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  1. So I have been playing Guild Wars for a few months now and I have had zero issuesd with connectivity until the last few weeks. I thought it might have been my internet so I have updated my in house router and and my download speeeds are hitting 30-50mbs. In game I play fine but then all of a sudden i'm getting high ping of 400+ and then everything freezes. Eventually I disconnect and get this error code: 7:11:3:202:101 I don't see another post about this specific error code but others of a similar format relate to disconnects, is anyone able to advise please? Thanks
  2. Hi, I’m new to GW2. I have been going for a Power Chrono build on my Mesmer and only have 3 ascended pieces at the moment, 2 rings and an amulet. I plan on getting a back piece and the accessories from LW3. In regards to building your first set of Ascended gear, I have been going for Fractals whilst doing tailoring for Grandmaster Marks. So I kind of know what I’m doing? In the meantime I received some random drops for an ascended Weapon. I don’t have any prospects in regards to crafting my own etc and It got me thinking, is it worth using the random Ascended drops to get into higher Fractal
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