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  1. Did you participate in the World Boss rush? Even accidentally? 🙂 https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Community_Goal_Reward:_Tier_5_(World_Boss_Rush)
  2. Oh, I just assumed you had other level 80 characters and had already unlocked the LS maps. My bad.
  3. Also, the Grotto/Forge areas of Thunderhead Keep have lots of VM and no mobs.
  4. For the record, neither Silverwastes nor Mount Maelstrom are low level areas, which is maybe why you got confused responses. If your character is OK going to SW, then they are OK visiting expansion areas.
  5. Yeah imagine assigning resources to work on things that might earn revenue for the company. What are they thinking?
  6. The max is 25; 22 from the gem store + 1 with each expansion.
  7. I wonder how that would play out? Anet: we're delaying the launch of End of Dragons until 2023 so we can include Quaggans as a playable race. Don't worry though, we'll rerun the Return to achievements in the meantime so everyone can earn a legendary water breather. 1% of player community: Hoorah! We love you anet ❤️ 99% of player community: What the Kitten!
  8. The only "evidence" of lucky/unlucky accounts is anecdotal. Someone says I played nine years and never had anything good drop, whereas my guildie gets 3 precursors a week. But unless two people are doing the exact same content every hour of every day, that doesn't tell you anything. Guildie might be throwing 100 exotics down the mystic toilet every day while the unlucky player spends their time RPing in DR.
  9. Another vote for "it depends". Do you have many alts? If so, shared inventory slots are worth including in your list, but less so if you generally only play one or two characters. Do you do a lot of resource gathering while you are out and about? If so, unbreakable tools are a boon. Are you a bit of a hoarder? If so, bank tabs are essential. I have most QoL upgrades and they all do what they say on the tin - improving your in-game QoL. However, I think the one I would miss most of all is the Mistlock Sanctuary pass; I use that so many times during each play session. Other lounge passes ar
  10. What about Sanctum of Secrets - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) ?
  11. Dang, I must have used up all my GW2 luck on this one drop. I've completed the collection and have 4 unidentified fossils left over.
  12. If you give people what they ask for then they have nothing to complain about. And people are only happy when they have something to complain about.
  13. Except of course there are plenty of story elements that run in open world.
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