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  1. My fractal/mists ring/acces/amu with grieving stats did not reset. My LS3 viper stuff did reset. My alts’ crafting backpieces did reset. Moreover, my infused ‘There with Yakkington’ backpiece with Mad Memories skin (details included in case it helps fix...) was reset from Soldiers stats, but now only has berserker/knight/rabid options! That is fewer options than before!
  2. Rather than a adding new dismount trap or skill, perhaps add dismounting to existing siege weapons. For example shield generator could create a no-mount zone circle for ~8secs which dismounts ppl, and ballista could get a 5th shot for dismounting (could also stun golems) (the projectile could be a rope with two weights at the ends, used to entangle legs).
  3. I don’t like the sound of the dismount trap or skill. The mount finally gave us a way to avoid pesky, cancer-spec gankers (perma stealthers and one shotters), and this change would undo it. Ofc gankers will just lay traps all over an area and wait for victims to troll - probably great fun for them, but super tedious for others. One bug that actually needs fixing is stealth not being instantly removed when mounting.
  4. Same bug here. All are available except for 3 of them. If there is some internal CD on them, it would be nice if it wasn't hidden...
  5. I've also just started getting this problem. I know it was caused by the "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803" Windows update, because I was playing the game with no problem, updated (restarted) while making some food, then came back to play again a few minutes later and the problem started then and has continued since.
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