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  1. Trying to resize things like the mini-map, party size, chat box etc is a nightmare with the low contract cursor. It definitely needs a sharp tip.
  2. Don’t the flags on your mini map disappear once you go through them? I can’t remember now.
  3. Good for you. All the best for your future. ❤️
  4. I am hoping with the next living story releases that we will get more maps to cover Cantha fully.
  5. I installed the jade slivers sensory array on my character yesterday and I had received 4 slivers before reset last night. Now over the last 24 hours having spent many hours in Dragons End and completing the final meta, I have received 0 jade slivers. I killed many, many mobs and received lots of junk items but no slivers in my currency wallet. I still only have 4 which I got from the previous day. We have had a couple patch updates since.
  6. Is the skin available from the BL chests? It seems they still haven’t updated the chest preview (or the BL merchant). I am wary to use any keys as the preview doesn’t show it.
  7. I’m embarrassed to say that I am one of the fools that bought the home instance node for 50g. Silly me. I am drowning in them. I’ve even stopped gathering them in my home.
  8. What was the problem that was solved? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. I guess they could make the Sublime Mistforged armor available to people who are level 0 ... but you would never, ever, ever have enough of the currencies to buy it at level 0 anyway. So ... meh.. what's the point?
  10. • Assigned team: Giant's Rise• Your original home shard: Gandara• The name of the WvW guild selected: I Tripped And Fell [Oops]• A description of the issue: I've been placed into the wrong team, put in Giant's Rise but should be in Stonefall
  11. Thanks for sharing your story. Remember its the small things that count. Progress rather than perfection. Just take it one day at a time.
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