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  1. Get daily when playing 0 games. You should be rewarded for not logging on this kitten game.
  2. You do realise targeting your allies serves the following (but not limited to) purposes : - Targeting a low teammate to kite to me because i have stealth ready for him - Targeting a low teammate to kite to me because i have heals for him - Targeting a teammate to attract his attention to a good +1 opportunity - Targeting a teammate to cap the node instead of me or vice versa depending on who has the better node holding ability - Targeting a teammate to take a portal - Targeting an ele downstate to mistform to my smoke field which i will blast ; - Targeting
  3. Let me park my deluxe spirits next to your banners. They won't stand a chance.
  4. Hello ArenaNet, this is your friendly pvp gamer on heavy copium providing you with feedback that will never be taken into consideration. Enjoy not reading this 😊 The spirits that were “reworked” are bugged : The tooltip is the following: “Spirits lose health when granting boons to allies and die if the summoner moves out of range”. The spirits in fact don’t die when the summoner moves out of range. The boons are pulsating from the location of the ranger and not from the location of the spirit. In practice, on legacy of foefire, I can put spirits in base an
  5. In retrospect, this patch already brought me a ton of content...even before going live! I need more popcorn.
  6. This was fixed (hidden change) with the dragon bash patch. Shroud bar has been replaced with an icon. You no longer have the grey shroud bar hiding the hp bar.
  7. Was going to post something but then realized we don't know kitten about who does what at arenanet since they don't communicate. All we know is that there is no pvp balance team able to operate independantly from every other team. Same goes for wvw.
  8. What's the matter? Don't you like these green beams of PMA shooting out of harbingers? I take them to the face all day, feels good.
  9. Harbinger is a pretty good class but its main problem is survivability. Apart from the elite, which only lasts a few seconds, harbingers are sitting ducks. This lack of survivability steams from the fact harbingers are ranged damage dealers and therefore just die when in melee range. There was the same problem with deadeye and Arenanet made it work by giving them "special survivability tools". I would therefore advocate a similar solution for harbingers with something like 1.2 k auto attacks and stealth on dodge. I feel this would
  10. I think landing moa should just ddos the target.
  11. Joke is on you. There is no pvp balance team. There is a "skill team" for the entire game and there is cmc who just tweeks number around for pvp.
  12. Untamed https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Untamed_-_LB/GS_Untamed_Marksman
  13. Nerf thief, herald and spellbreaker. Buff willbender. Quality post.
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