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  1. If we go by Eurovision, he ain't wrong, you know
  2. Conjures, outside FGS need rework. Bring back frostbow glory days
  3. Some instabilities would make them stupid hard. I'd opt for some story fights/instances as fractals. Like Canach fight from S1, Shadow of Dragon fight from S2 (either one), Bloodstone fen as fractal, where we "try to stop awakening" just before explosion that triggered LWS3, last stand of Rata Novus against chak before the fall of the city, part of Glints lair from LWS2 with same endfight as in story, siege of camp resolve changed to be harder, ending with big dragon dude fight, etc. There are so many story moments and/or maps that can be reused with some tweaking.
  4. I mean normal mode strikes are DPS golems with 1-3 mechanics that need to be avoided and pugs rarely do harvest temple... So yeah... There is no doubt, that running strike of shiverpeak level difficulty wouldn't be toxic
  5. With those updates you have solid solo champ farm build for OW, with OK group support. You should try posting it on metabattle as OW build
  6. I'd switch Arcane precision to arcane restoration, you aren't capping crit and precision is only 33% to trigger. Restoration will provide more sustain. Arcane ressurection is wasted trait. Anything else is better, esp arcane shield. And Evasive arcana seems more in line with increased sustain, than bountiful power. Also, you don't have much aura gen, outside two sources i can see and one relies on leap finisher - i'd swap Elemental shield to either of other two, depending on what is needed, more short term sustain, or damage. In cata line hardened auras is in similar position, you don't genera
  7. To be fair, legendary weapons should apply mini versions of their skins on floaty daggers
  8. One of first skills you use is elixir of anguish, which grants quickness. You want to pop it while already in combat to bridge your gap between elixir and shroud.
  9. No. In WvW reaper is good bruiser, not on the level of cele tempest, but it's decent class for monke brain players like me. Add ranged to most OP part of reaper kit and suddenly you have broken class, that can stack shroud in seconds with axe/WH, hop onto second HP and poke you at range, while sacrificing nothing. If you want to deal with runing targets, run chilling grasp and GS. If you want to deal with ranged classes - play something else, not necro.
  10. Yes, but it still doesn't mean PvE players "must" do them.
  11. This. Fractals themselves are fun, but oh boy it gets old after running them daily for years
  12. I'm confused as to what do you see as gear grind. Agony is hardly grind, doing T1, by the time players reach agony levels that need agony resistance, they will have more than enough AR to keep on going on. On top of that, buying full infusion set for T4's is not that big of investment. Or are you talking about ascended gear, which fractals are designed around to begin with - you must have it to run fractals. How would you use something similar to raids? Do we need more one-trick-pony items used in only one instance, like living season map currencies? Raid progress system could work to some ext
  13. Is there any news if we are getting southsun recap, or do we skip it?
  14. Woodenpotatoes did it already, took less than a week
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