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  1. Привет, новичок! 🙂 Крупное русскоязычное сообщество, состоящее из двух гильдий. "Russian Dogma" - медийная гильдия Guild Wars 2, расположенная на сервере Vabbi "KBAPTUPA" - академия для новичков перед вступлением в основной состав. Направления: - обучающие фракталы - обучающие рейды - обучение страйк-миссиям - менторские забеги по хиро-поинтам, мастеркам - фарм забеги для заработка голды - еженедельные гильд-миссии - ивенты и розыгрыши внутри гильдии Прием ограничен по времени! Пишите администрации сервера. О нас можно узнать: здесь Вступить: здесь
  2. Hello everyone! On May 25, the Living World Seasons free giveaway campaign starts. In this regard, the players of free accounts have a question: will the seasons be unlocked on free accounts? Let's say I started playing during the promotional weeks, and in July I buy a game. Will I have the seasons of the Living World unlocked for free? Or in order to open them, I need to buy the game before the start of the promotion?
  3. Orc Podcaster is the largest MMO blogger in Russia. But he does not cover any one project. He makes a video about everything. Lost Ark, ArchAge, WoW, Conquerors Blade and much, much more. But most of his audience came precisely through videos about WoW. As you know, the audience of this game is many times greater than GW2. And this game is completely localized in Russian.
  4. It's ridiculous! How can you hear about me if I don't exist? And, let me know where you live to hear about me? If not in Russia, then it would be strange to know about me. I do not broadcast in English, my language is not represented in the game. People from my country cannot be Anet's partners. How should you find out about me? :-D But now they’ve definitely found out! Nice to meet you!
  5. The fact that I am the largest blogger in Russia for this game suggests that I appeal not only on my behalf, but I represent the interests of the whole community. But you are fixated on the fact that I'm big. I already answered you before that 7 years ago, Guild Wars 2 didn’t have any blogger at all, so no one represented the interests of people in this game. There was simply no person who could take on this responsibility. Everyone played scattered piles. And no, our appeal makes us unique, because we are not just letters on the page. We are real people who live in different countries, but sp
  6. Perhaps I will upset you, but I’ve recently been a streamer and talked about the same things that you are talking about in your post. So not all streamers are the same ... It's sad, but nobody (like you) will hear me. Me, because Anet is not interested in a Russian-speaking audience. Recently, we wrote a whole appeal and held a meeting in the game. The answer is ZERO. But they won’t hear you, because you’re the same drop in the bucket as the other players. It is only through pushing one's interests that one can push through. But who will take it? This does not interest anyone ...But your idea
  7. I am ready to pay the company if necessary. We are ready to raise money and pay the company the services of introducing the Cyrillic alphabet, if it comes to 1000-2000 dollars.
  8. We do not know the “why” they do not enter the Cyrillic alphabet. If we received an official response (whatever it may be), we would calm down and live with any decision of the company. Silence in response creates only uncertainty. I believe that in order to fully understand our requests, you need to live a little in our body. The easiest way to talk about something that you have never lost.
  9. Thank you, but we are not interested in the link two years ago with a request to translate the game into Russian. We speak English as you see. Yes, sometimes with pronunciation problems. But we make full use of the English language in raids, fractals, map chat, etc. But we would like to talk with a friend in our native language. We are not interested in localization.
  10. I will talk about this on the stream on Tuesday. Everyone who is interested come in the evening. No official response has been received.
  11. Hello! Last week, I published an appeal to ArenaNet on behalf of the Russian-speaking community, Guild Vars 2. This post is still in the top discussions. I did not write to you personally in the hope of your answer, but, unfortunately, I did not wait for it. In this regard, I have several questions: Are you aware of this appeal and its contents? Was this appeal discussed with the management of ArenaNet? What decision was made after considering the appeal? Respectfully,Alexander INOY Frolov.
  12. Yes, since launch we had only Latin letters on European servers, if they now after more than seven years would add Cyrillic, in my opinion it would not be good for the server community.And community is important in a mmo. You are not quite right here. GW2 chat supports Korean and Traditional Chinese. Please, go to this website and try to copy and paste phrases from different languages to see how they are supported. I also wonder if you understand how your argument sounds. You use very dangerous rhetoric that has plenty of precedents in history.Oh friend, I’m absolutely sure that the community
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