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  1. Quite a long time ago but I did it quite easily (unintentionally) with this build ... had 25 stacks on me and I'm sure I was taking none or little damage. I don't think the build would be viable for current content.
  2. In a Simpsons's Helen Lovejoy voice "Won't somebody please think of the whales ?!" Anet please for the love of Sylvari (yes its true, Sylvari rock), have an exchange for Teleport to Friend, Upgrade Extractors, Revive Orbs, Self Style Hair Kits, Guaranteed Wardrobe, Armor and Weapon Unlocks consumables obtained from Black Lion Chests. Please allow us to exchange them for either Gold, Black Lion Statuettes or Gems. I don't mind supporting the game with real world money but its wearing a bit thin OK ? I mean what the hell am I going to do with the 1,773 Teleport to Friends I
  3. Bah Humbug ! Found out today there's a 15,000 achievement point cap on receiving points from dailys, how about lifting this cap ?
  4. Whats with this ability, it will sometimes throw you off a platform making any attempt for the Look Before You Leap achievement out of reach, very frustrating as it requires an ***entire Chapter restart*** to try again. Had to check to make sure it wasn't April 1st, bet the devs are having a right old laugh out of that 😛
  5. Still in the game. Zip Lines dismissing necromancer minions is not even listed under known issues but has been there since I started the expansion. As a necromancer I'm keeping away from strikes and end level content as using zip lines places me at a huge disadvantage compared to other classes. Had forgotten about them dismissing minions when I did my first and only strike for the turtle mount, zip line to the top and then have to spend between 16 and 48 seconds plus cast times to re-summon them all ... 3 times during the fight.
  6. Still not fixed with today's patch and still not on the known issues list And dang, was hoping the hint in today's patch notes to go and pat the new cats at Cat Island might be related or involved with making the chest appear...
  7. Sadly not fixed with the latest patch and the not even listed under known issues 0.0
  8. Having just completed this I can't believe there's no achievement associated with it, all those mats, all that effort and no achievement reward ... 0.0
  9. I hate them, only touch them if they count towards the chapter 'mastery' after that there's zero incentive to do them. Zero. Please get rid of them or at the very least award them a miserly one point...
  10. The name has changed, to Lunar Chest, but the contents are exactly the same as the previous Black Lion Chest
  11. The Lava Lounge Pass is the most useless of all lounge passes. Its features are duplicated by all other passes. Its usefulness as a portal to Ember Bay is already covered by the Season 3 Ember Bay portal. All other lounge passes are useful in one way or another, at the very least as a portal for doing dailies eg. even the Captain's Airship pass still has some use, as a quick teleport for Kryta gathering dailies, quick access to Swashbuckler's Cove jumping puzzle daily, Lady Derwena Pact Supply Network Agent, Gendarran Fields sunken chest for the repeatable Master Diver ... even as a non WvW/Pv
  12. Very odd indeed, I'd been having this problem since last Sunday until the Shatterspark items update. Hope they get it fixed for you guys asap. On past history in the other threads here and in Account and Technical Support this problem is account related. One player had this happen on his account while his wife's account worked fine, both on the same PC.
  13. When I started the game early this morning the exact same thing happened. Have since been trying various methods suggested in this thread to no avail, just finished a very long RAM test (all tests passed) and tried to open the BLTC again, game crashed again. Edit: I should add I meant the Gem store, not Trading Post, everything else in the game works fine. Dailys, home instance, Drytop, Keg Brawl Update: Received this from support Hello, Thank you for contacting Guild Wars 2 Technical Support. I have looked into this issue and it appears the Dev Team is aware of the matter
  14. Is this happening after opening the Black Lion Trading Company menu ? I am getting the same error, worked fine last night but when I started this morning it happens every time I open the BLTC. Exception: c0000005 Memory at address 00000169`1b8c0000 could not be written Been checking out posts last time this happened to people. Just did a graphics drivers update, no change. I noticed this time the BLTC has been disabled. Trying a RAM test next
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