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  1. I know the difference between that and barrage actually overlapping. Like i said it was constant,there was no "pause".
  2. Just had a ranger in sm while i was on top floor of it trebbing wc,he stood below my platform spamming Barrage with no cooldown to it over and over. Good kitten knowing there are "no cooldown on skills" hacks around.
  3. Think technical limitations will prevent that from happening. Would be really hard to implement i think.
  4. What I propose is something that apparantly one person isnt able to do so for lots of players,hence you do it with more people if the need is there, Everyone has traps yet i rarely see anyone use it,but rather nag nag,most specs have reveals,yet rarely slots it in these scenarios neither. I have no issues myself tracking them down alone though. All l2p issues,but most people rather nag about this solo thief as adressing the more serious issues in wvw. Its pretty hilarious people still cry about a solo spec instead of adressing busted sustain group gameplay,because that kitten is So much fun
  5. 10 - 12 people considered roaming now. ? Roaming is 1 - 5. Anything above is havoc or gank,anything above that is a blob or zoneblob.
  6. The other way to get around it is take more time to track the thief down and have several players lay down the tools anet gave you to counter them ! Its just a thought though.
  7. You mean going to desktop lags you out making people unable to damage or am understanding it wrong ?
  8. Just because its on metabattle,doesnt mean its the best build for your class.
  9. Trust me there Is or was an invuln hack. About 2 years back there was this guy dressed as Spiderman on our home bl,he was a thief. Jumping around in our guild groups ( they werent fighting at that time ),they were smacking him while he was standing still,taking no damage just jumping up and down. Its the only time ive ever seen it happen,but atleast i know it exists though.
  10. Do agree it's getting a bit stale. But it happend months ago,sustain groups are out of control,completely broken yet people rather complain about that solo thief on stealth. Roaming completely died out aswell. Everyone is just handholding or running in big groups,no one ever takes initiative to do anything without a tag anymore neither. It's about the worst state wvw has been in so far.
  11. Comments that make sense are overlooked anyway,they focus on the " Yes i agree" posts.
  12. You know...certain other Mmo's have a TEST SERVER. Might be something to look into Anet ! Queud up for Eb,sit in an queu for 30 minutes,it pops,and it asks me to requeu again ! Besides im Again placed on the wrong server.
  13. Gunflame zerker is Extremely squishy though. I honestly have Less armor on it as my full zerk thief because of the -300 armor trait too. And they lack the healing capabilities aswell, Its burst or die.
  14. I dont think theres any need to tell me what they can do if youve read my post above. But sure,keep on complaining.
  15. Thanks for all the responses everyone. I will hold on for now and see what happens after Alliance will go up again. @Kamikharzeeh, I know it happens alot,It used to happen every year once atleast where people started bandwagoning for w/e reason. But on FSP it's been going on for quite some months now,and it just keeps getting worse. Ive never switched server since the date I mentioned. But I do want to have fun and good fights when i log in which happen very rarely atm at the time I play and just not having much fun in general anymore ( I can name dozens of reasons but i dont wanna nag too
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