Off" has no ammo count, there are no charges. It has slightly better condi cleanses (4 condies) and slightly higher cd (24s). The point here is I want the second charge back, while giving up the passive cast from the trait which cannot be properly controlled anyway.
  10. These are suggestion for all game modes, though spvp is where i spend a fair share of my time. Now to answer your questions/input: 1. Vigorous Shouts - I dislike the notion of support grandmaster trait being damage type dependent. Leave that to things like Great Fortitude which is in Strength line - a proper place for such scalings. 2. "To the Limit" - it may sound op on paper, but in actual practice it's not. A dead support can't support jack and without Defiant Stance that's what you'll be. As a support I go to mid node and tank through heaviest enemy fire while buffing allies expecting them to clean up while I soak the damage. I can assure you in my games my other teammates are in no rush to stand on middle node when enemy is raining hell on it, expecting free cap or free kill. If my warrior can't endure it, we're losing it, and it may take a while before we get it back playing a losing game vs the clock. And if I'm a shout heal warrior (which I am) i don't get much room in my utilities or elite slots for anti-burst skills.
  11. Edited my above post with some changes (like on vigorous shouts). Ty so much for your reactions which added a big solid nothing to the conversation. How about putting in some effort and actually typing a response with some reasoning?
  12. Shouts are pretty neat on support warrior as my spvp history with mine can tell. Still there are quite a few weird/useless/abandoned areas that need adjusting. The below suggestions are to be taken as a whole. A buff in specific area may be balanced by a nerf in another. Ammo counts. I've just about had it with these inconsistencies in shout ammo mechanics. All shouts should have two ammo charges and be adjusted to that where necessary. Suggested adjustments: All shouts - two charges ammo count. "Shake it Off!" - pvp version same as pve one. "Fear Me!" - 1.5s fear duration, regardless of distance. 30s recharge. "To the Limit!" - recharge time increased to 30s. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shrug it Off The passive cast of Shake it Off is plain harmful. Completely pointless activation condition (receiving a single condi) on a power budget heavy feature (AoE stunbreaker). Suggested changes: Remove the passive cast of "Shake it Off" altogether. Shouts that affect allies remove damaging conditions (two in pve, one in pvp). Shouts that affect enemies inflict vulnerability (5 stacks, 6s). Heal ally when removing a damaging condi stays the same. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vigorous Shouts Heal shouts are a solid idea and a build defining grandmaster trait. Issue I have here is how a supportive trait is relying on power attribute to give out bonus healing power. Suggested changes: Let's drop any kind of scaling from another attribute. Just make it a flat healing power bonus (200 - 300 value).
  13. Come over to Vindicator if you wanna see what nerf nuking from orbit really looks like in competitive.
  14. Players: "We want another race!!" A-net: NO >:[ A-net (2024): Introducing Reptilians! .. Later this year.. Netherrealm studios: Can we sue them Syzoth? Syzoth: The hornsssssss make thissssss difficult...
  15. Let me throw you a curveball here. In pvp I main core warrior support. Yup, you heard it right. And it works quite well when paired with another support or some sneaky tactics (not telling them I'm supp, making them more afraid for personal safety). The reason? Because i bring tools many have but refuse to use. Like resistance, resolution and healing allies for each damaging condi I cleanse (Shrug it Off). Don't even get me started on Banner of Tactics. It has "Anti scourge" written all over it. Fears? Nope. Blinds? Nope. Weakness? Nope. CC? Nope. Boon corrupt? Nope (Fear from stab gets cancelled by resistance and the latter pulses so it'll be right back). There is an ample toolbox for dealing with condi buidls. As far as the issues I agree with, I would propose doing one of these two things: make resistance deny poison's healing reduction or make cleanses target damaging conditions first if target has resistance
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