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  1. I managed to get a friend to return to the game with a promise of a continue coin ONLY THEY AREN'T THERE, help me keep my promise, devs!
  2. SWTOR first tried having pvp servers and non pvp servers. The pvp servers died. Then they made it so you can toggle on pvp to be brought to a pvp instance in the open world. In general, these instances are deserted. I go to them to complete my dailies without worrying about other players interfering with my pve tasks. Should I actually run into another player, it is 58 times out 60, someone in the other faction doing the exact same thing. There is no fight. Once in a great while 1/60 the other player will actually attack, but this is so few and far between as to make it not worth worrying abou
  3. Yes, that's the best way NOW, but that wasn't in place on release.
  4. Your heals will prioritize your party, then your squad.This is why, for instance, wvw squads are very carefully organized into groups, usually of 5. Each will have a source of boons, and a healer, so the dps can mow down the opposition. I don't believe it will go to the lowest first. Not sure on that one as I don't play a support.
  5. I think a couple still require HoT though. The first four. Not positive though.
  6. LS4 for me. Not because of the content itself but that is when mounts introduced made the rest of the game that much more enjoyable. I tried playing on a friend's account when the game came out and disliked it. Didn't buy it(wish I had, now I'm missing all those birthday gifts) but such is life. To me the core game all by itself is mostly like any other sword/bow rpg. Back then I preferred Skyrim way way way more. And then my friends on SWTOR migrated to GW2, which by then had raids, and SWTOR announced they weren't going to anymore, and y'know, gliding was pretty cool. I still mostly played S
  7. You're deleting a character you bought a bag slot for?? Why?? If anything else you are deleting an excellent mule who'll get birthday gifts. Just get a new character slot.
  8. Well people can simply be in the non pk instance If you are using SWTOR as an example, you must be arguing against this idea as the PK instances are almost always completely dead. If I want to quickly complete dailies during a popular event I toggle on PvP and usually there are at most 4 other people... None of whom attack me because we are all just finding a lesser populated instance. Once in awhile someone will dredge up resistance to a group killing a commander or there will be something player organised to get achievements such as judged dread, but for the most part PvP instances are dead.
  9. It's listed as returning this week. We still have a few days of this week left to go. Usually a week is Tuesday to Monday.
  10. I was browsing through this series of posts again and saw it mentioned, somewhere, that the OP enjoyed the Yak escort his/her first time but now does not. This sums it up exactly, as to why the complaints about Queensdale. A new player will enjoy the map. I certainly did, my friends do. I enjoyed all the maps my first time through. Yes, even Orr. Okay maybe not Tangled Depths, which now is one of my favorites, but the point is when you, personally, repeat something an insane number of times, OF COURSE it is a grind. OP says three months in Queensdale?! Do they never help folks after that map?
  11. I am, frankly, going to blame this on how you put it to your friends. Because when I brought mine over, we were approximately level 15 before they were even ready to do the story. Instead we were bouncing all over, go here, do this, try that, comecomecomecome, (Now, I do admit, I have a few hearts that I particularly like because they are funny as anything, and so different from the usual fetch quests/kill quests other games have.) In fact, your strong dislike of hearts is undoubtedly off-putting to your friends, while for mine, hearts were one of their favorite things. Mine came from SWTOR an
  12. So here is how ArcDPS helped me. Last week we cleared soulless horror and it felt SO much easier than the first time. Which was about a year ago or so when I was just starting raids and on the easiest class, shortbow shortbow soulbeast. I was 5th in dps with a whopping 8373 dps. Last week. Same class. Same fight. Our group though is now pretty experienced (but still far from top tier). I was 4th. But now my dps was 17994. ArcDPS helped me learn when I could move, how much sitting in buffs helps, and to take that first fight, how much lower NOT doing things right hurts. Without seeing the actu
  13. I would pay to be able to customize the UI. That is one thing swtor did amazingly well. I think you can customize EVERYTHING. And it can be different for each character. With all the quickbars I can literally input an entire 42+ rotation. Or keep it simple. Or move it so healing things are grouped in one place by the raid frame, or dps by the target marker which got moved OUT of the way of mechanics I need to see while buffs I care about are enlarged. I could go on and on. I only log into SWTOR a couple times a week now but each time I think "I wish GW2 had this."
  14. Since you can already buy most of the things needed to obtain legendaries, I'm not sure what the point is here. Takes the raid armor: you can buy gems, convert to gold, buy mystic coins, buy your raid clear. Map completion and gifts of battle are not required for this armor. Use more gems to buy more gold and buy the items needed. About the only thing that is time-gated in raid armor at all are the provisioners tokens, and they have made it even easier and faster to get those. Buy the items needed to convert, swoop to all vendors, and roughly a week later maybe less you'll have enough for your
  15. Yea and both pvp and wvw are the same handful of posters lol. Also I think the gw2 reddit page numbers are off, says 2k community and 5 online yet u go to ff14 and its 364k community and 5k online, no way gw2 numbers are that low, population isn't booming but no way thats right lol. That's because of three reasons: there is a lot more to complain about with FFXIV, FF has more versions, and they have a gear treadmill so you have all the changing best in slot discussions. Here, moving the LW stuff has definitely made this look less populated. Again what? Lmao u read the forums and reddit it's w
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