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  1. just so that i can understand, what is it exactly that you want done? Do you want someone to help you with the instance? Do you need help with your buildcraft? Or something else?
  2. they should also really consider removing stat combinations that are subpar for general use, less variety in stat types means less variance in damage numbers, sacrifice freedom to guarantee effectiveness.
  3. A lot of you 'git gud' people need to chill and stop with the hyperbole of what casual players want. No we don't want faceroll content, no we don't want participation rewards for just having characters on the same server as a meta event. Nerfing HoT initially WAS the right move for the game, and it seems like the devs have learned from that mistake. PoF was better balanced for the general player base and I hope they continue with that trend for EoD. Leave hard content for raids, strike missions, challenge mode fractals etc.
  4. I'll admit, I am a bit concerned about how my friends are gonna face this fight, considering that I had trouble with it pre-nerf (though I may have actually faced either a lag issue or a bug that significantly decreased the time the break bar was up, considering video evidence of the fight at the time was not what I experienced). If people are still facing difficulties with it, it may be worth taking another look at its balance. Really the most difficult part of the fight is the fact that the eater of souls regains massive amounts of health if that break bar ability goes off from what i rememb
  5. This. The game made warclaws (fairly) easy to get, with achievements meant to acquaint players with some of the basics of WvW and even changed one of the abilities to allow other players near you to gain the same speedboost without needing the mount (the 10 second limit is weird though). Giving it pve abilities might encourage even more people to play WvW to get the mount. Nothing that would topple the current selection of mounts, but having the ability to break down gates like in drizzlewood coast would be an AWESOME addition that would make it so much more fun for pve players.
  6. Considering that Anet had to let go of 100 members of their team for focusing on things other than GW2, i really don't think the risk involved in this type of production would be worth it.
  7. Welcome to the game and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy both!
  8. Didn't we fight death branded shatterer in season 4?
  9. I remember speeding through the skyscale collection to make sure I was caught up with everyone doing all the world bosses and such (I'm really glad they reduced the daily reset thing on most achievements). same with the roller beetle, I knew it was gonna get harder to accomplish if I didn't speed through it on the day of release. The griffon caught me by surprise because i heard about the griffon before i even finished PoF's main story, the people who run the monthlies on these collections are absolute saints. And hopefully as more people join the game, these somewhat tedious collections will
  10. PoF open-world quality (it's the best they've ever done in this game) new movement-based masteries couple new mounts, maybe one multiplayer mount easy mode for raids and strike missions boats? maybe? playable tengu information on malyck generally speaking though I'm most likely going to buy EoD no matter what happens, I'm super invested in GW2
  11. Thank you all for the tips, thats really been informative, especially @Shikaru.7618, thats quite some detail for the run. I think im gonna stick with my build and try to get better at it, taking all your advice about precasting mantras and stuff. Thank you all again, I really appreciate it.
  12. the skyscale is my go to mount, it's an all terrain mount (except water, that goes to skimmer now), can help you climb pretty much any height, especially with the use of bond of vigor and the wall jumps. Plus, dragons are my favourite, so i am biased towards this mount, but it is the coolest mount they've released so far, my poor springer doesn't get much use these days.
  13. I have the trait where if you cast the mantra you gain health, i use mantra of pain (i think that's it's name) as a quick way of getting a health boost while my healing mantra is on cooldown.
  14. @"Ayrilana.1396" I tried recording using OBS but my computer graphics card can't handle recording and playing GW2 on lowest settings at the same time. The footage is too laggy to be able to tell what's going on. My graphics card died a while back and i haven't had enough money to get a new one so i'm just stuck with this. I can provide the laggy footage if you're so inclined but it's like 1 frame a few seconds at best, so you can't really see what i'm doing. Link it anyway. I apologise for the terrible lag.
  15. the griffon and skyscale do different things though. It's not like they have the exact same mechanics, griffons primarily glide but can dive to gain speed and then climb into the sky again to regain their original height, making them able to speed across maps faster than the roller beetle if given enough height. Skyscales can hover, which the griffon can't, and can go vertically higher than the springer, which the griffon can't do. Skyscales can also climb cliffs and get to heights that the griffon cannot from the ground. They both have different mechanics and different ways of working, simpli
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