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  1. I havent touched my warri in ages,eventhough it has been my main for years. I always adapted to every nerf they implemented. But what completely killed it for me personally was the CC change. I loved running hammi, but doing 0 dmg on 3 skills including a burst,killed it for me. Solo roaming became a pain in A aswell when mounts got introduced and the entire roam scene kinda dying out and turned into a gank fiesta ontop of it. All of this made me go to thief as my main,less frustrating,and im able to do a hell of a lot more than my warri is able to.
  2. They dont just want easy mode. They want one hand in their dorito bag and one hand pressing 1 on their keyboard mode.
  3. Disable auto attack from the options And on your skill bar 1. Do not hit 1 too fast after gaining stealth,thats the biggest issue youre facing. Mark has a cast time,wait untill you see the animation end, and youre fully stealthed before hitting 1.
  4. The hp base isnt even worth mentioning when they dont have anything else to cover,which necro does have. Hamm got killed,Mace got killed,all Cc applications got killed destroying lots of builds. So now its just either a full tank condi or a zerk solely relying on dmg only.
  5. So how will this work out for smaller guilds or solo players ? Are they forced to join a big guild ? If so it would just push scouts and roamers and solo players out of wvw.
  6. I also feel more supportive when i run on my thief for allies as opposed to on my warri. Im able to share stealth/stunbreaks/condi cleanse/vigor/might/fury etc. Warri is severely lacking in what its supposed to be.
  7. It's a thread about downed state,you're making no sense nor being funny. If you want to throw salt around go to any of the many stealth nerf threads instead.
  8. Loved running hamm warri in wvw also when roaming,when they nerfed the 0 dmg on cc it got completely destroyed. Why play something that doesnt do dmg on most of it skills,you dont always have a burst rdy on your swap neither. Its a shame they killed it. It could alrdy be hard enough in roam situations to land a cc spike with all the stabi and blocks around. Now you dont do any damage on your first making you spamm 1111 for the meanwhile untill you can swap,and no damage on a Burst,are you for real ? . Its a dumb and lazy approach that should have been changed spec to spec instead of nerfing al
  9. Coming from someone that has never played thief seriously,or maybe just once and he dodged 3 times and was like "WoW That is OP!".
  10. They could make this a monthly event,doesnt have to be a full week but maybe a weekend starting at Fridays reset. Alot of people like it ingame,the only complainers are on the forum being the minority because most people that do like it dont go to the forum to express it.
  11. Yes and also a Dutch one and a Belgian one and a Portugese one and an Italian one etc etc. See where im going ? Or you know,like these countries,adapt and talk in English.
  12. Playing it for a few months doesnt mean youre good at it. How many dozens of hours did you spend dueling and perfecting it ? I can assure you,DE is far from being weak,also in 1on1 situations. Besides "spamming 3" a thing you cant really do because you can only "spamm 3' 2 times,shows youre playing it wrong.
  13. No it shouldn't. Im on thief myself and i see absolutely no reason to have a higher base hp. And it especially shouldnt be upped for guard neither,the main players of a blob.
  14. As the previous two times,it shows who's getting carried and who knows how to play,they should do this event monthly. Most of these "Pro" groups i usually see are getting instantly destroyed now .Downed state removal is a good thing. It mostly gives smaller groups a much better chance against bigger groups that could other wise keep rezzing forever thinking they're good,kitten.
  15. People still complain about that solo guy when they run with 10 people minimum with forever sustain,forever blocks,forever projectile destroy and reflect,but when they do get caught out of it they scream how op De is. FYI,yall a joke.
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