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  1. Does Anet not have a fix or at least a workaround for this issue? If not, this is simply woeful professionalism (lack thereof) on their part.
  2. Oh absolutely, I'm glad you agree. Just don't become a slave to it as I said above. Keep a sensible perspective. Too many become obsessed with it. Just do what you can and don't worry about that which you can't, for there is almost certainly bound to be something.
  3. It happened to so many players over the years; focusing too much on completing achievements is a path to unhappiness. I think they're best used as a guide to what's available; what the game/event/activity/festival/etc. has to offer (achievements window has morphed roughly a quest/journal window these days). Sure work on fulfilling all their requirements, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. It's a computer game. Cliché cliché sure, but it's so true it's worth repeating: Play the game for fun and focus on what you can do and enjoy, not what you can't or what others have and you don't, and you'll 'win' every single day (after all GW2's just something to enjoy doing in our spare time).
  4. Firstly, I think warriors need to be able to move whilst channeling the skill. It has such a small hit range, that often the slightest movement from enemies away (or back behind your character due to the enemy thinking your character isn't where you see them on your screen due to the inherent problems of playing online) and suddenly half of your hits don't land.
  5. It would be great if we could move whilst using it, and maybe it could (have a chance to) destroy projectiles. Both, wouldn't give the skill more dps but certainly some more utility.
  6. Even though it has been adjusted for difficulty over the years, Heart of Thorns is still primarily a group-centric expansion. So do not feel bad - or think yourself a 'bad' player - for not being able to solo a lot of that content. Dragons Stand inparticular is basically one big long group event, which you will need to be a part of an organised map to reach some of the hero challenge points in the south of it. The easiest way to join a meta map group in Dragons Stand is to keep an eye on the Official Wiki event timer (found here or type "/wiki et" in you chat bar in-game) and when the meta is soon to begin use the in-game looking for group tool to see if any active Dragon Stand assaults are forming. Then join one, join the map, follow the event prompts, and you'll be all set! This will also hold true for trying to complete the cartography of that map; as some areas for completion can only be accessed as part of the meta attempt to defeat the Mouth of Mordremoth.
  7. On a pack of skimmer gliding above and/or under the water as need be to avoid any hazards on the journey there.
  8. Seems interesting, I'm looking forward to it. I'm not enjoying the Drizzlewood and it's meta-or-nothing style, so I'm hoping things will be different in future.
  9. In 2 weeks time when you press compact by mistake come back and say its not a problem. I'm actually use to it already, we have it as a visual queue everytime, it's not hard to pay attention.It's a very simple change. If any of us can't get use to it, the fault lies entirely with us. But please people, continue to complain about any and everything, it wouldn't be the GW2 forums otherwise. We fear change.
  10. In a weeks time when we're use to it it will not be a problem at all.I think it's a good quality of life improvement, for two very commonly used bag functions.
  11. We tried for a while completing the mechanics, but it didn't prove very successful. This was mainly due to players simply not bothering to help with any mechanics even though that's what we were trying to do. In the end we had two good healers and decided just to fight it without worrying about the torches at all, and slew it fine. Which on the whole was a little disappointing, as it juts makes the fight like 95% of others in the game. If Strike missions are supposed to be an introduction to raiding, I can't help but feel the balance is still a little off. In the Boneskinner's case, I believe the fight needs fewer mechanics, but those mechanics should be more lethal. But most of all it needs to be enjoyable, not just the 'zerg with some heals and forget mechanics' style of approach.
  12. True, like most things it depends a lot on player skill. Those are good points about the Axemaster. You likely know this already @Ficus.7156 but each night champion in the canopy requires some sort of jungle mastery to be effective. Basic mastery needed: Legendary Matriach Wyvern: Gliding -> Gliding Basics.Champions Cotoni and Huetzi: Itzel Lore -> Mushroom Bouncing. Champion Axemaster Gwyllion: Nuhoch Lore -> Nuhoch Stealth Detection.Tetrad Champions (and legendary Spellmaster Mascen thereafter): Itzel Lore -> Bouncing Mushrooms.Legendary Patriach Wyvern: Gliding -> Updraft Use.
  13. It does indeed sound like you may be having problems with the Defiance Bar. The official GW2 Wiki has a great overview of the Defiance Bar. I highly recommended it.
  14. There has been good advice given to you. Just to add what others have said; all the night bosses (perhaps excluding the Tetrad, in the north-west) can be confidently be completed with 3-5 players (generally speaking) so if you have some friends that are in a similar situation, get together and slay multiple night bosses, increasing your chances for a chest box with each one. Goodluck.
  15. I've actually grown to thoroughly enjoy the Casino Blitz. It's something a little different, a little less serious or involved, and a little less stressful. Yet I can still be rewarded with something I feel is significant (Amalgamated Gemstone). Sure, players can just hang about waiting for the Pinata to appear if they like, I don't really mind personally, I just go about my business collecting coins and other things I see along the way. Players can afk in almost all metas in the game and still be rewarded, I can't control that, only what I do.
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