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  1. Ah so the next roaming spec is due to die because of baddies that cant play hahah. Yall a J O K E. 😁
  2. Rank means experience. It doesnt mean that youre a good player but it means you know the game mode,or atleast should.
  3. Youre talking about pve farming mats...like, who the f cares. The issue lies with PVP and WVW. Not gathering mats on a pve map.
  4. In about 3 months their toilet cleaner will come up with a solution.
  5. Silent Scope needs to be 2 seconds. Stealth on Steal needs to come back. These 2 changes were made by someone having no clue about thief whatsoever,or simply wanting it destroyed. I'm not going in details because it's falling on deaf ears anyway,as this will.
  6. It will still be fine though. Im mostly dissapointed with the Stealth removal on Steal in SA,if i read it right. Since that was an opener for an actual Spike,and not to really to hang in stealth with which is the biggest issue blobbers complain about,its a weird change. But hey atleast all their reflect spamm and projectile hate is still untouched ! Its all pretty much a joke to me at this point,whoever is balancing has little to no clue..Or theyre taking advice from the wrong people..*Cough* 😄
  7. Its obvious the OP has no clue about Thief whatsoever. Rifle Dodge + DP HS spamm is enough to perm stealth.
  8. Im sure the banner change will make warri's OP again in pvp/wvw......😊 But like others said,warri is actually decent I think,sure some things are in need of changing,not gonna list it cus its been said dozens of times..but most other specs just outperform warri with less risk. I am interested to see what they will add to WH though.
  9. They trying to push out roamers and solo players for years, so it doesnt even surprise me anymore. W/e ill just adapt as always and find my ways to make my kills anyway,bring it.
  10. It's funny though.I usually just respond to people explaining the mechanics but then they still usually proceed that im full of it. Had a guy pm my thief after I used shadow step Port + return. When I did that he instantly stood still and started to pm me that I just ported twice in a row and Im a hacker. Its just funny at times really.
  11. Right before you alt tab,and you know youre gonna alt tab for quite a while. Set the FPS limit to 30 Ingame + lower your resolution. This will lower temps and save energy aswell.I know it's not exactly what youre asking but its a solution nonetheless.
  12. You could try this I dont own a 4k monitor so I dont know if it actually helps,its the first I could find. Not much else.
  13. Unpack a target painter. This trick marks up to 50 enemy players in the area for 30 seconds. Costs 10 supply to deploy. Cannot be avoided. Deployment Range: 1,200 Effect Radius: 360 They cant be evaded. You can use 2 throwables and even lay down a stealth trap if youre not good enough to fight a thief without using these tools when you have 25 supply. But the main point, The throwable cannot be evaded.
  14. I had issues years ago fighting vs thieves on my warri. I didnt understand a thing of it,how often they could stealth and port. Then i had a few buddies in my guild that taught me their mechanics and eventually I picked up thief myself and learned their mechanics and noticed its a very different playstyle as any other spec,close to mesmer and not as easy to pull off as I thought it was. From there I could counter them on my warri. And thief became my main class soon after it. People just complain without bothering,if you dont bother you shouldnt complain.
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